Brief Side Long Top Hairstyles

Short side long top straight hairstyles

All you need is medium hair on top and shortened hair on the sides to accomplish this look. This medium-length hair should either be natural straight or with a flat iron it can be straightened.
In addition, with a little gel or mousse, you can offer it a lift.

Brushed Over Short Sides

Brushed over style looks nice with straight, wavy or curly hair. Just take a comb with a bit of gel and bring all the hair on one side of the head over to the other, using the gel to maintain it in position to accomplish this look.

Casual Side Swept Part Hairstyles

For those who want a more casual appearance, the casual side-swept part is a good look. Your short sides are playing against the hair length on top, and all it takes is a little gel and some hairspray to give your hair that side-swept look and you’re ready to go!

Clean Cut Hairstyles

Another disconnected undercut style with brief sides and a lengthy top is the clean-cut look. The top has been gelled backward, although for a comparable impact you can gel it to the side. The product maintains the hair in location

Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs are a great way to make your face look more proportionate. Regardless of the length on top, by enabling a little additional length to hang over your forehead, you can get this look. Cut the bangs into layers, a tapered angle, or for a more edgy attraction leave them directly.

Side-Parted Pompadours

The side-parted pump features a neatly gelled and stylish pompadour haircut sliced to one side.
As a result, the hairstyle pump part is very prominent and can even be buzzed in to give a sharper effect. There’s a subtle fade through the brief sides underneath the pomp.

Slicked Back Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

All you need to do is add a little bit of gel to your lengthy hair. This style is flexible, as you would like it to lay as flat over your head. Just run gel through it and push it back to give it the texture you want.

Tapered Pompadours

With longer hair strands in the front and shorter hair strands in the back, you can generate a lovely pump that stunts down your head effortlessly. There is a little volume upfront that flatters your characteristics as the pump moves away from the face.

Unformed Pomp Hairstyles

The unformed pump shows a style comparable to the traditional pompadour, except that it was not smoothly designed in a single form. Rather, this pomp has an all-embracing look at it. Straighten the hair and gel it into the bit. On the other side, let it do it’s a thing if you naturally have straight hair.

Angled Pomp Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

The angled pump provides the pompadour, which started decades ago, a modern twist. There is a lot of volumes and a little mousse in this hairstyle. To meet the other side of the hair and give it a separate point, one side of the pump was pushed over at an angle.

Asymmetrical High Top with Short Sides and Part, and Long Soul Patch

Business Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

On the side, this look features a considerable quantity of hair on the top of the head that is gelled over to create a tiny mound. The other side is somewhat long and on either side of the head tapers down to very small hair.

Caesar Cut with Shaved Sides

Classic Short Sides with Short Beard

Colorful Long Top and Taper Short Sides with Part

This one is fun because you can choose the precise designs you want on your sides as well as how long you want the top.

Extra Gelled Long Top with Highlights and Precision Cut Short Sides, with Van Dyke and Stubble

Extra Long Top, Extra Short Sides, Messy Van Dyke

It features a brief back tapering to the front of the head gradually. It collides on the front into a tip that stands tall over the remainder of the hair and adds to the look a certain dimen’sion.

Flat Pump with Side Part Hairstyles

The flat pump with a side part is just that: a pump that sacrifices a little of it’s volume and lays flat across the head as it is divided to the side. Use gel to accomplish this appearance. This contributes a contemporary touch to a timeless, classic hairstyle.

Flowy Top Hairstyles

Similar to the wavy top, this flow display receives its name from the manner that the quiff flows so smoothly across the head crown. It begins pieces and brief and gets longer as it goes, flowing from one layer of hair to the other easily.

Forward Swept Curls, Short Sides, Long Top

Gelled Back Pompadours

With this look you can look dapper and professional while still fitting for a night out in the city. Do this with a lengthy top that was pushed back like a quiff but gelled in the form of a classic pompadour with textured parts all along.

Gelled Side Part Hairstyles

The gelled side part indicates hair that has been divided into one shape or another and gelled down to lie mostly flat against the head cap. The more gel, the more textured the appearance.

Gelled Up Hair Flip Styles

This leaves plenty of space for the lengthy top to take over and swirl around your head as the sides are almost totally folded down. This style features a brushed-to – the-side look with gel to maintain it in place and give it a slightly dipped texture throughout.

