Best Hoodies to Look Cool

The ever-increasing popularity of the hooded sweatshirt (a.k.a. hoodie) shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. That’s a good thing for hoodie enthusiasts who appreciate the multitude of buying options. There’s also more to the average hoodie than meets the eye so in this post we’ll review the best men’s hoodies. We’ll take a look at the best men’s hoodies in this post ‘ including the – to help you separate the good from the bad and find the hoodie that’s right for you. We can receive an affiliate commission when you shop through external links.

Our 1 Choice Under Armor Men’s Storm Armor Fleece Hoodie

Carhartt Men’s Collinston Fleece Brushed Sherpa-Lined Sweatshirt

Gildan Men’s Heavy Blend Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt G18500

Nike Sportswear Men’s Pullover Club Hoodie

Reigning Champ Men’s Zip Hoodie

Hanes Men women and children wear them and they serve several purposes from providing warmth in winter to acting as an elegant fashion accessory that adds another dimension to your overall look. Finding the right hoodie for you comes down to several factors beginning with the material used to make it.

1. The Material

When purchasing a hoodie, it is important to consider the internal and external material. Common material types used to manufacture hoodies include: Cotton is the most popular material for men’s hoodies. Because of the insulation properties of cotton, they are easily breathable and help keep the body warm. Wool offers much better protection against cold than cotton. Most hoodies consist of a polyester / cotton blend, but not 100% polyester. Polyester has an elastic feel that is resistant to wrinkling and deformation. Fleece ranks up there in terms of popular hoodie fabric with cotton and wool and is very lightweight and highly comfortable to wear. Fur is a go-to hoodie lining product for people who are looking for extra protection against harsher winter conditions. It’s hard for the overall heat to top fur.

2. Type

A great thing about hoodies is that there are plenty of styles to choose from: zipper skull pullover Baja fur and more. Earlier in this article we will break down the different types of hoodies.

3. Sleeve Length

The most common length of the hoodie sleeve is long sleeve, but there are other choices such as short sleeves of three-quarters without sleeves etc.

4. Design

Many people prefer a simple hoodie look with no prints or illustrations incorporated into it, but others enjoy creative graphic designs that represent everything from a particular cause to a favorite sports team. Chances are there is a hoodie somewhere in there that suits your style.

5. Body Type

If you shop for a hoodie or for any clothing for that matter, you should always understand your body type and particular design. Here’s a brief rundown: when it comes to your weight and hoodie style the general thumb rule(s) is this: if you have a slim or medium build look for a hoodie that’s tailored and doesn’t compress around the waist (which makes you look heavier). To men with slender builds, a zipless slim-fitting hoodie also fits well. Guys with heavy frames should choose a hoodie that does not draw too much attention to their belly. If you’re carrying an extra weight look for a lightweight hoodie that flatters your shape. Choosing a hoodie that’s a bit big is great if you’re a bigger man but not so good if you’re smaller and have a narrower build. Your height is another factor to consider when you buy a hoodie. If you’re on the shorter side, stop over-sized hoodies because they will make you look broader and show your height deficit. On the contrary, look for a hoodie that extends just beyond your belt and has a slim fit. Taller men can get away with slightly over-sized hoodies and shouldn’t wear anything that rises above their belt. If the hoodie is likely to shrink in the wash, be careful to check the value of the fabric consider buying the next size up.

6. Check the seams of a hoodie inside and out before you buy. Look for smooth, even stitching.

7. Weight

Hoodies are usually between 6.5 ounces and 10 ounces in weight. Many men prefer heavier hoodies, especially when used as a protective layer against the cold, whereas lighter weights add an extra layer without the excess bulk. Typically, polyester blend hoodies are lighter than those made from other fabric styles, although 100% cotton is heavier.

8. Price

Many of the best men’s hoodies have a price tag that is higher than average. There’s nothing wrong with paying for something high quality a little extra and promising to last you a long time. But higher costs do not always guarantee higher quality, so remember all the other considerations before plunking down a substantial chunk of change for a hoodie. Next let’s look at the best men’s hoodies.


