Brandy – Brandy Biography

Brandy Rayana Norwood Mc Comb, United States, was born in 1979.

At the young age of two, Brandy, amazingly and in his own way, he sang in his church.

His mother, Sonja bates, is the cousin of a legendary blues singer, Bo diddley, and she, already linked to music since she was little, tuned her ear, listening to her idol Whitney houston.

In 1988, Brandy She moved to California with her family, where she began her acting and singing career in 1990.

His career begins with his first appearance on the big screen, it was in the famous movie “Arachnophobia”, Interpreting Brandy Beechwood.
Soon, a new charming proposal would arrive, serious for the feature film “I still know what you did last summer”, where I represent Karla Wilson, the best friend of the then persecuted and threatened protagonist.

In 1994, she entered with an angel who guided her to the world of music and released her debut album and eponymous, which would reap a long list of hits as the most listened to and requested. “I Wanna Be Down” next to “Baby” Y “Brokenhearted”.

He continued to provide only hits that came from the hand of soundtracks, perhaps due to his link with the cinema, especially with the theme “Sittin ‘Up in My Room” For the movie “Waiting to Exhale”.

In 1998, his new album called “Never Say Never”, in which he decides to change the line of his records, getting closer to the style of Mariah Carey Y Mary J. Blige, approaching contemporary ballads.

So he makes his next appearance with a much more mature album in hand, “Never Say Never”, which has a very high quality in the songs and in the production, full of wonderful duets and luxury collaborations.

After four years with no news due to bad reviews, Brandy returns to the media with a new album titled “Full Moon”.

Brandy has made several appearances, in famous television series such as “Sabrina witch stuff” Y “House”.

Nowadays, Brandy is part of the famous series “One on One”, in which it has an important but limited role.