Carmen March – Biography of Carmen March

Carmen March was born in 1974 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

He studied Geography and History at the Complutense University, but his fondness for design led him to later enroll in Fashion Design at the IADE in Madrid.

His first works consisted of collaborations with Duyos & Paniagua Y Javier Larrainzar until, in 2000, he inaugurated Egotherapy next to Juanjo Oliva, which was only a beginning, since since that year he has developed his own collections in his workshop shop in Madrid.

Four seasons ago, he presented his collection for the first time at the Festival Edition Madrid and quickly went on in 2004 to present his collections at the Gaudí footbridge.
In September 2005 he debuted in the Cibeles footbridge, which represented a big step for Carmen, and that same year he received the award granted by the magazine Glamor to the Best National Designer.

It continued reaping successes, since in September 2006, it received the L’oréal Award for the best spring – summer 2007 collection together with the Marie Claire Award 2006 Best New Spanish Designer.

His key to style is to respect the woman’s body above all else. Totally elegant and feminine, she considers that the garment that best defines her is a dress.
For her, achieving a balance between the different components of the wardrobe is essential when it comes to being successful.

Fervent admirer of Balenciaga, Karl Lagerfeld Y Magriela, this designer has not only dressed Madonna rather, he has garnered an excellent level of fame in a very short time.

Talented not only in the world of fashion, Carmen She declares herself passionate about cinema and reading, as well as being a lover of good cuisine. Reason that led her in 2006 to participate in an initiative, baptized with the name of ‘FashionWine‘, in which together with other designers they have created an exclusive collection of labels that will dress a limited edition of wine bottles.

Carmen turns everything it touches into success. Their garments are characterized by emphasizing and enhancing the female body, evolving towards new forms that restructure, develop and change the shape and perception of the silhouette.

Follower of the standards of femininity and classicism, she works with natural fabrics such as cotton poplin, gazar, organza, silk moiré and linen and silk brocades traditionally used in upholstery.
Use gold embroidery details to add glamor and delicacy to your garments.

Recently, this successful designer has fulfilled every woman’s dream: to design her own wedding dress.
In it he has captured all the details of his own personality. She wanted something simple but without giving up elegance, at the same time she did not want to miss the opportunity to recover the dress her mother married.
She loved the dress, but it didn’t have much to do with her style. This is why he decided to choose one of the pieces, the lace body, and adapt it to his own design, he disassembled it to mount it again on a 19th century lace to prevent the original, an 18th century tulle, from becoming tear.
The rest of the dress consisted of a 50s silhouette, with an Italian gazar strapless neckline, in white, broken and finished off with a black organza bustle, looking for the contrast between these two colors.
The contrast was accentuated with a silk velvet bow at the waist bought from an old Paris haberdashery.
This shows us that this designer is a faithful pursuer of her dreams, and is capable of using her talent both to solve a collection and to fulfill every woman’s own dream.

For all this is that Carmen It can be considered that she still has a long way to go, many lands to conquer, and that, with an excellent start, this designer will only surprise us on future occasions.