by Cortne BonillaUpdated August 2017 What do box braids micro braids have in common with all other braided variations? They can all be adorned with our favorite braid accessory beads in addition to the fact that they require little attention and maintenance. Perfect summer styles are beads and braids that make bold and trendy statements. Braiding and cornrowing is a tradition that has spread throughout the world in many African cultures thanks to immigrants and people of African descent who recreate and re-imagine old traditions. Now that the natural hair trend is in full swing, women enjoy braided hairstyles to try a new look to preserve their hair and be proud of their heritage.

How to Wear Braided Hairstyles with Beads

These aren’t exactly the bead braids that you always loved as a kid, the bead braids this summer are really cool and inspiring. Perhaps you’re trying to protect your natural hair from the effects of summer heat humidity rain and chlorine from the swimming pool or maybe after harsh chemical treatments you’re trying to grow your hair back. You might just love beautiful braids! That way you can choose from a lot of braided beaded hairstyles. Scroll down to see some of Instagram’s most beautiful beaded and braided styles.

Box-Braided Bun

A bun is always an elegant look, especially when it is surrounded by beads with longer sides to frame the face and add an interesting feminine element. In this look, the wooden bead decorations will give you an air of royalty.

Halo Braid with Beads

The braided headband is not exclusive for festivals and Coachella. This look is classic elegant and perfect for city walks and special occasions with just a few golden beads along the crown.

Braid Bead Ponytail box

Nothing could be better than a good ponytail! This one at the ends adorned with several beads is youthful as well as royal. All you need to do is box-braid your hair into a ponytail and leave single braids in front of your ears with beads. Having your hair away from your face during the summer is a bonus.

All-over braided hairstyle

If you want to give the whole head that much-needed hairstyle break option. Spotted with just enough beads to make you notice them without being overwhelming, with this understated yet beautiful look, you can showcase your makeup skills.

Bantu Knots and Beads

This hair> Bantu Knots. Known as a great way to preserve and grow braided Bantu hair is double protection. Wear it like the girl below with two long pieces at the neck nape and beads mixed in knots for the ultimate look.

Goddess Braids with Beads

This is another fun way to wear natural hair golden beads in various sizes. Goddess braids will wake up your wild inner woman and add to your outfit some ethnic chic.

Fancy Under Braids

If you like to wear under braids, you would definitely love to decorate them with a few beads and golden cords. There are no rules here just get motivated and turn your imagination into something!

Braided Topknot with Beads

Overall, we’re obsessed with topknots, but this braided topknot protective hair is just perfect. This style will keep you cool all summer long with a few beads around the base of the bun and some hanging on the loose braids in the front.

Kanekalon Magic

This sleek hair> kanekalon braids and a few golden beads. And hey you can use as many beads as you want it all depends on your mood and occasion.

Mohawk Braid with Beads

Short Beaded Bob

One of our favorites is this look. A bob is always a chic cut for growth and healthy hair, but imagine it braided. This braided bob has just a few beads to emphasize this beautiful style.

Loose Braids and A Turban

In recent years, turban has become a phenomenon rather than a social requirement. The turban is a fun decoration to play with and use to shield natural hair from bedtime defense to an out – of-house look. Play it for a great everyday look with bright beads and a bit of threading.

Beaded Bangs

If you have braids, who says you can’t wear bangs? This lady is saying it’s all her own style. Have fun with different sizes of beads and placement. Now all you need for this genius look is a pair of retro sunglasses! Thirty-one.965.jpg” />

Half-up Half-Down Braids

Here’s the half-down braided look we’ve already told you about the braided topknot. At the top of your head, pull half of the hair in a knot and let the rest of the braids hang over your shoulders.

Vintage Inspired Braided Updo

We love this look because it is the best of both worlds, half of your own natural hair and half braided. Add some beads and get creative with a beautiful crown at the ends of the braids.

Beaded Pigtails

In our opinion, you’re never too old! Section braids into pigtails, showing the beauty of the braids. The perfect match for your favorite beads is by the way braided bangs!

Pulled Back Beaded Bun

Perfect for rainy days with a bit of air humidity and a sleek look. Pull the corned hair back into a bun and decorate it with chic beading of gold. Cornrows with beads make it more intriguing to see the simple bun.

Inspired Flower Child

You don’t need a flowers ‘ crown to look like a 70’s hippie kid. Braids wrapped around the front gives a braided crown’s illusion. Complete the look all over the hair with large, bright beads.

Box Braids and Beads

This style is perfect and easy to obtain. Have your hair braided and pulled uniformly throughout with some beads to the side. This look is great for everyday life as well as special occasions.

Any of these beaded and braided hairs> Mohawk braids with beads. If you’re looking to protect your hair to have a bit of fun or do something else this season the beaded braid is certainly one to try. Similar articles Super-Flattering Braids for Curly Hair of Various Styles Trendy Ways to Wear Braids with Shaved Sides Triangle Braids Take Your Box Braids to

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30Next Prev1 Casual updates for long hair are a skill that must be learned. Summertime can be brutal with sun and water damage combined with the overall discomfort of lugging around a full hair head. Luckily there are plenty of casual updos to experiment with and are sure to look good at a summer concert or even at the office on the beach.

Cute Casual Updos for Long Hair

Long hair in curly downdos and all sorts of updos is the most beautiful. Casual updos today embrace a few different elements in one hairstyle – braids and buns twisting and braiding messy texture and trendy highlights … Ok, the casual hairstyle of today is never boring!

Messy French Roll Hairstyle

Most people assume that an updo is built with an overall dressy look that is simple and acceptable. The fashion, however, can have the classic look of an updo without giving off the illusion that you are going to the semi-formal dance of your age. This ‘ do, with a touch of ease, manages to be both classy and casual.

