ByBill Toulas-October 18, 2019

ByBill Toulas-October 18, 2019 “2/2.1528.jpg” Three men have been arrested and may face charges of facilitating the infringement of copyright. The GVU says the platform had been warning since 2017 but the latter ignored them. was seized by the North Rhine-Westphalia Central Cybercrime Department after a raid at the location of the platform was carried out by the German police. Three people were arrested in the process according to TorrentFreak and are currently being investigated to determine what their role was. was a popular file hosting platform, serving millions of users every month from around the globe. As the stats show most of their traffic has been generated from within Germany so the authorities of the country could not allow this to continue. The problem with the platform was that it did not review what was uploaded by its users, so there was no filtering to stop sharing copyrighted material. That said among many other things, it’s been used for piracy. Unregistered users could upload up to 1 GB of files while users who paid for a premium account could upload up to 2 GB for each file. The website suddenly went offline yesterday and the following message posted by the authorities later on the seized domain cleared the fog of speculation. “2/2.1529.png” The German Intellectual Property Association GVU (Gesellschaft zur Verfolgung von Urheberrechtsverletzungen) stated that more than eight million takedown notices had been sent to since 2017 and that while the platform deleted some of the infringing files, they quickly reappeared soon afterwards. That said, the file-hosting platform was unable or unwilling to remove illegal material prohibition from repeat offenders and ensure that they are operating in a purely legal context. On the contrary, as they received payments from premium subscriptions and also through affiliations with forums where links were posted, the platform made money from this activity. According to Evelyn Ruttke the Managing Director of the GVU, portal pages and forums such as DDL-Warez Boerse Movie-Blog and MyGully also participated in the money-making process. DDL-Warez was brought down today, too, but we’re unsure whether this happened because of the same procedure or if it was voluntary. There has been quite a crackdown in Germany recently with the OmniRAT developer arrested in June being arrested two weeks ago and the German police raided an underground bunker where at the beginning of the month there was a “bulletproof” hosting service. All in all, it seems that the German police have a way of “digging out” those who have been hiding from the authorities for quite some time.