Under Armour Men’s Storm Armor Fleece Hoodie

Under Armour’s original mission when established in 1996 by a former American college football player was to make clothes which assisted in making clothes. Today Ua’s goal continues its core principles while also making products appropriate for both serious athletes and non-athletes. The men’s Storm Armor Fleece Hoodie is perfect for athletic wear and casual wear for many reasons including its fleece being extremely lightweight and simply looking good. It also comes with the proprietary Storm engineering from Ua, which repels water while preserving the solid structure of the hoodie. You can wear it for your daily run even if it drizzles without worrying about getting soaked with moisture. You’ll also like the breathability of the fleece and how the fabric stretches for superior flexibility add to the overall comfort of this hoodie. The Armor Fleece Hoodie features two side hand pockets including a right-side internal phone pocket that lets you stay connected even in the middle of a workout.




Bottom line

It is impossible to go wrong with Under Armour’s Armor Fleece Hoodie. While today it’s not the best available pullover hoodie, it definitely ranks near the top.2.

Carhartt Men’s Collinston Brushed Fleece Sherpa-Lined Sweatshirt

As you would think Sherpa-lined = Warmth, it helps to make Carhartt’s Collinston Brushed Fleece sweatshirt one of the best outdoor men’s hoodies. Technically Sherpa lining refers to a deep-stacked polyester lining (the elevated layer or nap of a fabric). It also has large fluffy naps that give it a bumpier feel, although it is thinner and less coarse, the overall effect is similar to the wool of sheep. But no matter how you describe it, the comfort of the material. The Carhartt Collinston sweatshirt’s exterior consists of a 50-50 mix of cotton / polyester with a zippered top. There are also two front pockets and a hood with a drawing string. Carhartt is known for its rough workwear workwear that stands strong in all weather conditions and the Collinston hoodie features the same durable construction with a few innovative twists such as a media port and a loop that allows you to easily string earphones from a media player or phone that you have stored in one of the front pockets. At 10.5 ounces it weighs more than many other hoodies but heavy is Ok when one of the reasons you wear it is to help protect you from the cold.



Bottom Line

Carhartt’s Collinston Brushed Fleeced Hoodie has an industrial feel but one that also appeals to a generational blue-collar. It’s also rugged but comfortable from Carhartt.3, which is no surprise.

Gildan Men’s Heavy Blend Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt G18500

It seems obvious with thousands of positive reviews on Amazon that Gildan’s Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt G18500 has a hit. The G18500 is the preference of many consumers, both men and women, from its overall fit to its comfort. Gildan, a U.S .- based company that is a major player in the clothing and sock manufacturing sector, uses cotton grown in America in compliance with strict environmental guidelines. It’s hard not to like a business that is dedicated to protecting natural res and increasing the environmental impact of manufacturing processes, but also one that produces quality products. The G18500 consists of a pre-shrunk cotton-polyester blend to make it fit more accurately. It also contains air jet yarn (air jet is a production technique that has been said to minimize piling) with a lighter feel than other blends of cloth. There’s also a double-lined hood with a color matching drawcord as well as a large pocket pocket where you can hold your essential items like your phone.



Bottom Line

Gildan’s G18500 has the look and layout of hoodies that cost more and don’t compromise anything. For many consumers, it’s a common choice.4.

Nike Sportswear Men’s Pullover Club Hoodie

With the Nike Sportswear Men’s Pullover Club Hoodie you will get all the support you need but without the bulk. It’s also relaxed and sporty and definitely a contender for men’s best everyday hoodie. The Men’s Pullover Club Hoodie is a comfortable, traditional pullover hoodie. It is made of a 20% polyester blend of 80% cotton and includes a classic ribbed hem and cuffs. Both the hem and the cuffs were revised from previous versions. The paneling hood comes with drawcord fastening while the front pocket is also spacious in the kangaroo theme.
Some wearers like their minimalist design, which still looks sporty and casual as described, and it comes in a variety of contemporary colors. The logo of Nike is embroidered on the left chest and will not fade or wear out even with frequent washings.



Bottom Line

The Nike Sportswear Men’s Pullover Club Hoodie is stylish and convenient without many other hoodies. It also has a classic, contemporary design that still looks.5.