Simple Braided Bun

Of course, you can imagine a simple bun or ponytail when you think of simple updos. It is completely understandable, unless you are a beauty guru, that you are not versed in the various variants of the more classic styles. You can dress it up by adding a braid to your bun creating a cute everyday look for you. Letting a few hair wisps fly free gives a carefree feeling to this style.

Classic Twist Ponytail Updo

Normal ponytail sickness? We’re not accusing you. It’s a fun way to put a unique spin on an everyday hairstyle to add some color to your hair first. Every time you pull it up, putting a single braid down the side adds so much to your whole look for long hair. It turns into a trendy look a banal style.

Bun with Two Headband Braids

Many women choose some variation of an updo for dressing occasions. It provides the wearer with a simple look for some reason. A simple pulled-back updo is upgraded from your normal messy bun with a double braid that sets it aside.


Everything is like anything in the presentation of life. Most don’t spend a lot of time analyzing other people’s appearance that they take in what they can at first glance and evaluate accordingly. Dress up the simplest way you can with your casual updos – with a bow. It’s both easy and cute a bow adds a bit of wow flair in the same way it’s atop a gift.

Business Casual

Time-bound interview or work event? This look is ideal for setting up the business and a post-work date. His beauty derives from his artistic and presentation simplicity. It’s perfect for a versatile look that can work with you – and after that. RELATED POST Appropriate hair interview

Braided Beauty Hairstyle

A braid can clearly change anything. With this look, the messier the better. A trendy bun that works perfectly for medium hair is not the easiest thing to find so we appreciate the need for something else. Putting a giant braid through your low average bun turns things up with little or no effort.

Casual Purple Pony

Go for pastel-colored hair if you want to stand out in a crowd. You can show a variety of people depending on the style. For long hair, this particular braided style is great because who doesn’t love long locks willowing from a ponytail? Hide this dreaded scrunchie by wrapping your hair around your ponytail base making one of the best casual hairstyles you can imagine.

Cute Casual Mohawk Bun Updo

This series of buns may be the most adorable update on our list. However, at first glance its simplicity is not evident, making this the perfect style for a day out in the city or an evening of unexpected adventures. The subtly sexy style makes it great for any event or appearance.

Braided Up Casual Hairstyle

Does your high bun grow tired? Add some pizzazz by braiding your hair up your head and feeding into the bun the end of your braid. This style is great because the original bun maintains the classic look, but the braid adds the necessary zest.

Complicated updo

The apparent lack of effort that makes an updo casual. This does not necessarily mean, however, that all casual hairstyles must be done in minutes. In particular, creating this style takes a certain amount of time and patience. The braid ends up looking very relaxed and the bun is messy, which is why this look is casual and stylish.

Puffed Updo

With this allled high ponytail, add some texture to your hair life. Incorporate the top and sides of various types of braids. This look is ideal if you want to straddle the line between edge and class.

Cute Crocheted Hairstyle

This look blends the effortless wave with the elegance of a fishtail braid ideal for long hair. This style may take a bit of skill to achieve as a complicated variation of your daily braid. The possibilities are endless, though, once you master this special braid. One of your many options is the chic pony updo.

Big Bun Hairstyle

The better the bun. Whether you like yours to be high on your head or your neck’s nape to graze low is a matter of preference. Of the many casual hairstyles mentioned here, certainly this one is on the spectrum’s more polished side.

Wild Side Updos

Itching in your life for some excitement? Add it to the hair! With a giant braid flowing into an even bigger ponytail, spice up your hairstyle line. So much fun and comfort are dramatic runway-ready looks like this. Wear it in the sun or under the rain in windy weather and look always stunning!

Casual Color

Why not add colors inspired by the rainbow to your casual doses? No matter how simple it will always stand out in the crowd, any style you pick. A blended combination of buns and twists produces an aesthetically pleasing color swirl suitable for a first date or interview at the gym.

Not all updos are up

You would think all casual updos are meant to show off your neck’s nape but this is not necessarily a law. This look works by adding longer hair or extensions to your ponytail. Delicately curled wisps and waves flow in a kind of curly Mohawk updo gracefully down your back.

Complex yet casual

This hairstyle labyrinth comes complete with more twists and turns than one can count to give the illusion of complexity once again. Get inventive with your updo as there is no distinct rhyme or reason for this theme. Innovation is your friend and will definitely be helpful in putting this style together.

Natural updos

The formula of a winning updo for natural hair is to create a balanced blend of texture and sleekness. Sleek sides are paired with a textured afro puff in this style. For short hair, putting all of this together creates the ideal natural updo.

Braid and Bun hairstyle

Casual updos are different, but in most models the addition of braid tends to be the common denominator. It dresses down even the most chic fashion, making it suitable for many occasions. Even a high bun coupled with carefully styled braids is perfect for a park day. This look wraps braids around the head offering your favorite top knot updo with a unique spin.

Quick Braid and Bun

Fast, quick braiding of your hair into a few side French braids and rolling into a bun each pair. You may want to make a few smaller buns in the back if your hair is shoulder length.

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Simple Casual Updo for Long Hair

Long silky ethnic hair looks amazing with this hair style designed to hold thick heavy hair. Other hair textures will work as well, of course. This hairstyle is quick and easy and once complete, it looks like a knotted bow.

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Three-Tiered High Ponytail

Here’s another cute and simple style that looks best on the length of the hair under the shoulders. Pull your locks into a high pony and put the elastics down the collected hair in equally spaced sections. For more body and a truly creative sweet look, fluff out each section.

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Updo for Lo Casual Boho
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