Beth Behrs – Biography of Beth Behrs

The actress Beth behrs He was born in the city of Lancaster (Pennsylvania), in the United States.

He began acting in plays at the age of 5. At 15, his family settled in the city of San Francisco where Beth began to study and act in the American Conservatory Theater, in addition to working as a model in graphics and commercials.

Behrs He also studied classical singing and played professional soccer, competing in different tournaments on the East Coast for 9 years.

Later he studied acting at the School of Theater Film and Television from UCLA, graduating in 2008.

Shortly after he made his debut before the cameras with brief appearances in television series “NCIS: Los Angeles” Y “Castle“. In 2011 her opportunity came when she was selected as one of the protagonists of the new sitcom of CBS, “2 Broke Girls“, in which she plays the role of the sophisticated and impoverished Caroline, a waitress at a cheap Brooklyn restaurant, who dreams of running her own business with her friend and co-worker Max (Kat Dennings). The series is scheduled to premiere in September 2011.

Simultaneously, he has shot three feature films, still in post-production stages. These are comedy “Serial Buddies“(2010) where he led the cast together with the veteran (Christopher Lloyd); the crime drama “Chasing Eagle Rock“(2011), starring Michael Welch Y Mary-Margaret Humes; Y “Route 30, Too!“(2012), another comedy that he co-starred with Curtis armstrong.