Bruce Springsteen – Bruce Springsteen Biography

Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen He was born on September 23, 1949 in the town of Freehold in New Jersey. From a very young age he was surrounded by eclectic sounds and music. In adolescence, he had a great desire to become a singer-songwriter, since it received great influence on the part of the rock and of many groups of British invasion.

Still very young, in the 60’s he became part of the band The Castiles, and then he was in the Earth trio.

Then he began his university days at the Ocean County Community College, but due to his other musical intentions, he abandons the race to dedicate himself fully to what he liked the most.

Bruce and two of his friends, Danny Federici Y Vini Mad Dog, keyboardist and drummer, forms the group Child, which after a while calls itself Steel mill. Later the guitarist joined Steve Van Zandt, until 1971, when the band came to an end, to create the set of little life Dr. Zoom and the Sonic Boom.

But the young man decides to cut his hair and sing and compose folk, getting a record deal with CBS label, with which he publishes his first LP entitled Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ in 1973.

A short time later, it comes out The wild, the innocent and the E Street Shuffle, very similar to the previous one and that paved the way for him to tour with the band he called The E Street Band.

In one of his presentations Springsteen meets the famous rock critic Jon landau, with whom he forms a great friendship, later becoming the producer and manager of the group.

In 1975 his new production came out Born to run, an LP with spectorian reminiscences that led him to fame, thanks to his homonymous single and other songs such as Thunder Road or Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out.

Many legal problems with his former representative, would prevent him from releasing another album until 1978, when he appears Darkness on the edge of town, a production that was influenced by judicial issues.

The River arrives in 1980, an eclectic work that has songs like Hungry Heart, Fade Away, and another that bears the same name as the album.

Two years later he was born Nebraska, a work in which he tries to recover his roots and that received a strong acceptance from the public. I would be very close to arriving Born in the USA, released in 1984, an album that made him the great American rock icon of the 80s.

Bruce fell in love with and married Julianne Phillips In 1985, while recording a host of well-known artists the song We are the World, which was used to send the money that I collected to the African continent to alleviate hunger due to the terrible situation in which they found themselves. In 1987 he published Tunnel of Love to remain silent until 1992 when he released two Lps Human Touch and Lucky Town.

In 1989 he divorces Julianne and begins a relationship with Patti scialfa, who sang in the E Street Band, getting married in 1991.

Bruce becomes winner of a Oscar award for the theme Streets of Philadelphia, from the movie Philadelphia; and reappears with an acoustic essence album which he baptized as The Ghost of Tom Joad.

In 2002 he returned with The Rising, an album he recorded with the E Street Band, which has themes inspired by the tragic terrorist attack on the United States that occurred on September 11, 2001.

In 2005 he reappeared with Devils and dust, an album that has folk trends, and for 2007 again accompanied by the E Street Band, he released Magic.

His latest record works are Working on a Dream of the year 2009, and Wrecking Ball, a studio album that he released in 2012.