Brown hair shades are no less thrilling or fascinating than blonde shades. Cappuccino hot chocolate iced coffee However, this is not a list for a coffee shop. These are brown hair color types. For brown-haired girls, we’ve picked out the most fun hair color concepts. We have fabulous bronding ideas for your locks if you’re a blonde but want to try light brown hair shades. Girls and women should seek golden brown shades with a warm skin tone. And brunettes are welcome with rich dark brown hues and alternate reddish purple tones to refresh their skin.

Brown Hair Shades

Let’s look at some videos.

All about Angles

If you have thick curls a medium hairdo that look heavy if not cut properly. An angled cut that is shorter in the back and longer in the front will keep the weight in the back of your body and your head will not be overshadowed. To build this vivid brown mahogany, ask your stylist for a mix of copper and dark hot neutrals.

Keep it cool

Most people believe that dark hair, like red or black, must have hot undertones. Although warm hair is beautiful, not every skin tone complements it. The best bet for skin with olive or golden undertones is a cool ash brown hair color because it will balance you out.

Bright Brown

Brown hair comes in many different shades and this silky golden brown is a good example of how a darker hue can be pulled away. A light shadow brightens your teint without altering the overall base color that is noticeable at the roots.

Confident in copper

While copper tones seem to flatter several different complexions, they still take a lot of guts to pull off because they tend to reflect so much light and appear brighter. The unique blend of red orange and brown is elegant in style, making a statement.

Sleek and Stylish

The appeal of straight blunt cut continues to increase with the shift in style towards minimalism. By mixing different shades of brown, add dimension to the flat theme. Lighter colors around the face and ends will make your skin shine and demonstrate the precision of the ends that are clipped.

Lots of layers

Dark hair shades are ideal for fine hair due to the thickness of your strands. The professional cut and design are other tricks that help; heavy layers build motion while loose curls add to the fullness.

Boho Babe

Use extra long flowing waves to celebrate your carefree elegance. Keep the look from lightening you down. The amber shadow gives the hairstyle a sun-kissed beach vibe. Who doesn’t want (and look) every day to feel like they’re on vacation?


There’s still a way to have fun with your dark brown hair color if you can’t experience too much color due to work or skin health reasons. The highlights of chunky mocha add warmth and make soft waves appear more formed. Although staying subtle and elegant, the color is still striking. 451.554.jpg” />

Bombshell Blowout

This is proof that to make a statement you don’t need crazy colors. A dark brown shade is the perfect complement to your camera-ready make-up and high-volume skin. A deep side part will have all eyes on you and blown out waves. Don’t remove yourself from this moment of great elegance and diminish your wardrobe with monochromatic nudes.

Winning Formula

You don’t need to fix what isn’t broken when you have a classic look that works for you. Soft curls may not seem revolutionary for long layers and a side part, but they always look beautiful and polished. If you’ve ever been stumped on the style of your rich color, simply go back to the basics.

Silky and Shiny

Upgrade your full bouncy locks with an expert brown hair color blend. It makes strands appear brighter by reflecting more light that, when photographed, will look particularly good. For women who need a look for headshots or classy pictures, this is a great option.

Wavy Long Bob

If there is a universally appealing style, it is the lob. This style always looks fresh and flattering, whether you have a long face shape or thick curls of chubby cheeks or straight pin strings. Chunky brown honey highlights should add visual interest to the theme.

Shine On

Seeing it fade is the worst thing about having a lovely light. Luckily, there’s something you can do to keep the appointments bright. Tell your stylist to match Brazilian Bond Builder with your color to avoid breakage and retain your color longer.

Go for Gold

Enter a bright golden brown hair color with a dark formula instead of chunky highlights throughout the chestnut strands. The gradual technique moves from dark to light in gentle complementary tones to prevent sharp transitions and contrasting colors.

Lovely Layers

A few layers are one of the simplest ways of turning a bland dull theme. They not only create completeness, but they also give your hairstyle a new shape. Perfect for a woman with a busy schedule – in a ponytail or messy bun, you can easily pull your hair.

Ravishing Red

Brown hair comes in a variety of shades and this red color is ideal for a variety of colors and complexions. Request your stylist for round layers to achieve the bouncy shoulder-length cut. The curved lines take off weight and create tons of size.

Easy Curls

Love one of the light brown hair colors with a beautiful auburn hue. Loose curls are a casual cool epitome. To order to achieve the messy texture curl your locks alternating directions with each curl, causing the pieces to break instead of mixed together when brushed out.

Curly Middle Part

Dark colored coffee strings are as dark and bold as Joe’s cup. Try using a curling wand to achieve tight bouncy curls in the long hair. The warm device provides an easy-to-use texture that doesn’t look like big overdone pageant skin.

