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Our 1 Option Astra Platinum Double-Edge Safety Razor Blades

Feather Double-Edge Stainless Steel Blades

Gillette 7 O’Clock Super Stainless

Merkur Double-Edge Safety Razor Blades

Derby Extra Double-Edge Blades

Wilkinson Sword Classic Double-Edge Safety Razor Blades

1. Is it easier or sharper?

Hanging up on the sharpness of a blade is simple because a sharp blade usually means a right shave closer? In principle, maybe but sharper, the risk of nicks and cuts also increases, particularly if you don’t have much experience with a safety razor. Nevertheless, it’s true that a sharp blade allows you to make less skin passes during the shave. But, you’ll also want to understand the smoothness of a knife. By smooth we say that the angle of cutting is not as extreme and that during your shave you will have to apply a little more pressure than with a sharper knife. There is less risk of nicks and cuts but an increased likelihood of skin irritation that can spell trouble for people with sensitive skin.

2. What’s the kind of your hair?

Your type of facial hair is of utmost importance when selecting safety razor blades. Again everyone’s hair is a bit different “although similarities certainly exist“ so what works for one guy may not work for you. The good news is that double edge safety razor blades make it easier to customize your shave to fit your facial hair type thanks to the number of blade choices that are available. Generally speaking the coarser your facial hair the more aggressive the blade. We say the blade’s sharpness by rough. A blade that isn’t as sharp will have tougher time to shave through coarse hair (with plenty of pulling and tugging resulting). The length of your facial hair is also important for your purchase consideration. If your hair is longer then a more aggressive blade is better. Even, if you have extremely sensitive skin (including acne-prone skin), a less offensive smoother blade is best served.

3. Knowledge level

While the learning curve to become expert with a safety razor is not as steep as with a straight razor, you do need to get used to it if you’re used to rashing with a cartridge razor or are new to rashing altogether. That said it’s best to start with less violent blades while you get the hang of safety razor rashing. It takes time to learn how much pressure you can place on the razor head without nicking the skin to cut or irritate.

4. Go for variety

Like most guys, for one simple reason, you will inevitably decide to stick with one safety razor blade brand: it works for you. Nonetheless, there is no crime in trying a number of blades at the beginning and you can even bring them in. That way you don’t spend money on several blades of a certain brand (you can even buy several blades in packs of 100) that you found easily don’t suit your shaving needs. Ok let’s take a closer look at the best safety razor blades available.


Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Quality is king but what good is it if it doesn’t last? Perhaps not as good as it could be and the issue is important to our discussion of razor blades. After all a high-quality razor blade is just that high-quality but if you have to replace it every few days quality can get wrapped up in aggravation. Not so with the Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades. Astra Platinum is not only at the top of the list for the best razor blades i. There’s no reason you can’t get up to 10 shaves out of every blade even though your facial hair’s thickness can affect durability. Look at some of the reasons why Astra Platinum blades receive so many positive reviews when it comes to safety razor blades: these are some of the sharpest safety blades you’ll find. As described, their sharpness lasts a long time before it gets sluggish and you have to pop into another knife. Yes, some reviewers spoke of the blade being as sharp on the seventh or eighth shave as it was in the first. Several reviewers focused on the shave’s superior smoothness with Astra Platinum blades compared to other double-edge safety razors. While the blades are sharp and can cause nicks and cuts if you’re not careful (then again what blade isn’t) they also offer less pain than other blades to a clean shave. In reality, some might say that they are the best safety razor blades for sensitive skin. Astra Platinum De safety razor blades are surprisingly cheap for how good they are. If you buy the 100-pack, which is a helluva bargain that will hold you in blades well into the foreseeable future, they cost only about a dime per blade. The standard package comes with five blades. Each blade is covered in wax paper.


Bottom Line


Feather Double Edge Stainless Steel Blades

The Japanese Feather Company has built up a strong reputation for the sharpness of its knife, among other things. And their double-edge stainless steel blades are as sharp as any safety blade you’ll find anywhere. Better yet they’ll go into any double-edge safety razor. While Feather may not be a household like Gillette or Schick they will certainly hold on to any company of shaving products. They launched their razor blades replaceable in stainless steel in 1964, but since 1932 they have been around. Their product line also includes industrial blades for medical instruments and more. In fact, when making its razor blades, Feather uses the same process and technology as it does when making surgical blades. While the sharpness of the blades is second-to-none Feather’s De Stainless Steel Blades are perfect for beginners newbies should use a smaller razor (or a lighter touch heavier razor) to prevent unwanted nicks and cuts. You need to be vigilant about your jaw line and hard-to-reach areas, but Feather’s blades will serve you well again, no matter how much experience you have with safety razors. The blades come wrapped in a covered piece of paper to help prevent you from cutting yourself while also prolonging their lifetime. Feather De blades ‘ sharpness can make a shave as smooth as you will find in the category of safety razor. Reviewers who began with more (supposedly) newbie-friendly safety razor blades were shocked at the closeness of their shave after changing to Feather blades.



