Braided Bang Hairstyles

Braided Bang hairstyles may take from ordinary to exceptional an everyday look of beauty. Next time you watch a flirty fringe haircut skip the scissors and instead choose a trendy braided bang. This complex-yet-easy feature elevates buns from ponytails and any other hairdo you want to rock. Below we have sensational styles that will surely satisfy any personal preference. Beautiful Braided Bang Hairstyles For Any Taste

You can add a trendy twist to your updo or downdo by braiding your bangs. It’s practical as well as fancy. Our hairstyle selection has an enticing idea for any amount of fashion and body.

Messy Braided Crown

Reset your New Age Cinderella and use a chic and trendy braid to spruce your golden tresses. Your sun-kissed hair will be the star of any place you’re visiting from a weekly shopping grocery store with your beautiful cinema.

Fishtail French Braid

Start with braided bangs and finish with a beautiful braided headband that sits across your forehead like a floral crown. Fishtail braids are a fun show of hair highlights. What do you expect? It’s easy to braid if you can’t get a friend to help you out.

Braided Bang of the Middle Earth

The Lord of the Elves Rings has nothing to do with you. Rivendell welcomes you and you fit right into the rest of the tall fair skinned gang to be honest with this side bang braid.

Raven Black Braided Bang

Not only is an inverted or Dutch braid bang stylish, but it also has a simple, dressed look. This farm girl looks like a casual street style also works well.

French braid headband

If you’re unfamiliar with French braid bangs, it’s OK. Your hair stylist is sure to hook you up just make sure you let them know what you’re looking for. The professional will show you what they can do with a curling wand and some color while you’re at it!

Criss-Cross Braided Tiara

Dress up your crown with your very own tiara with a fresh take on braided bangs hairstyles. The style looks daunting but you will cope with this style quicker than you expect with a precise sectioning and tight braiding.

Waterfall-like Braided Bangs

Auburn hair has amazing glow and natural light. With French and Dutch braid bangs, highlight your individual radiance and style! The effect is a stunning and picturesque hairstyle.

Pastel Purple French Braid

French braid bangs take on a new life in a beautiful pastel colour. For those days when you want to add even more femininity to your look, this violet to gray shadow side bang is an effortless style. About 401/01.880.jpg” />

Ribbon Braid Bang

To have fun with paint, you don’t have to get your hair dyed in an odd shade. Here’s a great example of that! You open up a world of possibilities by using any ribbon color, particularly when you incorporate your favorite color into your cute braid.

Ebony Curls and Braided Bangs

Nothing, except curls and braids, exemplifies royalty. Such raven black locks are stunning – the ringlets certainly pop up in all the photos and selfies you take after your hair has been finished. Make sure to take shots before and after!

Viking Bangs

Keep your hair out of your eyes with French braid bangs on your way to training your dragon! Perhaps you decide to make your way through the woods a little fancy and turn your plait into a fishtail braid? It happens! When it hits creativity, it hits.

Teal French Braid

While this blue is not a conventional hair color, it is a very good base for a cute braid. The plait on the blue is a seamless match unlike the standard blonde and brunette hair colors.

Black French Goddess Braid

Goddess Braids not only add a trendy twist to your updos, they keep your hair out of your eyes and highlight your natural beauty. Many people hide behind their heads. Not you, not you. Not that style.

Smiles and Braided Bangs

Many people find it difficult to braid. It doesn’t have to be neat with this braided bang look! messy is totally acceptable! You can at least experiment with a simple and sweet side plait if you don’t know how to braid bangs.

Tucked Blonde Braided Bangs

You’ve perfected the hairline plaiting craft. All done! Well done! The next move is to duplicate the headband of this side hit. You will focus on your excellent handiwork by straightening your hair!

Easy French Braid

Channel Jane Austen from within. Cuddle a hot cup of tea with your e-book reader and braid. If it’s maybe your first time you’re putting on a comfort movie or show you love as it may be a while before you get to that side bang’s professional level. From 401/01.888.jpg” />

Ombre French Braid

This shadow cascade of color is beautiful on its own and when combined with braided bangs, it looks like a fire. Wear this hairstyle and you’re sure to be the target. Be prepared in your group of friends to be the go – to-around girl.

Pinned French Braid

Highlighted with a pair of blonde black hair streaks takes on a new look. This picture shows a simple style that looks elegant for shorter hair due to the coloring and braided bangs lost under the curls.

