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Heughan and Balfe’s cast opened up on Jamie and Claire’s New World challenges. Most of the couple’s issues next season will be linked to a war they are desperately trying to avoid with the American Revolution. While Jamie and Claire haven’t started the war, they will find it necessary to support one side before too long. In addition to Jamie and Claire Domboy and Lyle, their characters Fergus and Marsali will often hang out this season at Fraser’s Ridge. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Outlander (@outlander starz) on June 1st 2019 at 9:51am PDT Turner reveals who would make it in 18th Century America Jamie and Claire made it to America last season and it was interesting to watch them adapt to their new life across the ocean. With the couple facing even more obstacles in Season 5 Skelton was asked which cast members she thinks could actually make it in 18th Century America if time travel was of course a real thing. For example the Outlander actress said that without technology Rankin and Heughan would probably have the hardest time adjusting to life. Skelton hilariously revealed that Rankin can not survive without his computer and that without access to social media, Heughan would be completely lost. Show this post in Instagram The panel # Outlander # STARZFYC is here! Watch it now on the page in our bio. As far as female cast members are concerned, Skelton claims that, in a different century, she and Balfe would just live fine. Not only would they have plenty to talk about, but their whiskey bond would also allow them to get through the toughest times. Rankin could not have agreed more with Skelton’s assessment, and acknowledged that without technology he would not be able to cope. He’d probably agree, considering how much Heughan is on social media, as well. Outlander Season 4 bloopers Outlander celebrates the arrival of Season 4 on Blu-ray and DVD, so it’s time to enjoy some classic cast bloopers. Outlander delighted fans ahead of release with a short clip of Heughan flubbing a few of his lines. The actor tries to solve his problems by tossing in words of choice that only makes Balfe giggle harder. The Season 4 DVD release includes four new scenes, along with a complete blooper reel. A deeper look at Lord John Grey and his attempt to raise William are some of the extras. Outlander’s cast and crew are currently hard at work shooting Season 5 in Scotland, looking ahead to Season 5. Starz hasn’t confirmed when the new season will begin but is expected to air at the least later this year or early next year. While they kept information to a minimum, some cast members often shared photos from the social media set giving a look at what’s ahead behind the scenes. View the post on Instagram We love 3000 of them. Post shared by Outlander (@outlander starz) on May 6, 2019 at 4:35 p.m. PDT