Buzz Cut Girls

What’s a Buzz Cut Girl? It’s more than a couple of clippers. It’s a serious attitude and a way of life. Women’s bumpy haircuts still have variable styling options, especially when combined with interesting hair colors or designs.

White Buzz Cut

Forget the gray granny and begin a new trend in color. This white buzz cut is lifted to the highest blonde point and toned the blanco’s most stunning hue.

Peach Pixie

This interesting choice of color makes> a pixie all the prettier. Add some gel or smoothing polish to help reflect light for results that are just peachy.

Fierce Fade

Only the fiercest cut can make the cut.

Spiked Pixie

Add some height to your> Side-shaved style with some spikes. A firm-hold gel will style your crop with ease.

Rasped and Fearless

Sometimes you just have to go all the way. This shaved style is bold and brave and make no mistake about it absolutely beautiful.

Ombre Buzz Cut

Add some dimension to your buzz cut and it’ll be even more interesting. A unique gradient shades of fashion color and a design put this style in its own league.

Trendy Fade

Amp up your style with cool designs and a great fade and you’re going to be the ultimate cool version. This trendy style offers plenty of design options.

Bald and Badass

It doesn’t make her beautiful for the hard chic girl who knows her hair. One trip to the salon, and if you are brave enough to cut it all off, your life can be changed.

Blended Buzz

This blended buzz cut is made from a variety of blades and has gained some expertise. It just doesn’t mean it’s easy because it’s short. Ask your barber to give you the blend and you’re going to have a scalp that’s oh so touchable.

Barber Buzz

You can add a trendy shape to your shaved look by the local barber around the corner. Whether it’s initials or symbols, on the side of your hair you can wear whatever you want.

Side Shaved

This long hair>longer bob as the cut begins to grow.

Razored Buzz Cut

For a varied look this buzz cut is made using a razor that makes the style even more raw and beautiful. Pair with your favorite color and do not forget the spray.