Bottom Line

Feather is not only a brand you can rely on but also synonymous with high quality. When you use the Feather De comb, you’ll be shocked at the closeness of your shave. They are a great addition to the grooming kit of any man.3.

Gillette 7 O’Clock Super Stainless

How can you be sure Gillette knows about two or three safety razors? Okay, they’re keeping the original patent for starters. The fact is that Gillette is one of the shaving industry’s giants and unless you’ve worked in a cave all your life you’ve heard of it. Sure, because a business is legendary, it doesn’t guarantee that successful things are kicked out. Nevertheless, Gillette has had more than its share of achievements. And the 7 O’Clock Super Stainless counts as one of those successes. There’s plenty to like about the Super Stainless blades that are made in Russia like Gillette’s Astra Premium blades. For one, the blade is not as fiercely sharp as other double-edge knives, but still offers a smooth close shave that ranks among the strongest. Yet they’re sharp enough that you don’t have to apply excessive pressure to get a clean shave. Maybe not as long-lasting as other double-edge blades described in this review, the 7 O’Clock Super Stainless blades will still give you up to five shaves before becoming dull. If your facial hair isn’t that rough, you may even get up to a week’s worth of shaves. Last but not least, these blades are inexpensive with the price rounding up to about 16 cents per blade.
But when it comes to the 7 O’Clock Super Stainless blades, there is some uncertainty. Actually the location of the blade manufacturing facility experts say makes a big difference. As it turns out 7 O’Clock blades are made in India as well as Russia and seasoned shavers prefer those produced in Russia. Both come in green boxes a big reason for misunderstanding but one is labeled Permasharp Stainless Blade (India) and the other is labeled Super Stainless (Russia). That package contains five blades and can be easily purchased online when using your last blade.



Bottom Line

Mark another achievement in the long resume of Gillette. The Super Stainless blades are top-of – the-line and without much discomfort will give you a clean easy shave.4.

Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Like Gillette and others, over a century ago Merkur established an incredible legacy. Based in Solingen Germany Merkur came into being thanks to Emil Hermes who owned a cutlery company. Named as the Roman counterpart of Hermes the gods ‘ messenger Merkur grew into rashing and grooming products and the rest as they say is history. One of Merkur’s most superior products is its platinum-coated stainless steel safety razor blades. Every blade suits every regular double-edge razor on the market and guarantees a near clean shave with every application. One of the many benefits of platinum coating is that it keeps the edge smooth without imperfections. Meanwhile stainless steel is an all-around excellent material that avoids corrosion which is critical in the wet world of safety razor shaving. Price-wise the Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor Blades fall in the middle but their value makes them a decent bargain. You will also get at least five shaves out of each blade if not more before it grows dull and each box comes with 10 (individually wrap). We are very easy to use and provide a consistently smooth shave. And yeah Germany is known for their craftsmanship. It only makes sense that one of the best double-edge blades comes from the country that gave us the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.



Bottom Line

You’ll find Merkur’s name popping up in many of our best reviews and with good reason. Our products are beautifully crafted and made for anyone who wants to get a consistently great shave. With these knives, you are not going to go wrong.5.

Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

Sometimes the method is all about. Like the process that goes into making Derby’s Double Edge Razor Blades. A brand from Turkey but manufactured in Sweden, the Derby De blades are grounded and hardened by a system in which they are incorporated tungsten platinum and chromium ceramic. The product is a blade with superior strength and long-lasting. The above technique is officially referred to as sputtering. What it means is to layer a thin film of materials on the blade using high-energy particles. To reduce friction between the blade and the head of the shaver, a final layer of Teflon is applied. You will get a near relaxed shave even if you have the thickest facial hair and if you have sensitive skin, well Derby blades are considered among the best safety razor blades for sensitive skin. They are also very consistent in that each blade you use will perform just as well as the one you discarded after becoming dull. But Derby is no newcomer to the market and has been a wholesaler. And their Derby De blades certainly live up to their excellent reputation. The Derby De’s suit nearly every double-edge razor on the market and are bundled in a pack of five individually. But here’s another cool thing between the two blades, there’s a thin web that helps you to cut them in half with a single-edge razor. We like that. What else are we going to like? We wrote about the longevity of Derby, but it’s worth repeating. Many reviewers say they can get up to 10 shaves before it’s time to change the blade. And again we like the process that includes rigorous inspection of performance at each production stage. It is enough to obtain an Iso 9001 certification which, while not ensuring a superior product, means that the business follows a stringent level for consistent quality. Ultimately, the Derby De blades are reasonably priced and worth your investment.



Bottom Line

Derby is a company you can rely on and their Double Edge safety razor blades can help make your dail.