Glamazon Glow

Who would have thought this beautiful hair color of cappuccino was actually achieved with a blonde dye? Because it takes so much dark hair to lighten you really have to go a few shades lighter to get the color you want. With the lightening paste from L’oreal Blonde Studio, this look was achieved.

Lighten Up

It may seem uninspiring to have a one-dimensional brown hair color on the shoulder. Elevate your style with a lovely balayage of the toffee. For wavy hair, it works particularly well because it emphasizes the allled texture. Even though you could wear this color throughout the year, with fall foliage it looks particularly radiant.

Heavenly Glazed Mocha Shade of Brown Hair

Maria Menounos comes from Greece as nobody else knows how to be a contemporary Aphrodite and fulfills the modern standards of beauty. Naturalness is the last couple of seasons ‘ leading phenomenon. Light brown hair that looks sweet and feminine with the delicate mocha blonde and medium caramel mocha tones. Free cascading big loose curls would be the perfect hairstyle to go with this hair color.

ParisaMichelle /

Brown Hair Sun-Kissed Shade

The dark brown foundation of Jennifer Aniston is golden on the ground. It is softly connected with the face-framing dark blonde streaks through these beautiful sun-kissed notes. Such a deep brown hair color is in balance with the gray eyes of Jennifer. She looks older every time the actress goes for a darker shade. So choosing hair color is actually one of your most responsible choices! Helga Esteb /

Brown Hair’s Noble Light Shade

Olivia Wilde is not a wise girl. She knows how to show her beauty and look sexy, perhaps somewhat suggestive, but never beyond the top. Olivia’s sharp cheekbones are covered by soft light brown waves teated with caramel tones that wash out at the ends to the light ash brown. Olivia’s trump cards are a smoke with no bra and red lips.

Featureflash /

Mixed Sweet Cappuccino and Dark Mocha Shades

Olivia Palermo opts for a sweet cappuccino shade that imitates the hue of her eyes and blends with the rich chocolate mocha streaks. Stylists argue that brown hair cappuccino shade looks best on medium-length locks and loses showiness on short or extra long tresses. Apart from cappuccino shade, curly hair loves. Olivia Palermo’s wavy downdo with extra shine is a lovely idea for cappuccino hair color in hair style. Collection Everett /

Brown Hair’s Gorgeous Caramel Shade

In this photo we love Eva’s fuzzy smile. It only hits her lips ‘ edges. And the caramel brown hair shade of Eva miraculously sweets her entire look. As a rule, caramel tones and hazel eyes flattering women. You should refresh your dark brown foundation with realistic caramel highlights if you’re a brunette as well.

JStone /

Brown Hair Dark Shade – Robust Coffee Hue

Coffee is an invigorating cool tone that can be softened with blond or copper highlights. Jennifer Garner goes on a dark brown foundation for the bronde shadow highlights and we see that her beautiful brown hair color sets off her sparkling eyes and fair skin.

Jaguar PS /

Lovely Pecan Shade of Brown Hair

Anyone who remembers Angelina Jolie with blonde and jet black locks would agree that she looks best with the brown hair shade we see in this picture. The actress has abandoned her hair color experiments for her medium brown tone to the most flattering. Her feminine softness is brought out by the pecan hue. PANPhotoAgency /

Rich Heiress Black Ash Brown Shade

Light brown skin ash shade is a mystical shade. This looks like a mix of light brown and ashy. The mother of Paris Hilton, Nicky, has not attempted it in vain. Look with her blue eyes and light skin, how great it works.

Helga Esteb /

Light Brown Frosted

Karlie Kloss is beautiful in any picture. Changing styles and looking different is her job, which she excellently copes with. The only thing Karlie adheres to is hair color. Within the light brown palette, Karlie subtly varies her hues. We love the messy bob look of Karlie’s lingerie and the shade of light brown frosted hair.

Jaguar PS /

Black Hair Chestnut Shade

Several women attempt to imitate the look and hair color of Lisa Rinna. Her blooming look’s secret is the warm brown hair shade of golden chestnut that suits the hue of her skin. It is not a monochromatic color, besides. Lisa’s locks ‘ origins are darkened and lowlights are scattered through the surfaces.

Gorgeous Golden Brown Locks with Reddish Highlights

Golden shades of brown hair definitely attract attention. Find out the amazing hair color remedy from Jessica Biel. Jessica has not only intrigued Justin Timberlake with her dreams and beautiful smile. Hair color has been shown to have an effect on your appearance. Golden browns add her cheerfulness and playfulness to a woman’s easy-going. Helga Esteb /

Brown Hair Honey Shades Tender Reddish Brown

Reddish browns definitely flatter the warm skin tone women. We achieve complete harmony in our looks when we don’t violate this law. Isla Fisher is a sweet lady with a smile. Her soft brown honey locks are part of her picture of herself. And they became her legendary shopaholic character’s main trump card from Manhattan as well. s bukley /

Royal Copper Brown Hair Color Idea

Anne Hathaway always emphasizes her appearance with rich and sophisticated brown hair shades. On short and long locks, copper browns look equally good. They’re not going to distract attention from your beautiful, sincere smile and bring out your eyes ‘ shine. If you support copper brown hair shades with your make-up’s warm coral and golden tones, you achieve a showy red-carpet look without effort.

