Andis Professional T-Outliner Hair Trimmer

Excellent to cut hair and trim beards. I can go without paying for months, but it works too. It is only unfortunate that pieces are not sold separately. I dropped my head and broke it so I had to buy the whole thing. I’ve got lots of extras now.
I had a year-long corded Wahl set and only switched to that wireless. I love it. I love it. It has all the bells and whistles of my old set, but it is much easier to use than a cord which is tangled. It comes in a pretty box.


    • User-friendly and uncomplicated
    • Cheap
    • Cleaning is not hardspan>
    • No hair removing brush

Clippers For shape up

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PECHAM Professional Cordless Rechargeable shape up clipper


    • Uncomplicated
    • Light weight
    • This cut nice smooth
    • A tutorial is bad

This was purchased to replace an old clipper package that I had always had. I was happy that it could be used cordlessly so I cut my five kids ‘ hair and could travel between them quickly without getting stuck in the cord and pulling a cord extension. The first few times it worked fantastically and seemed to load well. But then it was difficult to turn on and keep on. It doesn’t seem to be the plug, but probably there’s something in it that I’ll have to press the counter to turn it on. It’s still quite good to cut, but it’s harder to jam than my old one.

The system will get the job done but, there appear to be better options. The clippers are not adjustible. If you look at other clippers you will notice the cutters have a leaver. That lever is use to adjust half levels. May look to see if blades can be replaced with adjustable one.

Wahl Chrome Pro 24 pc


    • Easy to navigate
    • Convenient
    • Works
    • Absolutely no hair removal brush

Really good clipper! Very good clipper! I had a more expensive Wahl clipper (Senior) for my son, but he hates it and it has been a fight to cut his hair every time. But this little cordless one is amazing. Quiet and easily gets the job done. My son doesn’t complain, and once a month I can get his hair cut without any question or hassle. It was almost a year and it still works well.
I love it, I use my betty bangs and girl bits to cut… I love it. Sorry for TMI… Yes… Its much simpler than cutting shears, relatively light and very weight, so far I love it, but I really want to do a lot more because I have only used it for a few weeks. It already arrived with some fee, and I only paid it for about 3 hours once. And then I switched it almost every morning so slightly to cut my bangs as I want them straight like an arrow. The engine was still going strong a while later. It is light and tiny and not the consistency of an older heavy black option, but I haven’t been thinking yet about the rainbow colors, but they’re really nice. So there’s more in the package than I need, I haven’t much left. Upon 2 haircuts, yeah, Paid for itself! The only thing I can adjust is that the lights never quit to let you know that they’re finished.

Andis Ceramic BGRc cheap


    • Easy to use
    • Light
    • Easy to work and clean up
    • Only few attachments

Works great. Works great. I cut my own hair and had no power or battery life issues. One concern is that the blades are loose and noisy and shoot down metal tabs with the brush cutter before the headis re-installed.
Excellent $value! Great! I save $120 on groomer trips twice a month. During the summer months, my long hair dog develops tights from wearing his belt. This painless way of removing the mat from his belly is a fantasy. Happy pup, happy mother! Happy pup.
I bought it in order to cut my one-year-old hair after a terrible visit to his first haircut salon. I love it! I love it! Easy to use, secure, several precautions and best of all, my son doesn’t matter. I can easily make his cuts with little or no hassle at home now. I knew a smaller cut might be all around, so I made sure I got the cableless option. The battery life is great, and I can take it in a perfect case.
This service really works well. The life of the battery is excellent. I’ve been traveling a* lot*. Two to three weeks at a time, usually. I tested this in my own country and abroad. I can use it for more than one month when fully charged and still get my work done 3 or 4 days a week to trim my beard. I’m not taking the charger with me.

Wahl Color Pro 79300-400T Hair Cutting


    • Easy to navigate
    • Mini
    • The scissors tend to be sharp
    • Absolutely no right & left ear tapers

My old man, who was three years old, began to make noise and seemed to be rusting, this new one is again and sleeps well. The cost is decent and just two cuts is worth it versus the barber…. the battery lasts a full week for beard-cutting and hair cutting–so or shaping up perfect on business trips back home and on the charger again. Next time, I’ll try to oil more often, perhaps I can spend a little longer than the three years–but this is quite a time frame for me at the cost.
I bought this package, and wow. The SNAP guards are very secure. These are a quarter of the professional cost and work as great or better. The color-coded guards look hokey but are extremely helpful in selecting the right size. Highly suggested.
It slices well and holds an enormous burden. My wife and my son gave me a haircut for the same price for three straight months. The only difference is that it seems to retain/provide some static electricity that sticks the hair a little more than usual. The versatility of cordless often outweighs the cord and also helps to reduce the repetitive use of the cool Andis mist.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110


    • Simple to operate
    • Handy
    • Good total price
    • Manufactured for use in United states power outlets exclusively

