Braid knot hairstyles

Clever ideas Braid knot is so chic and clever. If you think youve seen everything youre wrong as far as braids go, because were here to teach you how to create another beautiful braid – the knot braids. This braid may look terribly hard to achieve at first glimpse, but after just a few attempts you will become skilled with a little practice.

How to Do Knotted Braids

For someone who first attempts to braid a braided knot, we recommend that you follow the path from the hairline to the crown of your head and start with a triangular part. Separate the section into two strands and tie a tight knot. Holding the ends of those strands from the left side of the head in your right hand take another piece of hair and tie another knot from the right hand with the hair part. Then place in your left hand the ends of the strings and take a strand from the right side and tie another knot. Repeat the process all the way to your ends, alternating the sides, and in no time you will braid your perfect knot braids! Braid hairstyle

Easy But Cool Bantu Knots Tutorial

Inspiration is an essential aspect when dealing with new hairstyles for curly hair forms, but is it even more important to practice? Lets start with a simple tutorial to help you develop a funky protective hairstyle for short to medium hair you can wear for up to a week! Keep in mind that for short locks this hairstyle is typically very difficult to get, so dont miss these tips. Before you start: make sure your hair is deeply conditioned clean and softened;> Get a pack of any fake braiding hair;> Dont forget about a few bobby pins and a comb.> How to: divide your hair into five sections to accommodate symmetrical knots and top pairs.> Braid as shown above each chapter.> Take your faux locations and put them in two sections and overlap each others twists, twisting them all the way to the end.> Once you have twisted all your false places, start doing bantu knots wrapping the twists around the base and leaving your head.

Lavender Braids And Bantu Knots

There seems to be no better way to wear fashionable hair color than the braids and knots pair! And this picture is living proof: when combined with dark roots, the famous a bit washed-out light purple color looks so beautiful. For this sticking look, three top knots will catch the eyes of people and braids will set the balance.

Fall Inspired

Side Little Violet Bantu Knots

Flower Braids

and bridesmaids are not the easiest thing in the world. Yet we know this – romantic and sensual we love them. And this one will take your breath away for those of you who want updos. Faces that are round and square. This romantic knot braid updo is a challenge for the most professional hairstylists, but once the results have been good you will be swipped off your feet. And once its done, you can decorate the knots with pearls of small flowers or other accessories of your choice.

Sassy Mohawk-like Bantu Knots Hairstyle

There are no limitations for those wearing bantu knots: your hairstyle can be as imaginative as you like. Did you ever see in this pic a really girly mohawk like the one? The sides are brushed neatly while the hawks role is played by the bantu knots set in the center. And its not all that yet! Your wonderful curls are hanging on your shoulders balancing the entire silhouette.

All Head Bantu Knots For A Bald Look

Bantu knots may come in various sizes; its up to you. This idea is here to give your heart some inspiration: these tiny and tidy knots are a ravishing thing! Only optimistic girls will rock such a cute yet sometimes weird hairdo, it goes without saying. Its pretty easy to get this bold look if youre one of them: just pick smaller parts while making knots for twists.

Funky Colorful Bantu Knots

You dont have to dye your hair in bright colors to make your days brighter. Who needs to suffer damage? Particularly when you can add some vibrant fake strands into your twists and get such an incredible look, teasing hair is not the best idea. Its easy to look special!

Creative Knot Braided Hairstyles

Experiment with these hairstyles to make a unique statement!

Crown Braid

is an adorable addition to your favorite collection of knot braided headband styles. Round heads with an oval shape.

Tiny Little Bantu Knots With Blue Vibes

This is another good idea to let some bantu knots in your life! Its a true masterpiece: just look at this complex composition of hair. Long blue curls are to die for when they go to the top embellished with very thin braids. And what are you sure of? You get an incredibly complete and voluminous curly crown when you untwist these knots. Just let them air dry and youll steal the show once theyre ready.

Braid pull-through

Would you like more for your hairstyle braid? Try to pull the strands out so the whole hairstyle looks bigger. Once you have knot braids, try to pull out the outer strands gently and smoothly to stretch them and achieve this rich and original braid.

Bantu Knots And Curly Ponytail

Once you have some bantu knots you will never be boring with a high curly ponytail! Just imagine how funky your updo looks with these cuties when you embellish it. The contrast between tight locks and loose curls will show all of your imagination. Isnt you want to look like that? To let the imagination run wild, all the ideas weve created for you are here. You now know some forms and tricks to go for a new style of boldness that will turn heads. Its time to twist and play with your hair!

Ky Braids Into Bantu Knots

A nice compliment to your bantu hairstyle can be the braids that inspire women with their vibrant tribal designs! Our task is to make it as attractive as possible as we go for a protective style. And thats exactly what we need! You can choose any pattern that is totally unbelievable in style for your mood and flaunt.

Celtic Knot

A Celtic Knot is a hairstyling world special trick. It may not look like a real braid, but its the same technique and it looks so elegant. Round heads with the form of the head. We suggest keeping the rest simple to master a Celtic knotted braid. Just make sure all the hair from the sides of the head is in the knot and you can curl gentle waves from the rest of the length once youve made it.

Four Strand Braid

Those who want to show off their ability and create something really special should definitely try these four knots strand braids. Faces in square and oval shape. Close to the one before.

Accentuating Bantu Knots With Ombre Ends

This contrast of colors can be seen in a new light by shadowy ladies. Dont worry if your hair is absolutely unprocessed: you know how many cool things you can do with fake locations. This photo is here to show you how cool and trendy your bantu knots look at the ends just dont be afraid to play with contrasting colors.

