Bruno Bichir – Biography of Bruno Bichir

Bruno bichir Throughout his life and acting career he has managed to obtain a long career in film and theater, born in Mexico, Federal District. Well, he inherited from his parents Alexander Bichir and his mother Maricruz Nájera the taste for cinema and theater, also highlighting that his brothers have inherited the vein of art, Demián Bichir Y Odysseus Bichir, theater and film actors.

Bruno Bichir born on October 6, 1967, is currently very recognized in the acting environment of Mexico, an outstanding former student of the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica has to his credit a participation of at least more than 10 theater productions and around 20 films, since all these led to being nominated seven times for the Ariel awards show.

But if we talk about television we can highlight that Bruno bichir He has participated in three major Televisa soap operas before joining TV Azteca, in 2001 his participation in Chronicle of a breakfast led it to be Ariel Award nominee What best Actor.

Together with his brother they participated in the film Blessed hell, whose performance led them to be nominated for “Best Bichir in the cinema” in the MTV Movie Awards, and which Demián won. For the following year Bruno was again nominated for his participation in “Dark Cities”.

For 2005 the staging of “Cabaret”Would be the next challenge for him Mexican actor Bruno Bichir, where he would receive the character of a master of ceremonies of “Kit Kat Klub“whose role was previously played by actor Luis Roberto Guzman. For the work “Endless night“Odysseus and Bruno Bichir will be the main actors, who are two benchmarks for acting on all stages of Mexico.

At present Odysseus and Bruno Bichir have been alternating functions with their brother Demián within the theatrical work “Additional features”That from beginning to end will make you laugh a lot, narrating in a rather humorous way the way of seeing life and its anecdotes in his first books and future projects.

These three brothers Demián Bichir, Odiseo and Bruno Bichir, were honored as great contributions to Mexican cinema on August 12 in 2007, where the Monterrey International Film Festival.

Another of the participations of the Bichir brothers (Osideo, Bruno) is the film Dead fly, from Joaquin Bissner, where they also acted Francesca Guillen Y Denisse Gutierrez. For this film, the role of Bruno Bichir is that of a film director.

Bruno Bichir was present on the red carpet of the film “Dead mosquito”, On October 18, 2007.