Next Who can think of anything more famous in the world of beauty than the classic blonde bob by Marilyn Monroe? Whether she seduced the president or sang about how diamonds are the best friend of a girl she always managed to look fantastic. The blonde bob haircut today is still a sexy option for women looking for all the right reasons to turn heads. See below our top picks.

Blonde Bobs ‘ Secret

Of course, the biggest secret is their sex appeal, which comes from the unique shape and the sexy hair color. Choose the cut that flatters the shape of your face and think of your own beautiful blonde shade to create a look that is truly unique.

Inverted Bob for Thin Hair

> Curls are not the only way to achieve volume as shown by this bouncy bob. Take advantage of an angled look that uses short layers to create volume in the back and elegant long layers in the front to frame the face without overpowering it.

This is one item that is sure to catch attention from the runway to the office corridor.


Stacked White Blonde Bob

A> stacked bob is so common that in some circles it is sometimes too much to be anticipated. This style is perfect for women who already have a layered blonde bob hairstyle and grow sick of it. Get your layers in the back to provide structure while keeping the front parts straight and angled. It’s a simple change that gives your look new life.


Blonde Bob with Side Bangs

Smaller faces can sometimes get overwhelmed with too much hair in the face, which is why this style is so beautiful. The side bang offers a flirtious touch and the shorter length and shaggy layers keep the look light and fun.

Classic Bob with Modern Twist

A classic bob with longer sides becomes more beautiful. Modernizing the traditional bob haircut is ideal for those who want to look different but feel a little shy. This cut is not a huge risk, but it can also do cool things like adding strength to thin lifeless locks.


Tousled Beach Babe Lob

Dirty blonde locks and relaxed waves give this lob an effortless feeling. Steer away from heavy layers to show the thickness of your hair but go for shaggy blended ends to get a vibrant modern look. And keep your waves all set to express the beach baby charm.

The long feathered locks create a smooth shape around the face, while the sweeping fringe makes the look a bit younger. This style is appealing universally as it fits all the shapes of the eyes.

Middle Parting Lob

A bob that sound too rigid for those who want a flowing hairstyle. Nevertheless, a haircut can easily be swept from one side to the other with a middle parting and still look great. A symmetric cut with a few long layers is the secret here.

Ash Blonde Lob with Subtle Waves

A single mid-shaft wave to a blonde lob can make a significant difference to the overall hairstyle effect. Here the slight kink brings to the hair a new dimension. It’s very easy to do at home as well, all you need is a curling tongue!

Short Silver Bob

Amazing hair color can be updated to classic short bobs. Silver blonde is making a statement for each hairstyle, but on short hair it looks particularly cool. A few hidden layers at the ends will help to create the perfect curve.

Blonde Caramel Lob with Bangs

This super long lob is perfect for showing good healthy hair. The style itself is illustrated quite clearly by heavy bangs starting far back on the face. The blonde color of the caramel lightens the look and gives it a warm glow.

Cool Bob with Short Bangs

For a cool girly look, spice up a short blonde bob with straight eyebrow-skimming bangs. The cut chin length creates a sweet frame on the face and the short fringe draws attention to facial characteristics such as eyes and cheekbones.

Voluminated Caramel Blonde Lob

This fluffy caramel lob features darkened roots and messy eye-level blonde caramel waves. This technique of styling is great to add body to flat hair. The loose shaggy curls also make the lob much less defined and severe than the straight cut bob on average.

Textured Platinum Blonde Bob

The straight ends show the defined cut shape while the mid-shaft waves add volume and messy texture to the cut. This is a good option for girls with thin hair who want to try a bob with texture.

Curly Angled Bob

Ladies with very thick hair have the advantage of being able to pull off an angled> curly bob. This blonde lob features cute dimensional curls of the perfect length and a cool silhouette of a steeply angled bob slightly softened by the texture.

