What is the Best People Weighing Scale

Okay, so you decided to buy a new people-weighing scale.

Now the question is: which one to choose weighing scale for human?

It’s not easy, there are so many models on the market.

But don’t worry, we worked for you!

In this article, you will find the 7 best page weight scales you can buy in 2021!

If you decide to buy one, you will definitely be happy with your choice.

 Smart Weigh SBS500 – Best Value for Money

Smart Weigh SBS500

Portata Massima: 200 kg

Are you ready to discover the best people weighing scale for value for money?

This electronic and digital bath balance, thanks to the Smart technology it is equipped with, measures both BMI and body fat, water, muscle and bone mass. It can recognize up to 8 users, and the screen with 4 advanced sensors always guarantees absolute precision and a self-calibration system that will not disappoint you!

The character weighing scale design is modern and eye-catching, in smooth and durable hardened glass with a large LCD monitor with large numbers clearly visible. And it is very easy to measure the weight: just get on the weight scale, which will automatically turn off after a few minutes to conserve the energy. Customer satisfaction is always at the toped of the brand’s concerns, which offers a 2-year warranty and the help of a team ready to answer any questions or doubts raised after purchase. You will not be disappointed by this people-weighing scale!

In short, if you are looking for an excellent weight scale according to the opinions of many customers, you have just found it!


  • Smart Technology: BMI measurement, body fat, water, muscle and bone mass
  • Recognizes up to 8 different users
  • Large LCD screen with 4 advanced sensors
  • Modern design, smooth hardened glass
  • Simple weight measurement: just get on the scale
  • 2-year warranty


  • According to some reviews, it would seem to consume a lot of battery
  • Does not have a system that allows measurement data to be exported to other devices

What are the best people-weighing scales?

 Beurer BF 700 – The best with Bluetooth Smart 0

Beurer BF 700

Portata Massima: 180 kg

Looking for an absolutely modern and digital scale, which is one of the best on sale in 2021? Read on!

Among the most precise, at least according to customer opinions, this diagnostic people weighing scale allows you to keep the value of your weight always under control: with the HealthManager app available for Android and iOs, monitoring it will be even easier and more fun! And the Bluetooth Smart 0, the most interesting innovation, allows you to transmit data from the people weighing scale to the phone with great simplicity.

Its 5 levels of activity and the ability to record up to 8 users increase the peculiarities of the incredible personal weighing scale that you are facing! Its elegant and functional glass surface makes this professional scale an even more beautiful and functional personal weighing, one of the best. The black LCD display is large and easy to read and the electrodes, made of brushed stainless steel, ensure perfect measurements.

Let yourself be captivated by what has been considered by the reviews to be the best people-weighing scale for sale, a model that will certainly not disappoint you!


  • Linked HealthManager app, available for iOs and Android
  • Bluetooth Smart 0 to connect it to your smartphone
  • 5 levels of activity available
  • 8 users registerable on the scale
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Brushed stainless steel electrodes


  • Some customers complain of a slight slowness of the app
  • The iOs version of the app seems to be unintuitive

 Nokia Body+ – The professional personal weighing scale

Nokia Body+

Portata Massima: 180 kg

Do you want to know a really professional portable personal weighing scale, born from a brand known for its great quality? Then read on!

This people-weighing scale focuses on measuring your body composition, to help you work on it and direct your efforts to concrete data: body weight, BMI, fat mass and water percentage, as well as bone and muscle mass. And you can conveniently check the weight verification on the Health Mate app, via Wi-Fi and connecting it to the people weighing scale with your smartphone! You can measure the weight of 8 different users and also smaller family members, thanks to Baby and Pregnancy Modes.

Do you dream of a really smart and complete personal weighing scale? When connected with Wi-Fi, the scale also provides local weather forecasts, great for deciding how to dress and how to adjust your daily activities. Health Mate also works with other apps, and allows you to connect with MyFitnessPal, Lose It, Weight Watchers, Runkeeper, Runtastic, MapMyRun… the battery lasts up to 18 months!

It is perhaps the best people weighing scale for sale, a model that will leave you breathless!


  • BMI measurement, fat mass, water percentage, bone and muscle mass
  • Connectable with the Health Mate app via Wi-Fi
  • Record the weight of 8 different users
  • Baby and pregnancy modes included
  • The connection with the app also allows you to monitor the weather
  • Battery lasts up to 18 months


  • Some customers consider wi-fi setup slightly difficult

 Tanita BC-545N – best weighing scale for human

Tanita BC-545N

Maximum range: 150 kg

Do you absolutely need an excellent personal weighing scale that guarantees maximum precision? Then we have the model for you!