I purchased this package for my kid’s haircuts. First cut, the clipper was quiet, quick to use, cleanly cut. Second cut was all right, but I found I wasn’t getting as clean as the first time on the edges. Maybe I hadn’t charged it enough, I thought. But I left the clipper for the third cut for a few days before. The directions were also followed and blades were washed, oiled, etc. The fifth break is a disaster. I could hear the difference in the engine, it sounded weak and slow. I had to run the clipper through the hair of my son extremely slowly, pressing his hair with a comb into the blades to make it cut, and even then I had plenty of hair that was missing absolutely. Took the guard off and did not cut the blades at all. Deceitful! I had to finish the cut by hand, which isn’t ideal because I am not a professional and I have trouble sitting still for my son. Luckily my kid’s hair is fast growing, so this hacking job isn’t going to last long. I certainly regret this purchase! The only thing positive is that I found out the guards that fit in perfectly with my 20-year-old Conair clipper (which sounds like a lawnmower but at last still gives a great sharp cut), so at least this purchase wasn’t a waste of 300 dollars.

Wahl Professional Essentials Combo

Bought for a number of lengths and primarily used to trim facial hair. I have thick head hair and I haven’t been able to wash my head or anything so I don’t know how it is going to work. It’s a solid choice so far. Like the travel case, it also comes with it.
These are the very first couples I’ve ever owned. The cash was worth it. Without the officers, I was able to get a close shave, so I didn’t cut myself. This is the only thing about which I was nervous. The only downside is to get the hair out of the clippers. But perhaps that’s with an electric razor ever? Okay, great experience for the first time.
I have this for myself, on hair and beard it works fine. I was so shocked how quietly it was that on my eleven-month-old puppy I tried it, who was always terrified that he could be aggressive to machines and that puppy let us trim the hair (I took the puppy and my wife trimmed it).

Andis Barber Combo


    • Simple
    • Mini
    • The scissors are sharp
    • Just few components

All right, so I’m new to cut my hair and needed something portable and affordable to keep my hair and boys between cuts look good. This product works very well for this reason. Love the color coding on the blade guards. I don’t have the best sight to look at and this helps man really. Good battery to run through 3 hair heads for one charge. Again, this isn’t just a full haircut. Convenient in the hand and creates too little vibration. The total sound is what you feel is not quiet, but it is not a rocket.
This is nonsense and will tear the hell out of your hair as you try to cut it. Not as suitable for kids as I felt with the colors and wirelessness. Place a little more bucks and get an Andis, you’re never going to fail! If the battery is still on the charger, I can charge it for 6 hours, unplug it not even using, and that will be dead the next day. Imad I missed my return window for this hacksaw and clipper. What is the point of being so-called rechargeable if it doesn’t carry a charge… Chinese variants are far better than cableless ones, this is a ripoff.

KEDSUM Professional Portable Hair Trimmer:


    • Simple to use
    • Light
    • It is adaptive and flexible
    • The manual is poor

Today I have got my clippers and I have already cut three hair heads. My barber recommended this cordless pattern because the job my corded pattern requires to recover from too much moisture in my gym bag. Nonetheless, I’m glad I took his advice because it’s awesome. Far lighter than the cabled version without a cheap look. A lot quieter too. And while I never thought the cord was a concern, it’s much easier to cut hair without a string. I see nothing about these clippers that I hate. I can buy without hesitation again.
I’m cheap, perhaps even wretched. In more than 5 years, I haven’t paid for my haircut, and I’m in the army so I need a haircut every 2 weeks. With a Wahl clipper I cut my own hair and my son’s hair. I bought this cordless one for a recent deployment in overseas. I don’t use my old corded clipper at home anymore because it’s easier to control, smoother, and even cut. The color coded guide pebs are a big improvement compared to my previous guide pebs as they are made of a more flexible plastic. My previous pebs were more delicate and a few smaller pebs were cracked as I placed and removed them from the clipper. The current set does not seem at all susceptible to this issue. The color coding is also a good thing. This makes it easy to find the right brush, even as it is difficult for my aged eye to read the number of sizes imprinted on the comb. The life of the battery was never a concern. I’ve been using this clipper daily for 2 years (each two weeks or so) and it still slices through my hair like a hot butter knife.

Philips Norelco 7100 Hair Clipper

I wanted this to last longer than three months for what I paid. During final use, the internal piece broke off, making the clipper even louder and shaker, making it impossible to use. It was compact and fast to charge before it broke.
I’ve been using this brand a few times to cut my hair and overall I am very pleased with it. The case is easy, and I like the guards are color-coded. I’ve got thick and straight hair and this formula works fantastically. My only complaint, if you might even call that, is that if you try to use this trimmer to clean up the edges without a guard, then it gets pretty hot and may burn you if you don’t care. A litre of goods, this one continued to come close to the top. We wanted cordless to cut hair without cords outside. Works great, no fresh snack cuts.

