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Best Windows Media Center Alternatives To Replace Obsolete Applications ByDeanna Dwyer-May 29, 2018 “0/0.2097.jpg” Windows Media Center has been packed with a number of features that allow you to play music and videos and also browse pictures. The platform also enabled users to record and capture live television. The fact that it came pre-installed and did not eat up additional memory that comforted so many users was more than the functionality. Nevertheless the software is no longer free. This is why we have agreed to look for the best alternatives to the Windows Media Center. If you want the feature now that’s going to cost you money. If you used Windows Media Center just because it was free you should not be spending money on it. The market is abuzz with free alternatives to the Windows Media Center. And the best part is that they all are safe!

What happened to The Media Center in Windows? Windows Media Center used to act as a Pcs media hub. You can watch the videos and listen to music from different folders and collections. The software used to be versatile enough to capture Tv. And all of these tasks were interconnected in such a way that they could connect to any home networked Windows system. When we shifted from Windows 7 to 8 a lot of things was moving from one end to the other. If you thought it was just the style that changed you couldn’t be more mistaken. Microsoft dropped Windows Media Center and some other components in Windows as well.

Alternatives to Best Windows Media Center-5 Picks!

Option # 1: Kodi

“0/0.2098.jpg” Kodi Overview If you are looking for a real media center to replace Wmc Kodi, your default option should be the one. Known earlier as Xmbc Kodi is an open source and free software that has been popular with users since it was released. You can really do a lot with Kodi, from playing locally stored files to streaming services like YouTube. You can actually use Kodi to go that extra mile and play Pandora Internet Radio and Spotify on it. You can also use Kodi to record Tv programs using the appropriate software. A bunch of apps makes Kodi an excellent choice if you’ve never used Windows Media Center. Another great feature Kodi has been a favorite among fans is his ability to play mini-games based on Python. You can also customize Kodi in terms of its looks and usability in addition to the media-centric functions. A large number of skins help you fine-tune Kodi’s look just as you like.

“0/0.2099.jpg” Overview Supported Windows Nvidia Shield Roku Xbox MacOs Playstation Supports. Playing and Storage Integrated media Expandable to a number of devices. Cons Not capturing live Tv. Visit Plex The networking feature is out of league in Plex. Plex can be used on just about any device you have. There’s also a community where media-lovers like-minded can share content. If you’re looking to expand your media player into a number of devices Plex is a fantastic framework for theater. Plex is a great media player on the face of it. However the app also acts as a fantastic file and media organizer. Plex’s interactive online media distribution platform is one of the best you’ll be having on a free app.

Choice # 3: Media Portal 2

Overview Supported Windows Vista Platforms, or later. Pros All-around Wmc alternative Perfect to user interface for Windows Pc Terrific.

Option # 4: Enter

“0/0.2101.jpg” Overview of Windows Linux Mac Nas FreeBsd Docker. Pros Available for TV and desktop On Windows Ubuntu and Mac runs well. Cons Not the best Ui. Emby Emby is a versatile media application which offers users many options. It also emulates a number of features of the Wmc. Emby is a cool option to keep your media organized with some native apps and apps for all of the popular platforms. The Emby is second to none when it comes to smooth playback of audio and video files. Emby used to have a small number of features back when it was called Media Browser. Emby has graduated with a number of features such as Folder Sync Cloud Backup and enhancements to playback after the update. The platform has a special feature which detects devices from Dlna. You also get options for parental control on the new and improved Emby, too. Emby is available in three ways-Tv applications for mobile apps and Emby server. The Emby server is available on both Windows and Mac Linux. The Android Tv Smart Tv and Chromecast TV apps are available. Overview Supported Windows Linux MacOs Platforms

“0/0.2102.jpg” Good features Support compatible Dlna-device plugins. Cons Certain plugins may slow the interface down. Visit Universal Media Player Player and organizer combo: A true alternative to the Windows Media Center will need to be a mix of a media player and organizer. Support for Dlna: Most of the tools we use run on Dlna platform. All media players that we’ve listed here are offering Dlna playback support. Plugins: Comprehensible if a media player doesn’t have all the functionality you need. That is where support comes into play for third-party plugins, however. Interface: Most user-oriented media players return a great deal to sell well on their interface. If the media player’s Ui is breezy it is always a bonus.

The best alternative to Wmc should be a mix of a media player and an organizer. You’ll manage to find the right application with a bit of luck. And we hope our article has helped you learn something new. Let us know that you enjoyed sharing this article on social media. Thank you, Mr President.