Equipped with a high-resolution color display with new graphics and very simple reading, every measurement made with this people weighing scale takes only 15 seconds! In addition to weight, you can also measure the percentage of fat on your arms, legs and trunk area – you can also establish plans to lose weight in those areas as easily as you measured it! 4 AAA batteries are included in the package.

If you’re training and want to record all your progress, you’re definitely not going to have to worry: the people weight scale includes measuring body mass index (BMI) and visceral fat, and stores your data recognizing you every time you use it for quick measurement. The detachable electrodes also make it a truly complete and functional impedaziometric scale for people weights!

In short, it is one of the best models available, an impedatial personal weighing scale that will surely also make your joy!


  • High-definition, easy-to-read color display
  • Each measurement takes only 15 seconds
  • Measure the percentage of fat on arms, legs and torso
  • Detachable electrodes
  • Also measure BMI and visceral fat
  • It stores your data, to recognize your weight every time you use it


  • Does not have an app that allows you to connect it with various devices and record measurement results

 Beurer 74817 – Best-selling

Beurer 74817

Portata Massima: 180 kg

Do you need a reliable people weighing scale, but don’t know which one to buy? No problem, we’ll take care of it!

Made in a limited edition in black or black and silver, this electronic personal weighing scale measures both fat and water, body weight, muscle mass and calorie requirements: just get on the plate and place your bare feet on the electrodes located below the surface to get a perfect measurement! Thanks to its 5 levels of activity, you can set it however you like and let it help you during your training sessions or for the diet. Batteries are included.

The particularly wide and easy-to-read LCD display helps you effectively monitor all values on the bathroom personal weighing scale. And it’s also portable! Wide and only 32 cm long and 5 cm thick, it is the perfect personal weighing scale for fitness enthusiasts, the best for those who want to control their well-being through diet and weight measurement.

On balance, it’s one of the most accurate people-weighing scales, a well-selling model that will win you over!


  • Made in limited edition, in black or black/silver
  • Measure body fat, water, muscle mass and calorie requirements
  • The electrodes under the plate ensure accurate measurement
  • 5 levels of activity available
  • Best weighing scale for human
  • Wide and easy-to-read LCD display
  • Wide and 32 cm long, 5 cm thick


  • The user selection option is slightly complicated to adjust
  • Supplied batteries do not have a long lifespan

 Medisana 40461 – The best mechanical scale

Medisana 40461

Maximum range: 150 kg

Would you like to buy a mechanical personal weighing scale, like the ones you used to? Then read on!

This scale – produced by one of the best brands, leader in the field of personal scales and sanitary ware – has a large full-view analog dial that allows you to monitor weight with great confidence and attention: without the battery, its mechanical operation has no limits! Plus, it has an eye-catching, retro design that really makes it a one-of-a-kind people-weighing scale.

The large non-slip support area allows you to position yourself without difficulty on the scale, and then proceed to the weight measurement: you need to weigh yourself at the same time and in the same place (better you a solid surface like the floor), and you are done!

It is a scale with a professional design that has made the happiness of many customers, not digital but still one of the most interesting purchases of 2021: are you ready to be conquered by its unique characteristics?


  • Full-view dial to closely monitor weight
  • Wide, non-slip support area
  • Works without battery
  • Produced by a leading healthcare brand
  • To weigh yourself you just need to get on the scale


  • You need to reset the needle after each measurement

 ETEKCITY – The best economic option


Portata Massima: 180 kg

Are you looking for a professional personal weighing scale that has the characteristics worthy of the best models on the market? We have the one for you!

This pager scale is equipped with a large 25 cm backlit LCD display that allows absolutely easy readings: combined with its hardened glass design, it makes it a really nice scale to see and functional! It is durable and practical, turns on automatically and turns off on its own to save energy.

If the veracity of the measurements is one of your greatest concerns, the 4 sensors will always make them perfect. You can monitor your weight and keep it under control, both as a fitness enthusiast and as a simple person interested in keeping fit!

In the package you will also find a tape meter with hook to make measurements of your body in effectiveness and safety. On the personal weighing scale display you can check the status of the battery, you are protected from overloads and a non-slip padding of the best quality helps you stay safe and do not get hurt during measurements.

In short, if you are looking for one of the best models on the market, you have definitely found it!


  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Modern tempered glass design
  • 4 sensors for always perfect measurements
  • Tape meter included in the package
  • Non-slip padding
  • Ability to monitor battery status on display


  • Does not have a weight storage option
  • The meter starts from 5 cm instead of 0, making the measurement operation longer

Additional Features

Print function

If you want to record your weight progress on paper, this feature will help you: some models of people-weighing scales allow you to print measurement results, keep them with you and compare them as diet and training go on.

People-weighing scales with this feature are generally expensive, but they prove to be of great help to those who decide to embark on an intensive fitness or weight loss path that is very important for health.


If you want to record all the weight measurements, or even allow your family members to take theirs into account, you’ll need a weight scale that can store them. Just weigh yourself and then use the various keys connected to this option and present on the electronic scales, and that’s it!

Scales of this type are always a great choice from the point of view of comfort, both for fitness enthusiasts and for those who simply want to measure weight from time to time. Some scales are also settable in Baby or Pregnant Woman mode, so even more specific. 

Voice function

Several models have this convenient additional feature, perfect for visually impaired or mobility-impaired subjects: a recorded voice reads the weight achieved, without having to control it on the screen and therefore having to bend over the scale.

Usually the weighing scales of this type have a very large LCD screen that also allows you to adjust the volume and set other options connected to this function.


The BMI, or Body weighing scale for human Mass Index is measured by many people-weighing balance models: it is an essential fact for those who want to lose weight and therefore monitor the reduction of this index constantly. The most modern scales measure it by the simple pulse of an electrode located below the surface, in the area where the feet rest, fast and absolutely painless.

If you’re not a fitness fan and just need a weight-weighing scale that shows you how much you weigh, then you won’t need this feature. If you’re going to go on a diet or go through some intensive training sessions, you should look for models that allow you to calculate it accurately.

Things to consider when buying a people weighing scale

Now that you’ve read so far you’ll surely know a lot more details about people-weighing scales: you’ve compared the various models and know how they work down to the smallest detail.

Before proceeding with the purchase, however, there is some other information that you should know.

We propose them to you immediately!

Analog vs Digital

The analog scale does not use batteries to operate: you just need to go up there to be able to control your weight immediately.

  • These are simple-to-use and generally inexpensive personal weighing models, lacking overly delicate electronic components that are likely to break. Not requiring batteries to work, they can be used at any time.
  • However, they tend to be less precise than electronic models and lack many of the special features that make those models even more useful. Some do not reach a capacity greater than 115 kg.

The digital scale,on the other hand, works on battery and allows you to measure your weight simply by climbing on it (if the ignition is automatic), or by turning it on via keys.

  • They are generally more accurate than analog models, and in addition to achieving more useful additional features, some people-weighing models can reach a maximum range of 250 kg.
  • Because these people-weighing scales run on battery power, you have to change them every time they drain. They are generally more expensive than analog ones, and have many delicate components that may require assistance in the event of breakage.


A not-so-expensive scale will never be 100% accurate as the personal weighing models for medical use, but digital personal weighing scales are generally more accurate than analog ones thanks to the automatic calibration present in many models.

The easiest way to prove whether a people weighing scale is accurate is to measure weight multiple times in a short amount of time: if it always turns out to be the same, it means that the people weighing scale purchased is a really good model.

Attention: toilet mats or any other soft surface may alter the weight, so it is always better to place the personal weigher directly on the floor.

Flow rate weighing scale for human

A good personal weighing scale – digital or analog – should have a high flow rate, that is, be able to measure even very high weights. Some older model reach a maximum range of 140 kg, but begin to become insensitist around 12

The latest models sometimes reach a range of 250 kg, proving particularly useful for those overweight buyers who want to buy a good personal weighing scale, to combine weight control with diet and exercise.


A good personal weighing scale must have readable results, to immediately determine the weight without wasting too much time.

The best digital people weighing scales have an LED screen that shows numbers in large sizes (some are even backlit), while analogs usually feature numbers in the tens, with small notches indicating intermediate measurements.

The important thing is that they are well readable from the ground, as the weight scales are placed on the floor and those who use them look at the screen from above. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Well: you have read so far, and now you will certainly know how to distinguish, among the various models, the best personal weighing scale for sale!

Know the functions of the various scales, their potential and uses… in short, only your purchase is missing!

What are you waiting for, then? Go, and buy the most suitable people weighing scale for you!