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What will the future look like for our Internet Privacy?BySydney Butler-November 17, 2018.989 So instead of just trying to keep up with the rate of change, we’ll look beyond the horizon and imagine where privacy is heading in the coming years. While no one has a true crystal ball, these projections are probably not too far off if nothing substantial changes.

Everything is Smart and Connected

.990 Thanks to IoT apps, we are already running into privacy concerns so it will only get worse in the future. In wired smart devices the planet will be completely blanketed. Even if they aren’t systematically hacked it ensures that no matter what the government and companies will have an eye on our private lives.

The Future is Social

.991 In addition, with the emergence of Vr and Ar technology and the total ubiquity of mobile devices, we are likely to see far more social apps in the future. Virtual tech is already being applied quite dystopianly. Since 2014 a pilot project for the social score has been running in China. Citizens are scored by a variety of means and if you act in a way that the government doesn’t like the score goes down. Score too little and you lose access to things like good job schools on the fast internet and even air travel. This is probably not a sign of things to come!

All Your Data is Captured

All those millions of IoT devices and apps you directly buy for yourself are constantly feeding them into Big Data repository. Here powerful machine learning algorithms are applied to that information to extract insights from that knowledge. That means the owners of that data will find out things about you that you didn’t share with anyone directly. Even worse, you can predict things about yourselves. Events which you may not even know about. It’s likely that the data volume will become much bigger and more comprehensive in the future. The smallest actions you take are saved somewhere and stored elsewhere. Which also ensures the analytical range and precision will become much more advanced as well. That leaves us with a lot of questions about free will and power. What happens if you don’t act the way they think you should? What decides if the forecasts mean anything? These are all worrying thoughts because, given current trends, the writing seems to be on the wall.

Plenty of Little Brothers Will Be Watching Nor does it help that so many threats to privacy are invisible to us in our everyday lives. Some people would be freaked out if somebody saw them undress through a mirror, but they’re perfectly OK to do it before a webcam. So many of the innovations that we have and that will come in the future will make life extremely comfortable on a daily basis. Without clear awareness-raising about the price of privacy, it seems that we have to pay the future of privacy where convenience will come first.

Real Privacy To Death?