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How George Harrison Contributed So Little to the ‘ Sgt. Pepper’s albumSource: http:/$423 million net loss. The new BlackBerry Z3 that the company has tied so many of its hopes on in the Indonesian market is not selling as well as expected. Analysts predict the company’s market share in the global smartphone market will slip this year to around 0.8 per cent and fall to 0.3 per cent by 2018. “Hey, we’re having trouble but it’s not gone,” Chen told the conference crowd. “I’m sure we’re going to be able to save the patient.” He also said he was wiling to pursue new revenue areas. Part of his plan to get competitive again is to try clients from corporations and government for his company. Chen said any part of the company needed to make it competitive again including smartphones would be cut. BlackBerry was once the smartphone but from many mobile markets that are dominated by NASDAQ: AAPLhigher market share than BlackBerry has been knocked out by increasing competition. Given its declines in popularity, BlackBerry maintains a niche audience that includes multiple world leaders due to the network’s security. Building on that network and other company assets is part of Chen’s strategy to make the company again documented Re / code competitive by building business in new areas. The company’s recent financial results have been partly due to the restructuring costs that the company needs to take in a new direction. So BlackBerry could live with changing times. Chen is aware of the huge challenge he faces in keeping BlackBerry going. In November he was elected to the rank of CEO. Some in the business world have even expected BlackBerry’s demise before then. Nonetheless, he expects that BlackBerry will have a future that will not end in bankruptcy or other financial ruin but in the company’s new earnings.