Greaser Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

Take a classic greaser hairstyle and upgrade it a lot by mixing it up. This hairstyle demonstrates brief sides and a lengthy top, with the latter in various layers. To make that greaser look, it falls over the face, but the absence of gel provides it the chaotic attraction.

Hairstyles with Pushed Up Bangs

Short or trimmed sides, a brief back, and a lengthy front with pushed up bangs. The back hair is pressed into the front where the bangs are. The bangs are then driven to stand almost upright using gel.

Side-sliced Bangs hairstyles

You now understand that bangs play an important part in short-sided and long-sided hairstyles. But what if you’ve chosen to slick the side of yours? The outcome is a casual company haircut even suitable for a black-tie event.

Half-Pomp, Short Sides, Long Top Hairstyles

Alternatively, the long-top look features shaved sides and a top cut to fit a pompadour. Instead of fully gelling it back to give it that real pump shape, it has been mildly gelled and a few parts are left to fall free of the mold.

Heavily Gelled Back Brush Hairstyles

The highly gelled and back-brushed appearance will offer the wearer an atmosphere of hip fashion while returning to ancient fashion. It has been brushed back from the front and uses a lot of gel to achieve an all-in-one look that is both textured and clean.

Layered Pomp Fade Haircuts

The layered pump fade features two layers of dense hair, one of which ultimately dissipates into nothing as a result of the fading. As a consequence, a neatly shaped pompadour stays the top of the hair.

Long Messy Top, Short Sides, Stubble

Long Military-Inspired Haircuts

This hairstyle is modeled after some popular military haircuts that we see everywhere. The distinction is that the hair has been held a few inches long instead of the top of the hair being as short as army norms to give some contrast and shape to the carefully shaved sides.

Longer Top and Short Sides for Thin Hair

Messy and Untouched Hairstyles

Maybe the simplest way to style your hair is not to style it at all. The chaotic, untouched appearance is precisely what you would expect it to be. There is no need for a product to achieve these outcomes. Trim the sides short, let the top expand and give it a little all in the morning before leaving the door.

Messy Long Top and Extra Short, Shaved Sides

Metallic Grey Long Top with Short Sides

All you need to do is climb and go out of bed! If you want a more stylish look, you can always make the strands into bit for a deliberately sleepy look that sticks out among the remainder.

Piecey Flat Hairstyles

Excellent for males with angular faces, the piecey but flat look features brief sides that rest under lengthy straight hair strands. To give it a textured impact, the hair was sliced into layers and slightly allured with mousse. Then the hair is brushed forward, serving as bangs.

Platinum Blond Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

Give it a platinum upgrade for a bold and daring way to make your hair live. it’s attractive and eye-catching. In addition, it offers a striking combination in mixture with the texture of the top of your hair. The top is sliced into layers and then styled to obtain texture with gel.

Platinum Blonde Quiff with Short Sides

Platinum Fringe with Short Sides

Prominent Man Buns with Shaved Sides

The sides here are trimmed to almost nothing while the top is encouraged to develop for a long time.

Quiff Short Sides, Long Top Hairstyles for Thick Hair

A lengthy quiff may fit you best for people with lengthy, dense hair up. Brushing back the length with the quantity you have provides it height and makes a declaration in contrast to the brief sides as well. Go for a fade or a sharp edge portion for additional impact.

Rasped Sides Messy Pomp Hairstyles

The sides of the head are rasped slightly to add contrast to the top, which is a large, voluminous artwork. The hair is pressed back into a loose pump, but it’s locked naturally fall into location as opposed to gel holding there.

Short on Sides Medium on Top Hairstyles

The finest hairstyles are clean-cropped and natural-looking for some boys.
If you are looking for practical brief sides with lengthy top hairstyles, the clean-cut look below should be considered. We suggest it to boys with straight hair in particular.

Short Sides Long Top for Boys, with Taper, Fringe, and Part

Short Sides Long Top for Older Men

Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles with Volume Top

This features brief and dense, lengthy hair cut-up sides that can be designed in a variety of ways. It also looks good by pushing it into a loose pump.

Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles with V-Shaped Back

Our ultimate brief sides long top haircut can be very innovative. By shaving a V-shape on the back of your head, you can add an artsy touch to your appearance. Ultimately, you’re going to get a cool hair tattoo that adds to your primary silhouette.

Short Sides with Long Top in Braid

Short Sides, Long Top, Side Sweep, and Hard Part

Side Fringe Hard Part Faux Hawk

Similar to the classic style, this false hawk. The distinction between them is that this false hawk is not as homogeneous as it’s the originator.
This false hawk utilizes mousse instead of gel to form it a bit while also allowing it to maintain your hairs natural texture.

Side Pump with Edge Hairstyles

The side pump with edge is a display consisting of a typical pump, but one pushed off to either side. On the other hand, there is an edge cut in the short hair to give a sharp indication of where the short hair ends and where the long starts.

Side Sweep Long Top, Short Tapered Sides

Simple Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

He doesn’t make a large fuss out of his hair, basically, and all hes looking for is a practical hairstyle. This style features length on top which gradually tapers down in a fade until nothing remains, producing a smooth and clean look.

Sleepy Faux Hawk Hairstyles

The classic false hawk has brief sides and a lengthy top pushed into the chin form. The sleepy false hawk, hoWe’ver, has no gel to bring it to a point. Therefore, as a bedhead style might do, your natural hair falls free and does what it wants.

Slick Forward Sweep with Subtle Fade on Short Sides

Slick LongTop, Short Sides

The distinction here is that the hair is spiked in parts with a powerful hold gel instead of a point. These spikes can be made as subtle or dramatic as you want.

Subtle Faux Hawk Hairstyles

A subtle false hawk is one of the most versatile styles you can wear for any official or casual case. This look features brief sides rising up to it’s longer top where the hair is pushed together to form a slight false hawk.

Tapered Fade with Hard Asymmetric Part

Temple Fade Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

You can always count on a fade temple to finish the work. The temple fade forms your hairline in a rectangular form, also known as a box fade. The detail goes a long way with longer tops and shorter sides for hairstyles.

Textured Bangs-like hairstyles

No matter what your hair sort is, you can look textured and frame your face with bangs. All you need to do is cut or add gel to your hair in layers. This hairstyle features a lengthy top with bangs that can be cut to obtain the required look in any amount of ways.

Textured Quiff Hairstyles

A quiff any hairstyle pushed back and forth from the face, but the textured quiff prevents it from lying flat. Wearing this sort of quiff provides you a certain dimension and size and becomes a fashion statement just as much as your outfit.

Model Look: Long Fringe, Short Side, Long Side

Top Knot Hairstyles

Everyone may not actually want to either. If you want the rugged man bun to be approached sleekly, go for a top knot. For top knot inspiration, you can also do extra studies on samurai buns.

Undercut Short Sides Long Top with Hard Part & Long Beard

Undercut with Spikes Hairstyles

One of the most frequently worn and versatile looks is the fake hawk. It includes brief sides and a top that is long or medium. To give it a bit of a point, comparable to a true mohawk, the top of the hair is pressed together at a slight angle.

Voluminous undercuts

You can also attempt this hairstyle on the top of your head with very sharp ends and lengthy, voluptuous hair. You can wear the hair flipping over one side or dividing it down the center to offer concealed depth and dimensions when necessary. For this voluminous undercut, straight or wavy hair operates best.

WaveHairstyles for Straight Hair

Wave comparable to hair flip but better suited for straight hair. Flip over one side of your lengthy top and let it cascade down your heads shaved sides, just as a wave moves as it curls and crashes. The look is more suitable for layered hair.

Wavy Long Top, Shorter Sides

Wavy Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

You can almost nothing cut down the sides and let the top be loose and free. With wavy hair, it looks excellent and loose curls on males. The back is longer and to achieve the smaller locks at the top is brushed forward.

Wavy Top, Short Sides

Wild Side Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

Let the longer hair on the top of your head overtake some of the brief hair under it for a more dramatic portion. Get this look of Chris Hemsworth by dividing your hair to one side and putting most of the hair to one side, revealing most of one side while covering the other side.

Long Top Hairstyles Windblown Short Sides

This windblown hairstyle looks natural. You can get this look with a little mousse or gel without attempting too hard. The hair is held back and slightly to the side to give it a breezy appearance as if your hair has been styled by the wind.