Jaguar PS /

Magnificent Bronze Black Hair Shade

Kristen Wiig used to be a black-haired gal blonde and even a caramel-colored fan. But the bronze had a fantastic impact on her appearance. Highlights of the warm bronze balayage on a dark brown base have a miraculous shimmering effect that adds dimension to the hairstyle of Kristen. Shades of brown hair are renowned for their quality to deliver a stunning semi-tone play depending on the lighting. That’s why in curls, brown hair looks great.

Featureflash /

Brown Hair’s Sparkling Amber Shade

This look and posture embodies a self-confident woman who is aware of her beauty and feminine charm. To look more showy and younger, Sofia Vergara combines her amazing amber brown hair shade with strong eye brows.

Rena Schild /

Softest Almond Hue

Extremely natural is the rich brown hair almond shade. The dark blonde color can be associated with it. If you apply it to blonde hair, a light-to-medium brown nut tone will be achieved. And as for almond dark brown hair, a spicy reddish brown note is given to it. Kate Beckinsale tried the deep velvety brown from the roots to the middle shaft with a smooth transition to the brown honey almond to the ends.

Helga Esteb /

Two Different Shades of Brown Hair Light Golden Blonde vs. Dark Brown

The golden blonde face-framing locks of Miranda Kerr look super feminine and seductive set off by the darker shade. You may try an alternative solution like Miranda’s if you doubt that reddish hues can flatter you. Allan Bregg /

Tempting Toffee Hair Color

All the so-called delicious shades you wear around your face, whether your hair shades or dress colors increase your sex appeal. In soft flowing waves, toffee shade of brown hair looks amazing particularly if you have a nice tan. Beyonce’s awesome!

s bukley /

Brown Chestnut Highlights

Brown hair colors are very flexible. The reddish shade is rather deep, making it a hair color that is universally flattering. Chestnut browns ‘ darker shades are perfect for brunettes. Cheryl Cole has come up with her beautiful hair color after applying chestnut streaks to her dark brown frame. Featureflash /

Brown Hair Fiery Red Shades

Sara Rue is difficult to pass without a second look. The rounded sweet smile figure and shade of light reddish brown hair attract attention and elicit curiosity. A radiant smile and an eye-catching hair color are the stuff everyone can afford if you don’t want any extra attention. Helga Esteb /

Mega-Active Women’s Chocolate Brown Hair Shades

Eva Longoria is a perfect example of an active woman who succeeds in every aspect of her life. Eva’s choice is the lovely dark chocolate shade of brown hair through her face-framing locks with the graceful toffee streaks. Chocolate hair color is always in motion for those. Keep your tresses healthy and they will pay you back even in simple hairstyles with an excellent look.

DFree /

Brown Hair Aristocratic Dark Hot Chocolate Shade

Michelle Dockery comes from England, so she feels so harmonious in her elegant lady-like appearance. It is clear that the short chocolate locks of Michelle add the feeling of strong seriousness and durability to her face. A monochromatic brown hair shade of dark chocolate is therefore a good idea of color for businesswomen. Jaguar PS /

Discreet Brown Hair

Kristin Davis is the beautiful brunette who portrayed Charlotte York in the Sex and City romantic sitcom. Kristin remains loyal to the same beautiful dark brown hair color we saw on humble Charlotte in real life. Dark brown hair tone like this one looks particularly good when you’re wearing bright outfits. Do it!

Everett Collection /

Posh Mahogany Brown

Due to its saturated dark reddish subtone, mahogany hue stands out from other beautiful shades of brown hair. With her thick mahogany copper locks cascading on her shoulders, Michelle Monaghan looks amazing. Her red dress is a great choice of outfit for her hair color to set off.

Glossy Shades of Brown Skin Warm Espresso Brown with Reddish Ends

Espresso brown hair color is intensely vibrant and expressive. If you want to add some spice to your look, consider tinting one of the complimentary hair hues on the ends of your tresses. Mila Kunis prefers hot cocoa-brown hair shade because it does not harmonize with her eyes ‘ color? Featureflash /

Dark Brown Satin

We are envious by the satin finish of Kim Kardashian’s locks. With her costumes and suggestive nude photoshoots, she the stun us, but her choices of hair color are always beyond praise. If you really want this is the color of a hot brunette. While Kim’s brown hair shade is in the past, her looks will always be in our hearts with long dark locks!

