We’ve seen rose gold peach mermaid and so many other> hair color trends come along and go … But make room for another smoldering trend that could just set fire to your hair. A wonderful mix of hues, vibrant reds with orange tones, create a burnt orange hair look that fits your fiery personality.

Burnt orange hair color

A beautiful addition to your everyday red that complements both light and dark skin tonesburnt orange color rocks during the summer and throughout the fall. Check out the color ideas below to get the perfect burnt orange look for you.

Copper Burnt OrangeLocks

If you’re looking for something subtle, mix red with some> chestnut brown shades. This stunning burnt orange coat color is ideal if you’re a natural redhead. Add some lighter orange tones to balance it and top it off with some gentle waves.

Use it to your advantage and put a beautiful shade of burnt orange on your curls. With as much strength as possible, accentuate the color when styling. The color and curls give a unique flair to your style.

Strawberry Blonde Layers

This> strawberry blonde shade is not only absolutely beautiful but also subtle enough to wear every day. This beautiful tone can be weared with a burnt orange base and a blonde closer to the ends while brightening up your whole look.

Warm Red Highlights

This unique look pumps up the gloss and shines in your hair as well.

Vibrant Orange Lob

Consider a shade like this if you really want a burnt orange look with tons of vibration. Combining orange coral and copper tones produces this powerful vibrant orange color. The result is a burnt orange hair color with a striking, intense shine.

Choppy Wavy Bob

Another choice for short hair is this> wavy bob. Orange tones frame the face mixed with an all-over light brown. Soft waves emphasize the face-framing color making them and your ears pop.

Day volume

Fierce Shade Balayage Ombre

Are you looking for something a bit harder? Look for an orange with lighter roots that is super saturated. At first, this hue becomes intensely vivid and becomes a more natural burnt orange color as it fades, giving you extra time between touch-ups. This is a harsh and vibrant look that will make people talk!

Orange Lob ClassyBurnt

An unusual color can also be classy! Take, for example, this beautiful all-over burnt orange tone with dark roots. For a classic sophisticated look, pump up the volume and sweep your bangs back into a beautiful cascade. 251.547.jpg” />

A-Line Lob with Flaming Color

Although this style is more on the red side, at the ends the lighter orange really gives it a burnt orange look. This flame-like combination of colors is brought to extra attention by the asymmetrical cut.

Burnt Orange Balayage Ombre

We all love> balayage it’s one of the biggest hair coloring techniques out there. You can’t go wrong with using this technique to get the burnt orange hair color you want. With a bit of red at the roots and lighter orange tones towards the ends the balayage will create an amazing burnt orange shade that looks good when worn both s.

Long Blonde Waves of Strawberry

This burnt orange shade of copper is the perfect choice for you. For natural redheads, an easy look to achieve but certainly not impossible if you are willing to commit to this voice. It is natural and healthy-looking classic.

Burnt orange hair is not just a friendly shade but a powerful shade as well. Experiment with different tones and temperatures to make you and your style look unique. Whether you want something a little more out – of-the-ordinary or just add a bit of life to your hair, for everyone there is a burnt orange look. Related Posts> Hair Tinsel Is the Trendy Way to Make You Shine> Hair Color Trends for Fall and Winter> New Hair Accessory Trends You Want to Adopt> Metallic Hair Color> ‘ Fresh and New Hair Trends for Autumn / Winter 2018’2019> ‘ Holographic Hair Inspired by the Art of Self-Expression over Rainbow Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected. Regardless of the type of your skin, we will help you find the best hairstyles

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