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Apple AirPods 2 to Come with Biometric Sensors and Improved BassByNitish Singh-February 11, 2019.304 Figure 1 Photo Courtesy of Pexels Voice controls is also an expex. Users should expect introduction of the Apple AirPods 2 by June 2019. With Apple’s AirPods 2 coming closer to release we get more detail about what the new wireless earbuds are offering. The forthcoming Apple earbuds will get some hardware modifications to boost the bass performance, according to a recent report from My Smart Price. The headphones should follow a grippier coating identical to Google’s Pixel 2. Some of the additional features that will make it into the upcoming headphones include voice control and fitness tracking. The beta developer iOs 12.2 suggested Apple is providing voice control on AirPods 2. Apple has recently filed a patent for biometric sensors which will incorporate fitness tracking capabilities. With the AirPods 2 we might also be getting some new color options with a new black version expected to be launched. While there is no official word about when the recent reports on wireless earbuds will be available, Apple will release the anticipated product by June 2019. All rumors like patent filings do not necessarily mean that the features will make it into this year’s AirPods and Apple may also look fit to hold off some of the features expected for a later release.