Sminiker Professional Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers

Now I bought 2 of them and they both had this problem. The section that reaches your head loosens so you can’t cut your hair. This took approximately six months to be faulty. When they work, though, it’s such a shame that I’ve been cutting the hair of my family for 52 years. I’ve been through a lot of clippers. I never wanted to have a cord again after my first cordless clipper. Most cutters are not large enough and are not designed to accommodate and work small women’s hands. This clipper is beautifully cut and in my side it is so easy. I love this Wahl brand absolutely.
I purchased these because they said they work with a cord or a cordless cord, but only the battery runs off. If the battery is low, you can’t plug in and cut your hair. It takes 24 hours to load and only 20 minutes to cut. The biggest ripoff. Absolutely valuable.

Hatteker Cordless Hair Trimmer Pro Hair clippers


    • Easy to navigate
    • Lighter
    • The battery pack life is undoubtedly great
    • Zero right and left ear tapers

It’s a big set of clippers. I used these to give several haircuts after initial charge. Comes with every guard you may need to have the duration you need. It took about 2 hours to charge. I want to add corners and near beard trimming can be achieved, but the best option is a smaller trimmer. Nice service strongly recommended.
I loved this product. I loved this product. Fully loaded with a carry bag, pebs and some scissors. I enjoyed it with the over ear guides. It was also obvious if anyone is a beginner. I’d have this 5 star product all day long except for a little detail…… The colour-coded guiding pins are a great feature but man, you pay attention better because there are two lilac shades so if you whip along and pick lilac, you can have a lot of trouble choosing lilac without looking at both, and determining which one is the CORRECT lilac.
For years we had a variety of clippers and they were just tired. I cut my husband’s hair and 2 young sons. I just needed a cordless clipper so I could drive around the children and cut their hair more quickly. But he also needed sufficient power to do so quickly and easily. That was good for the bill. Simple to clip on the different sizes, energy enough to do the work. He doesn’t pull their hair too loud. Recommended highly.

Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper

Use this for 2 months and love to wirelessly run this machine. Easy to cut around the ears without any string. It’s difficult enough to cut your hair, but without cords, things are much better. Have no breakage on pieces or weapons. Those people probably mishandled, I guess. Just be careful with your use. Oil knife before use. before using. Use the brush to remove excess hair when done. Don’t put attachments on and it should be fine. I see how people can pull the connectors too hard unintentionally and break bits off. Bill wise, for two hair cuts I paid it once. Only load it after 2 hours and you will be set for the next haircut. Quiet machine, pretty quiet. Not quiet, but also not noisy. Lightweight, quick to manipulate to cut hair. Only watch multiple YouTube videos to cut your own hair or to cut your hair to someone else. Good value for what you get. I would advise that. I would suggest it.

Andis EasyCut 18065 Hair Clipper

I didn’t expect all that high, but they cut smoother than my old plug in pair ever did. With a new blade in them, too. I use these to shave my head and it is much easier to just get out and bubble it off with additional cords. Idk they’ve cut as short as the others, but that’s close to darn. They’re so much quieter than the old one, which I know would be nice to cut children’s hair, I know the loud ones use to scream me out a little bit when I was a kid.
For almost exactly a year now, I owned this clipper. While andis EasyCut 18065 worked well at first, it seemed to deliver a power close to a corded system, without being tied down, I am disappointed after a year. It I likely used about 20 times to cut my child’s hair and I found significantly less energy than average from about four to five sessions later, despite the fact that I was sticking to my daily care routine (I would usually use it three or four times before the battery wore down and then refill them). In addition, sometimes when I turn control, nothing happens before I pinch the handle. And then, with how tightly I bite back, the engine speed varies. Obviously, something has corroded or got loose inside, but because the unit is meant to be waterproof, it’s not user-friendly. All in all, it was an interesting test, but I went back to a prototype with a thread.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip


    • Ease-of-use
    • Small
    • The scissors tend to be razor-sharp
    • No hair removing brush

I haven’t had to pay this thing since it’s the first load till now. Get the work done at an incredibly low price! Extremely easy to use. I use it every 3 weeks to shave my wolf’s head. Needs to be well cleaned to prevent rusting. Comes in an oddly large box, with too many attachments I don’t use, but you will be fortunate if this is your thing. I highly recommend! I highly recommend!
Have this to cut my own hair, good to use. As others said, it is easy to do yourself and now I save about 180 haircuts each year. But, as other people said, my brand had hair bits. Haha. Haha. Is it checked prior to sending? It’s cleaned up and good to go now.
That wasn’t what I was thinking. But being my first wireless chipboard won’t buy anywhere else is a good company buy I got tha pros. I don’t like those wireless chippers so easily they didn’t replace it worth it


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