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Ombre is not a contemporary hipstress or manic pixie dream girl invention. What versions of this lovely> shade of blue you really like.

Best versions of Blue Ombre for Blonde Brown and Black Hair

You might try to do shade at home but be carefulthe process may get messy leading to unexpected results and you may need some support from third parties. So it’s best to choose the idea of color yourself and trust it to a professional.

Indigo Tips for Brunettes

The bright purple hue that runs through the ends of this chocolate mane is all you can see at first glance. But every now and then subtle blue tips look out, which gives the color dimension and a highlighted motion effect.

Raven Hair with Turkey Ombre

Here’s another> turquoise hue used by the template to compliment its charcoal black roots. The gradient works very impressively!

Wavy Two-tone Bob

This iconic medium-length wavy bob has been transformed with a bright array of electric blue and deep purple.

Blue-Grey Tips Black Hair

Blue hair need not be clear, i.e. black hair with blue tips. Choosing to dye your tips in a subtle blue shade similar to your natural shade is the best way to achieve the shine and elegance of blue hair but in an understated manner.

Unicorn Hair

What’s all about violet, blue and turquoise? The fur of unicorn! Sitting at a multicolored coif like this, you can’t help but smile. If you’re ready to go the unicorn route, make sure that you’re ready for the upkeep … and of course the adornment stars onslaught.

Silver Blue Fox

Fading from granny-gray to icy-blue hipster grandma (in the best possible way)! The choice of color for the cool girl is made even more chic in combination with this famous blunt wavy style.

Low Maintenance Blue

This beautiful blue hair reveals the best way to add blue without hassle and care. Choose a blue hue that makes a perfect match with your natural color and ask your stylist to check the color so it will fade gradually and last until your colored strands are cut off.

Oil Slick Ombre

The stuff of dreams is made of these cascading curls that slowly fade from brown to blue. These long luscious locks, which we imagine belong to a sexy mermaid princess, are given a sleek oil slick look by the prismatic color and hyper-shine.

Dark Blue Ombre

This dark mane can not be avoided. Dark blue and black roots fade into giant bouncy ice-blue curls that produce a fascinating look of allover. Remember a color this complex and beautiful takes to achieve a true artist, so make sure you always do your homework before selecting a colorist.

Bright Shadow Bob

Shadow does not always have to be progressive. This brown and blue hair has a line between the two colors that is almost straight. The quick change of color, as we see here, is especially good for certain hairstyles. Due to the bright cobalt strands against the dark brown roots, the topknot is in the spotlight. Never before have short blue locks looked cooler.

Cool-toned shade hair

If you naturally have black hair, consider choosing a shade like this. Due to navy and silver balayage strategically painted in the hair creating multiple shades in between, dark roots seamlessly fade to light tips. This results in an iridescent multi-dimensional look that is made twice as stunning in long giant waves when styled.

Black and Blue Combination

A strong and edgy combination of jet black and cobalt blue. So if you want to infuse such bold color combos with loose curls back into your look pair with a feminine touch. They soften the overall look which produces a sassy-but-sweet look.

Ash Blonde With Blue Tips

Are you a blonde in your life looking for a tiny color pop? This blonde and blue hair is a peculiar way to do that. It’s as if you dipped your hair tips into a paint can, but in a deliberately cool manner.

Purple Blue Hue

Blue and lavender shades seamlessly melting into violet shades … could these locks be any more dreamy? A look that information can take several hours and perhaps even days to achieve, but as you can see it’s worth waiting!

Princess Ombre

Blue and violet and teal oh my! Clearly inspired by the ocean, these scanning shadow locks look closely to show the stream of shades that together produce a Sea Princess mane.

Lavender Beaches with Pastel Blue Tips

This fresh and sleek lob was super trendy on its own but the shadow blue took it to a new level of coolness. Soft lavender streaks are washed in blue tips producing a soft and edgy impression of allover.