Bronde Bob with Highlighted Bangs

A traditional bob with dark hair looks great, but with some bright blonde highlights it looks even better. Try light-colored bangs to display swept-back layers against darker hair contrasting. Add a few subtle highlights to complete the look throughout the rest of the hair.

Super Straight Ash Blonde Bob

It looks almost futuristic, this straight ash lob is so cool. A simple cut and a sophisticated color make it look elegant. Coordinate the cut and color to find the best bet with your skin tone and face shape.

Short layered Bob

Standard short blonde bobs will easily look outdated without the appropriate update. Add a few layers to the edge and the cut will be refreshed immediately. Spritz the hair or add mousse to describe the layers with a little hairspray.

Curly Highlighted Bob

Another style suggesting bobs shouldn’t be straight! If you have relatively straight hair then add a handful of curls to the top layer using a curling wand, this style is surprisingly easy to style too.

Sleek White Blonde Lob

This alternative lob is fluffy and feathery with shorter front sheets. This is an interesting new take on the long bob, if you like to be special. To make a statement even more, pair it with a stunning white color.

Dark and Light Bob

For a lighter appearance, girls with naturally dark hair do not need to bleach fully. This blonde caramel bob has dark roots with a blonde hair frame. When you grow your natural hair color, you can also use this look.

Voluminous Stacked Cut

Thicker hair textures can still take advantage of the> layered bob style currently suggested. The layered cut retains the fullness in the back without adding the heaviness to the front around the eyes. The two-tone color with a light blonde strawberry on the bottom provides the right depth and stops the look from being too overwhelming. You can even use a curling iron on a medium or longer bob to get this fun twisty look even if you have natural straight hair. Try to use a spray with a performance setting to ensure that your ringlets stay throughout the day. ‘

‘> ‘

Messy Blonde Lob

Messy hairstyles are super trendy right now and you’ll love the final result when you add a platinum blonde hair color. Part rocker chick part just plain fabulous this bob is made from many layered sections and by throwing the comb in the trash.


Medium Bob with Spiral Curls

Blonde hair is so cute because it shows off waves and curves better than any other color. If you want a hairstyle that is both beautiful to wear and admire, try adding a few nice ringlets to your hairstyle.


Straight Bob for Thin Hair

Any hue will do well with virtually any shade as blonde hair pairs.

Pearl Blonde Bouncy Waves

This look can be pulled off if you have a straight or slightly angled bob. You will get a head full of perfect loose spirals by simply using a small barrel curling iron on shoulder length hair.


Messy Lob with Lowlights

Naturally textured hair is always beautiful and sometimes it’s better to just go with the flow when it comes to your everyday look. Instead of rocking a platinum dyeing job consider a more low-key alternative with multi-dimensional highlights that won’t be as obvious as they grow up.


The volume and texture appear to be perfect with your significant other or your favorite group of girls for a carefree holiday. This a-line theme also brightens the skin with blonde streaks in the front.


Platinum Asymmetrical Cut

Try this innovative asymmetrical long blonde bob haircut for a different look on the standard platinum lob where one side is a few inches shorter than the other. It’s a great option for an artsy love bombshell. It still shows off your sexy side but unconventionally.

Half-Updo with Thick Hair Bouffant

This is a simple yet effective updo that can fit a formal event but looks just as good at a dive bar. The best part is that you can replicate this style easily on your own, making it a worthy budget choice for a girl.


Fresh and Flirty Layered Cut

How beautiful does this ginger blonde hair color look when paired with a pouty pink lip? This cute long blonde bob hairstyle is guaranteed to make you notice. It looks particularly vibrant with a sun-kissed glow.


Heavy layers and dark roots will help the look as it grows out to maintain its shape and beautiful appearance.

> No matter what your style is sexy or sweet, there’s a blonde bob haircut for any woman. Trends may come and go, but it’s clear that this is a classic look that’s never going to go out of style. Prev1 from> Next —>-> Related Posts> Absolutely Stunning Honey Blonde Hair Colors> Regardless of your hair type, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu> >> > Home> Color

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