Dark Brown Hair with Reddish Tinting

Zooey Deschanel’s blue eyes and dark brown hair color are a successful combination for her looks. Your face will never look dull or bright eyes and berry lips will be washed out with dark locks. However, careful dark shades of brown hair usually accentuate your mimic wrinkles so that brunets may look older at times.

Helga Esteb /

Monochromatic Color of Brown Hair Matt Hue for Short Locks

Helga Esteb /

After all, you come to an understanding that dark monochromatic shades of brown hair can not only look super chic, but can also be low-maintenance. Find out the short brown bob of Aubrey Plaza. We are admiring it! PS / from Jaguar

Really Dark Hair Color

Demi Moore’s is one of Hollywood’s brightest brunets. Her hair color solutions are always fairly reserved at the same time. Anyway, this very dark brown hair chocolate shade flatters Demi and that’s all important. Helga Esteb /

Nearly Black Color of Brown Hair

This brown is black’s closest neighbor and we can take it for black at first sight. We remember on the second thought that this color is more complex and forward-looking. This flatters the dark brown eyes of Zoe Saldana, accentuating her skin and making her look very beautiful overall.

DFree /

Sun-Kissed Brunette with Honey Brown Hair Shade

The medium brown base of Julia is upgraded with great shadow highlights. The stunning combination of cool and hot tones is the pinnacle of color painting. We can see the pecan brown tone that serves as a background for the beautiful balayage highlights of caramel and flaxen blonde. Well, one look at the description of the picture is worth a hundred words.

Jaguar PS /

Red Hair Color Sassy Copper

The objective of Sheridan Smith was to look sexy and presentable. She used two little tricks that worked fantastically for her. The first is a nude-colored dress that suits her skin tone perfectly, and the second is her brown hair’s vivid copper-red hue. Wow what a great combo! Featureflash /

Brown Hair Tawny Shades

It is difficult to look away from the rasped textures of Selena accentuated by the subtle shadow. You need to make an appointment with a professional colorist if you want to achieve the smooth color gradation as in the photo.

s bukley /

Reddish Brown Hair Shades Awesome Brown Copper

In our view Kristen Stewart has the perfect brown copper hair color. The soft brown color at the roots advances into the sophisticated brown copper that is subtly contrasted by the thin lines around the head of Kristen. That’s a great idea for green-eyed girls!

Mind-Blowing Pomegranate Red

Ariana Grande’s pomegranate red brown hair shade is a cool color that is hard to wear in real life. Even if it flatters you’re sure that after a week or two you won’t get bored with it? Anyway, in chunky fishtails and tall ponies, we can imagine how good it will feel. We’re not going to stand in your way as long as you can pull it off.

Stone /

Brown Hair’s Antique Copper Shade

Rumer Willis ‘ delicate springy waves have a retro look. For such a style, which hair color solution could be more harmonious than the ancient red copper? Noble and elegant, with the option of outfits in complementary colors, it won’t bore you or cause any problems. S bukley /

Dark Mahogany with Burgundy Highlights

Charming Christina Milian provides brunette with an inspiring brown hair shade. The dark brown mahogany is an excellent treatment of hair color for tanned skin. With burgundy highlights and matching eye-shadows, Christina upgraded her look. That’s vivid and bold! We love it! Helga Esteb /

Brown Black and Burgundy /

Ashanti blends two shades. In today’s world of coloristics, this is a quite unexpected solution but the result is nice. Burgundy and dark brown skin tone is a good match for expressing your uniqueness.

lev radin /

Classy Brown Hair Shades – Rich Medium Chocolate

Here’s a brown color that won’t annoy anyone or distract attention from your face and look in its entirety. The classy rich medium shade of chocolate like Ashley Greene’s is a top pick with good taste and sense of style among celebrities and fashionistas. DFree /

Dark Brown Color with Magenta Highlights

Raise the depth of dark brown hair color. The looks of Cheryl Burke have gained a portion of refined brightness from the highlights of random magenta and subtle tinting through the locks. If you are wondering how else you can diversify your dark brown hair color, embrace the idea. Helga Esteb / Who knew the brown hair shades might be so varied? You simply have as many interesting choices as a blonde or redhead as you are a brunette. Various shades of brown hair are expressive and inspiring. We wish you the most flattering possibilities! Prev1 of 60Next —> —> Light Brown Hair Looks and Ideas Impressive Haircuts and Fabulous Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Looks to Love Mushroom Brown Hair A Hot New Trend You’re going to fall in love with Golden Brown Hair Color Ideas All Brunettes Need to See the Best Bronde Hair Options Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Regardless of your hair type, we will help you find the best hairstyles The Best Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeTips and Tricks

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