Reigning Mid-Weight Champ Men’s Terry Zip Hoodie

Who is Champ Reigning? If you haven’t heard that it’s a Vancouver-based Canadian streetwear brand that produces quality classic design with an emphasis on heavyweight fleece and knits. They also produce their hoodies and sweatshirts for superior quality. They make some kick-ass hoodies, which is definitely not the least of which is their Men’s Mid-Weight Terry Zip Hoodie. From the first time you wear it, it has a worn-in look (thanks in part to subtly broken seams) and a classic zip-up style. The Mid-Weight Terry Zip Hoodie’s hood has a contrasting drawstring while it’s available in a wide range of colors. Its fit is considered to be trim or fit, but you won’t have much trouble finding one that fits your body shape. As one Amazon reviewer put it, you’re buying a Reigning Champ (sweatshirt) and it’s becoming your favorite thing. Yeah, high praise.



Bottom Line

Reigning Champ’s Mid-Weight Terry Zip Hoodie has a comfortable feeling which makes it worth the cost. It’s a winner and continues to be a champion as its title suggests.6.

Hanes Men’s Pullover EcoSmart Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

Hanes is known for making comfortable clothes and it is safe to say that EcoSmart Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt is a comfortable hoodie competitor. Hanes is also the world’s largest marketer of simple clothing (according to them that is) and manufactures everything from bras to t-shirts to socks and underwear for people. Again comfort is a big reason why many customers buy Hanes products but another reason is fit. The EcoSmart Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt has a comfortable fit and features a ribbed waistband and cuffs to help keep the cold wind out when the weather turns a bit frightening. Made from a combination of cotton and polyester (each at 50 percent) the Hanes hoodie comes from a process that helps it avoid piling after each wash. It weighs in at 7.8 ounces and features a pull-on closure of a drawstring hood and a kangaroo pocket in the front that is perfect for storage and keeping your hands warm in cold weather. You will also have eight color options to choose from if you decide to buy the vivid EcoSmart Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt colors such as green forest dark royal red and more. It’s good for daily use.7.

Fleece Pullover Hoodie Champion Men’s Performance

Men’s Quality Fleece Pullover Hoodie is another basic but stylish and perfectly practical hoodie worthy of your consideration. It’s a hoodie that’s perfect for the gym, but also a casual lunch or dinner when you’re still looking nice (hey, you will always want to look nice no?). There’s a lot to like about this hoodie, including the Duofold Warm Ctrl Technology that keeps you warm without weighing you down. Duofold engineering has so to speak a lot of moving parts and they’re all healthy. It also wicks moisture away from the body to the ground where it evaporates while the thermal layer helps keep you warm without adding extra bulk to the hoodie. The hood of the Men’s Quality Fleece Pullover features mesh lining and an adjustable drawstring. The hoodie also comes with front pockets to help keep your hands warm when holding things that you can wear every day. Eventually it comes in a lot of different colors.



Bottom Line

The Champion Men’s Quality Fleece Pullover is another hoodie with a comfortable look, but it comes at a good price. The Duofold engineering should keep you warm and dry.8.

Merino wool and insulation go hand in hand with the WoolX Grizzly Men’s Full Zip Hoodie. Made from Merino sheep’s wool indigenous to Australia, it’s a material that keeps the cold out while keeping all hot and toasty. The WoolX Grizzly hoodie is made from Merino wool and that’s one reason why we think it’s the best wool hoodie for people. Not only is it designed for extremely cold temperatures, it also has an outstanding structure that is fully functional and comfortable. But the fabric



Bottom Line

Superior warmth and comfort combine to help the WoolX Grizzly rank among the best hoodies. It also has many like an internal music website features that help to distinguish it from the rest.9.

Russell Men’s Athletic Heritage Mike Chenille Hoodie

All hail the king or Benjamin Russell for our purposes. It’s Russell who long ago invented the sweatshirt, and we bow deeply in reverence for that. After all, without the sweatshirt there would be no hoodie. These essential origins aren’t why we include the Russell Athletic Mike Chenille Hoodie on this list because it’s worthy on its own but it’s always nice to find a quality product that comes directly from the. As you’d expect Russell Athletic to have the experience and knowledge to produce superior sweatshirts hoodies and other apparel and their chenil. This gives the nod to sweaters from the 1950s and retro lettermen but has a modern look and feel that has widespread appeal. The Mike chenille hoodie consists of a heavy cotton mix (80%) and polyester (20%) with a light fleece lining. It has a strong feeling and offers a protective layer in cooler temperatures. It comes with ribbed cuffs hem kangaroo pocket as well as a drawstring hood all in traditional athletic style. But this hoodie is far from it not only for athletes. It is also good for casual wear and is suitable for keeping you warm when the temperature drops due to its weight sensation and construction.