How to Make A Lovely Hairstyle With Bantu Knots

This tutorial will teach you how to make a fun and fashionable bantu knots hairstyle. You dont need to put all your hair in knots, of course: its easier to blend the elegance of natural hair with these cuties. Lets do it! Until you start: Wash your hair for natural hair with shampoo and smooth it with a left-in conditioner.> If your hair is almost dry, its easier to use some silky hair conditioners to keep it tamed and comfortable to work with.> Get some clips of bananas and bands of hair.> How to: Start with three twisting bantu knots in the front parting sections and wrap them around the base.> Then six twists in the back of the two-strand.> Lock the twists and give them a day with the banana clips.> Use bantu knots to twist each back and enjoy your full and voluminous chevelure!

Braid loose

Heres an idea of a modern hair extension twist that includes a braid knot! Faces that are square and heart-shaped. Make sure youre dropping relaxed bangs around your face loosely. Braid the ponytail with really large hair parts. Attach it to a hair band after a few knots.

Cute Bantu Knots Hair Beads

In order to finish an elegant updo, we add an exquisite bobby pin to it. And we cant do without hair beads when we want to decorate such a stand-out hairstyle as bantu knots. To keep your style look authentic, add some wooden gold or silver beads to embellish your knots. P.S. With two small braids, these knots will look amazing.

Big Tight And Sexy Bantu Knots

Here comes an elegant eye-catching and completely independent hairstyle that requires no accessories to look beautiful. All the ideas of today keep your face open, showing you have no fear of showing off your beauty. But this one brings black womens hairstyles to a whole new level. In other words, the bigger and tighter the knots are the more sassy and the more sexy your look is.

Braided Updo

This is definitely not a normal hairstyle to wear. Except perhaps if the red carpet includes your work. Otherwise, for a special night out or some other special occasion, you can use it as an inspiration. Oval and cardiac faces. Add the knot hair braid to an elegant low-updo. To achieve this chic but simple look, be careful to make it sleek and clean.

Creative Braided Bantu Knots Half-Up

Even the worlds most flattering words are not enough to describe this fabulous, colorful hairstyle! Ladies who want to be in the spotlight are never going through it. And strangely enough to get it, you dont have to have long hair. Wed even say its a way on very short hair to get bantu knots. The point is to braid and wrap them around your hair in some colorful faux locations to enhance your knots. Theyre going to look like a crown and youre going to look like a queen: isnt that great?

Purple Bantu Knots


Purple Ponytail

Celtic knots look better than any hair clip. So why wouldnt you try this beautiful decorative Celtic knot braided ponytail? Round faces with an oval shape. This stunning ponytail with Celtic knots will ideally be enhanced in a similar color to your hair color by nice hairbands so that it all looks natural.

Braids with Knot for Beginners

Beginners should know that even if their knotted braid wasnt exactly perfect, it could still look pretty good in combination with urban and chic outfits! All kinds of faces. It has its charms to keep it a little dirty.

Small Braids In Bantu Knots

Braided hairstyles are like snowflakes: each is unique. Even with a naked eye its hard to notice that this wonderful hair design is made of braids! The point is to create a lot of tiny braids and twist them into knots by proper clean sectioning.

Braided Bantu Knots


Blonde Bantu Knots


Bantu Knots For Short Hair

As mentioned above, short hair bantu knots may be disturbing. But thats not necessary! Proper preparation is a key to the perfect look in this situation. Deep conditioning and oiling will help you get relaxed hair so you can manage it easily. Remember that youre not going to get such clean and tight knots from wet or dry hair: you should always work with damp hair.

Half Updo Braids

only adorable

. All forms of the face. Start braiding two-knotted braids from one side of the head and tie them afterwards with a hairband-knots. Take one piece of hair from the other side and gently wrap it around where you tied the knotted braids so you get a half-updo asymmetric as shown on the picture.

How to curl your hair with the help of Bantu nodes

Bantu nodes are even more advantageous than you think! In fact, they are a nice, healthy and easy way to get curly bounced hair. Always remember when you go for bantu experiments to have your hair damp: its easier to handle with slightly wet hair. Moreover, it avoids limping, which may cause wet hair styling. Its an easy hairstyle overnight too! So see how it can be created. Until you start: make sure that you have a sectioning rattail comb.> Curl cream is going to be handy as it can improve the curling effect.> Dont forget about the afro comb; without spoiling them, it will untwist your curls.> How to: Section your knots with a rattail comb and braid your hair to avoid mixing separate strands.> Before making a bantu knot, brush the strand and straighten it up a little.> Create bantu knots all over your head, give them day or night, and untwist them with an afro comb.> Run your fingers softly through your curls and add your body to your curly hair.

Ponytail knot

Once youve mastered the technique, try this smarter version of the braid. Faces in square and oval shape. Hair in the rays of passion.

Side Bantu Knots To Stand Out

Remember the second tutorial of today? Okay, this hairstyle shows you how you can make it a bit more interesting and special. You can create bantu knots and wear them with lush curls that give you a stunning asymmetrical look, but this time they can be twisted on the side. Fancy Braided Bantu Knots

What could be better for braids and knots? The best thing about this hairdo is that it gives your hair a more complete and silky look. Keep in mind that you should tame your hair with a conditioner before you go for it to prevent knots because they are not the knots we are looking for. Build parts that look like a crown in a row which match each other. Do not forget to split your parts into two braids each to get this sumptuous look and then wrap around the middle.

Half Upstyle With Bantu Knots


Bantu Knots With Burgundy Highlights