Blonde Hair Mint Blue Tips

Going for a boldly colored shadow produces a variety of unique possibilities. Take, for example, this concept. Due to random turquoise pops, the milkmaid braids are made much more visually interesting. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Denim Ombre Hair’

‘ Ash light tone fan? Then meet the perfect match of your shadow! Starting with black hair fading to ashy blonde and ending with navy blue, this denim shadow mane is as cool as your favorite Levis pair, and we imagine that rocking is just as fun.

Kinky Türkis Bob

Thought you couldn’t try shadows because of your mega-tightened spirals? Think about it again! This blue shadow coif proves that the power of colored ends is magnified by your kinky defined curls resulting in a fun and funky hair head full of personality.

Dark to Light Purple to Blue Ombre

Blue pruning red and purple all come together in a shadowy hairstyle worthy of a queen, of course! In attempting to recreate this look, keep in mind that ombre hair requires a bleaching of peroxide that may cause further damage to previously dyed hair. You may want to experiment with new unnatural hair colors for hair extensions.

Messy Bob in Pastel Hues

Often colored hair that look fake like a mask, usually single process colors with no measurements. But it looks like this blue shadow color could have grown directly from her scalp. To build fluidity and depth, the trick is to melt different shades together.

Blue Jeans Curls

Yesdenim hair is a matter of course. But it works anyway. The dark blue shadow imitates the different colors in your favorite blue jeans pair. While the clothing may be classic, this look is nothing but perfect for the woman in search of an edgier style.

Wavy Aquarius Bob

Most people think mermaid hair is for long flowing locks only, but this style shows that this is not the case. All you need is texture to show off the color variations; the wavy hair imitates the ocean’s carefree waves.

Medium Electric Blue Ombre

Think again if you don’t think you can get bright blue shadow hair on the black base. Actually this is a conversion from a light copper and red theme. Going darker will make it more vivid and safer to look damaged hair.

Denim Blue Lob

Take a cue from your favorite clothes item and rock a faded bob that looks like a worn jeans pair. Get your style cheeky and combine with a fashionable denim-on-denim dress.

Ombre Look

Up for a statement? Following the model pictured here, take a cue. In a beautiful dark-to-dark transformation, nearly three-quarters of her hair is dyed black. Her very long hair looks fantastic as she styles diva-ish in a stunning shade.

Long straight hair with blue ombre

What we like about this style is how natural blue stripes look when blended with dark brown hair. The model opted almost all the way up to the top for subtle blue highlights to seamlessly bind with the dramatically bleached and dyed tips. Because bleaching affects one’s hair health, this is a less damaging approach to the look of the blue shadow. 1361.jpg” />
<img src="

Shadow with Blue Dipped Tips

Hopefully this look will inspire Asian ladies. This features dip-colored tips with a blue shade reaching halfway up the hair’s length. Which contrast perfectly with the pitch-black hair’s natural shade that the designer wanted to retain.

Side-Parted Ombre Lob

Apart from the gentle natural waves this model features, its shadow / color distribution style is distinguished by a quiet transition between the two shades.

If any of these looks inspire you can try them out but find a good colorist in advance. Most of them, especially if you have long hair and/or consider adding extensions, are too complex to try at home. Remember that bleaching is needed for this famous look. But, if you had your hair dyed before you try to get back to your natural color. But we’re sure that even with all these issues you’ll love your blue shadow hair! 40Next Prev1 —> —> Related Posts What is the difference between Ombre and Balayage? Colombre Combinations that Bring Pop of Color in Hair Trends Sweet and Stylish Soft Ombre Hair>’Glamorous Ash Blonde and Silver Ombre Hair>’Sleek and Sexy Hair Beauty with Ombre Straight Hair Luscious Pink Ombre Hairstyles Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get hair style inspiration. Regardless of your hair type, we will help you find the correct hairstyles The Correct Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeColorRed