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November 2019 Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Update That Fixes 74 Flaws ByBill Toulas-November 13 2019.756 November Windows update is out and comes with a large number of critical fixes. Both users are advised to immediately upgrade as the patch covers a wide range of software tools and products. Some known minor issues like always follow this update but workarounds exist. Microsoft has released a pretty comprehensive patch for Windows 10 that brings with it 74 fixes 13 of which resolve critical remote execution (Rce) flaws. The applications protected this period varies from the main Os and the Edge browser to the Visual Studio Azure Stack and the Exchange Server. Both Windows 10 users will see the update on their settings menu and it is recommended that everyone install the updates as soon as possible as they will help you stay safe and secure from a wide range of threats. Hyper-V arbitrary code execution and inability to verify guest Oses feedback (Cve-2019-0721 Cve-2019-1389 Cve-2019-1397 and Cve-2019-1398) Microsoft Exchange Rce flaw (Cve-2019-1373) SharePoint server information disclosure flaw (Cve-2019-1443) Windows Tcp / Ip inappropriate handling of Ipv6 packets (Cve-2019-1324) Windows Graphics system knowledge disclosure flaw (Cve-2019-14399) For example, Cve-2019-1020 is a bypass vulnerability that allows an attacker to load malicious software via a third-party bootloader in the Windows secure boot phase. The hazard has been blocked with the new patch. Note that if you use a security solution, new rules will be revised to protect the vulnerabilities revealed. However it should be an absolute priority to apply the Os updates in order to defend against any form of known methods of exploitation. In fact, Microsoft provides Windows updates in a consolidated manner so that other enhancements and upgrades are bundled with security fixes as well.