Quintessential Librarian French Braid

A casual touch adds to any hairstyle on a lazy day in or out rocking a trendy braid. For long hair, a braided headband works great. When you lean over a book, the hair won’t fall into your face.

Cute Clipped Braided Bang

The star of the show is the braided bangs. Put on your biggest smile and head to your city’s best salon, these blurred blonde streaks are amazing. Be gentle on your hair and don’t put too much stress on your baby’s hairline.

Forehead-framing braid with Messy Bun

Thanks to this exquisite plait, the uncomfortable cycle of developing bangs may be quite unflattering. Instead of using a headband as an accessory, those with long bangs can create one with a French braid, resulting in a look with the highest level of casual elegance.

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French Braided Bang Hairstyle

Who says that crowns are only royalty reserved? Give your beautiful long locks a boost for a glamorous coif with a royal braided crown that can take you to a variety of events.

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Complete Crown Braid with Tucked Ends

Bring the concept of a crown to the next level and take a braid around your head. Wrapping your braids and tucking in the ends is a great way to protect your locks during the summer months against heat and frizz.

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Messy Braided Bang Hairstyle

Don’t be frustrated when your braid doesn’t just turn it into a work of art that you imagined. A loose style is another alternative to the traditional face-framing braid which flatters the lengths and features of most hairs.

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Downdo With A Braided Fringe

Although the style above this braided hairdo is more polished than the previous whimsical look. The loose braid may be a good everyday choice, but the best bet for a city dressy night is a tighter version.

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Stylish Braided Bang Hairstyle With A Ribbon

You don’t have to choose between using both your favorite new braided design and a stylish bracelet. Only make a Dutch braid and thread for a color pop in a ribbon. Of cascading curls, this style looks stunning.

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Revised Side Ponytail

Complements women with short to medium lengths of hair. A simple side ponytail is elevated by a braided sweeping bang which is ideal in the office for days. For a more romantic and retro feel, make sure to cover your face.

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Colorful French Braided Bang Hairstyle

Give a break with a braided updo to your dyed strands. The front French braid provides the perfect colorful outline for framing your sides. Only complete with a messy bun in the back and you’ll find medium to long hair lengths quick and easy to look for.

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Braided Bang Hairstyle For Medium Hair Lengths

If you separate it to create a lace-like detail, a typical braid will stand out more. This allows women with thinner hair to create more full looks without adding extra skin. For a slimming effect, angle the braid across the face if you have a round or square head.

Braided Bang Hairstyle For Medium Hair

Braided Bang Hairstyle For Little Lady

Give a fun fringed look to your teen with a spunky ponytail and a delicate hair accessory. The perfect balance between sweet and glamorous for your next family event is a flower barrette with a bold jewel.

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Braids with Bohemian Waves

On long layered hair, a crown braid looks particularly ravishing. Ruffled waves and coffee-colored bits add to your next dinner date’s eye-catching feel.

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Braided Bang Pixie Hairstyle

This look can even be used by women with pixie cuts! If your hair is too short to double-twist your bangs quickly into a braid for a charming accent to dress up your short haircut.

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Gibson Tuck Twisted Bang

This is an example of a creative look for women with shoulder-long hair and bangs to try. It is simpler to do twists than braids. This is the ideal option for those looking within a moment’s notice to switch their style.

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Braided Bang Hairstyle for Shoulder-Length Hair

Instead, go for a twisted fringe look next time you rush to pull your bangs away from your face. This delicate detail puts your normal look into an elegant spin.

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Braided Tail Out

Leave the tail of your braided fringe to give your hairstyle a more casual atmosphere. It gives a youthful fresh look to your hairdo that works on many different lengths of hair.

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Braided Bang Hairstyle for Shoulder Length Hair

The Angel Wing Dutch braid adds some spice to the perfect chocolate brown hair with caramel highlights. Natural waves make this style feel uncomfortable.

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Crown Braid inspired by Goddess

Channel your inner Greek goddess when you attend your next guest wedding. The full crown on the back with a knotted detail makes a statement just because you’re wearing a really cool hairstyle.

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Braided Bang Hairstyle With Curls

Go big with this bold braid or go back. A jumbo style is an easy way to make a traditional French braid something large for girls with long hair. For a touch of glam, accent it with spiral curls.

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Dark Hair with Unpinned Braid

Try to leave your braid unpinned in a relaxed free-flowing fashion for a breezy take on the trend. Dark shiny layered hair can easily view this look.

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