Wilkinson Sword

Sword does not automatically conjure up images of a smooth nick-and-cut free shave but Wilkinson (the folks with the famous two-sword logo) pulls it off quite well thanks to you. Here’s why: Wilkinson uses a three-step coating process on its Classic Double Edge Safety Razor Blades that reduces discomfort to a manageable level. These are smooth enough for beginners to be considered the best safety razor blades. The triple-coating method of Wilkinson is well known in shaving circles. This requires a chromium coating which avoids the oxidation of a ceramic coating to make the blades last longer and a Ptfe (Teflon) coating which eliminates and/or decreases discomfort. Wilkinson certainly stands by its method as they say that the edges of their blades last longer than the edges of stainless steel. The reliability of the Wilkinson Classic Double Edge Safety Razor Blades ranks up there with the other blades included in this review as you will easily get five to six great shaves with each blade. It shaped swords knives and daggers in England in 1772 while producing their first line of double-edged razor blades of steel some 190 years later. Today all Wilkinson’s blades are made in Germany (which brings us back to our earlier point regarding German craftsmanship).Interestingly, a sword blade in the name is not as sharp as others, at least that’s what some reviewers claim. You’re not going to get a close shave and you’re going to experience less resistance than other knives. The blade moves smoothly over your face and works particularly well if your facial hair is of average texture. Another reviewer said he favored Wilkinson’s Classic Double Edge blades over quality blades such as those manufactured by Merkur Derby and even Astras. At about 20 cents per blade the Wilkinson Classic Des is in line with other similar blades on the market and very inexpensive. In fact, it is entirely possible to get shaves worth a full week before you need to pop into a new razor.

Bottom Line

Wilkinson is a name you can trust, which has not only been around for a long time. Even if you’re new to the wet shaving game and they’re affordable, you’ll love their Classic Double Edge Safety Razor Blades.

Kai Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Kai Corporation is recognized as one of Japan’s leading producers of cutlery. We also make excellent safety razor blades. The double-edged safety razor blades of Kai are among the best and make it easy to achieve the near reliable shave you want. While they are sharp enough, they are not as sharp as some blades that are not a bad thing if you have sensitive skin or are relatively new to shaving with a safety razor. The Kai blades are made of surgical-grade stainless steel so they are not as sharp as they are not sharp enough and are ideal for cutting most lengths of whiskers. Kai’s blade construction is special in that it uses slightly thicker gage steel than other blades which helps to increase the strength of the blade. Every shipment of Kai’s stainless steel blades contains 10 packages with five individually wrapped blades.



Bottom Line

Kai has a reputation for producing quality stainless steel products and their Double Edge Safety Razor Blad. You’re going to pay a little more for some other blades than you will, but it’s a worthwhile investment.

How to change a safety razor blade

It’s tempting to begin this segment with one of those how many people it takes to change a light bulb? Jokes but we’re going to refrain kindly. After all, changing a safety razor blade is a fairly serious task. If you have just moved to the land of safety razors of years of disposable shaving the new evolving blade environment may even seem a little overwhelming. Yet believe us once you get the hang you’re not going to look back.

1. First things first

The type of safety razor you possess is your most important consideration. Is there a single piece? Two-piece? Twist-to-open? Three-part. The other concern is the packaging of the blades. Others come unwrapped in a magazine that is wrapped individually with paper.

2. In a single or double wrapper, unwrapping wrapped blades

safety razor blades can occur. To keep the wrapper in place, most wrappers come with a small dot of adhesive on the tip. Only grab the blades at their ends in either case (not on the top of the blade ever).

3. Taking apart the razor

Your next move particularly with two-piece and three-piece razors is to remove the razor, which usually involves the removal of the handle while allowing the other parts to disintegrate. Once you pick up your knife, set them apart. Or you might have a twist-to-open razor that means turning the handle to open the butterfly head at the top of the razor.

4. Positioning the blade

simply involves positioning it above the mounting post at the top of the cap to remove a blade. For a three-piece razor, an additional mounting plate fits between the blade and the handle. Make sure the mounting plate is correctly positioned if you place it upside down, you will get a shave that is less than desirable. Your final step is to screw the razor as it lies on top of the razor to keep it away from the blade head while helping to position the blade.

5. Screw the handle back in place

when keeping the blades and razor head in place. You can feel the pieces close together as the bottom of the piece moved upwards while also noting that the blade bends in a 30-degree arch. You are good to shave now!

Choosing the best safety razor blades

After doing the analysis and reviewing the feedback, we take the approach as fair and balanced as possible. It goes without saying that there are several other blades that could have made the list, but we think you’ll find the 7 blades mentioned above helpful to get the near relaxed shave you deserve.


Finally we’d like to invite you to share your views and experiences with us as always. Have you used one of our review’s blades? What’s your thinking? Would you think that there is another brand of safety razor blades on the list?