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Facebook Brings Watch Party App To All Groups MembersByNitish Singh-July 25, 2018.796 The latest Shared Viewing app of the social media platform allows multiple users to view videos in sync. About 1.4 Using the Groups feature every month, Facebook makes this one of the platform’s core features. With the feature set for a potential launch for accounts, Watch Parties will not be limited for too long. Every year, Facebook introduces a host of new updates to its users and 2018 is proving to be no different. Recently the company announced that it would carry out its Watch Party feature to all groups in the near future. Although Communities are one of the core features of Facebook app users sharing the same interests, they can watch content for hours together. Some of Facebook’s biggest problems include hate speech and abusive behaviour. The social media platform strives to resolve the above issues while rolling out the functionality of the Watch Party. It will implement artificial intelligence to keep users safe from misinformation and hate speech. .797 Facebook demonstrated its interest in making video a vital part of the site earlier this year. By concentrating on social features, the company aims to compete against top streaming brands such as YouTube Netflix and Twitch. The Watch Party app will allow users to post comments live and use emojis to respond to videos. For a long time, the functionality will not be limited to Groups with Facebook announcing that the experience of shared video watching will also be accessible to individual profiles. Once the app rolls out, you’ll soon be able to see videos in sync with your friends and family. When it comes to delivering more user interaction on the web, Facebook continues to deliver and Watch Party is certainly a step in the right direction. Grip.