Bottom line

Russell Athletic wear is a true original and is still relevant today. Their Mike chenille-fabric hoodie listens to a different time, but with a theme that fits perfectly with modern culture.10.

Alternative Men’s Eco Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt

Environmental sustainability is always a good thing and Alternative apparel goes beyond and beyond ensuring that they are environmentally conscious in every way. Yet their men’s Eco Zip hoodie deserves a spot on our list mostly because it’s a quality product. It’s slim and lightweight for one that helps make it feel secure against the skin without being bulky like some other hoodies. It also has a zipper closure and a split kangaroo pocket and is a heather knit (in which mixed-colored yarns are interwoven to form alternate colored flecks). Alternate Apparel retains a strong commitment to create timeless products that remain relevant while also providing a worn-in style that makes them instantly comfortable. We also maintain an excellent balance between simplicity and elegance. As previously mentioned, we also keep their feet firmly planted in eco-friendly sustainable practices such as the use of organic rather than traditional cotton oxo-biodegradable mailer bags while about 120000 recycled plastic bottles per year go into the development of their Alternative-Eco fabrics. Their men’s Eco Zip Hoodie feels good on the skin and looks good on many occasions.11.

Ohoo Men’s Slim Fit Long Sleeve Zip-Up Lightweight Hoodie

Ohoo is a South Korean brand selling a variety of products like their slim fit hoodie. There’s a lot to like about the latter and it deserves a place in the best reviews. While this hoodie is not too tight (or too loose for that matter) as its name says a slimmer fit. It is soft made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester and has a lightweight feel that many men prefer. It comes with a front kangaroo pocket and an adjustable drawstring hood with metal tips on the drawing string. It is also one of the most trendy hoodies for guys and comes in 18 shades from navy to jade green. But its simple design makes it great to work out or hang out.



Bottom Line

If you haven’t heard about Ohoo, check out its items. Their slim-fit lightweight hoodie looks and feels fantastic with just the right fit.

In the past several years, the many designs and sizes of hoodies

Hoodies have come a long way. Although they will never be confused with formal wear, for most occasions you can find a hoodie. Let’s look at the many types of hoodies from slim-fit to skull to zip-up.

Over-the-head hoodies

Over-the-head hoodies don’t have a zip-up front and you slip them over your head and upper torso. Over – the-head or pullover hoodies usually look best in casual occasions and do not come in as many different styles as other types. Pullover-type hoodies tend to be a little thicker than other models, and thicker means a lot of wearers feel more comfortable. Sure the extra insulation doesn’t hurt when the temperatures start to fall.

Zip-up hoodies

Their name says it all: zip-up hoodies have a zippered front and they come in a multitude of designs and models. One benefit of zippers is temperature protection, i.e. if you get too warm or zip it to shield it from cold, you can unzip it. And their zippers come in a multitude of designs, from heavy to thin to brightly colored, in order to give you a good name.

The hood part of the hoodie is not just a show with the look of the skull, but it fits on your head area and covers it. In the meantime, non-skull hoodies have a small hood that suits the overall design and style but does not cover your head. There are also skull hoodies on the front, on the other hand, which have an actual skull design. If you’re on the lookout for a skull hoodie, it’s worth knowing the difference.

Skate hoodies

Skate hoodies are often sleeveless and made for men who like skating and skiing particularly skateboarding while maintaining a stylish look. The lack of sleeves eliminates wind drag for skaters.

Baja hoodies

The Baja hoodie has been made in Mexico and has a long history over five decades to be precise. They came in poncho or pullover designs for the first time but the Baja hoodies of today still come in a sleeveless shape. If you’re looking to rock the hippie look, check out some Baja hoodies.

Fur hoodies

Fur-lined hoodies are a luxury if you’re living in colder climates where winter often turns nasty. For further protection against cold, some hoodies come with fur around the rim of the hood and neck region.

Slim-fit hoodies

Slim-fit hoodies help to give a slimmer look to wearers because they are partially made with less elastane than other types. They essentially cling to the body and elongate the body, but clingy doesn’t mean uncomfortable especially if you choose the right size for your body.

Black hoodies

Black hoodies are black in color (there is no surprise) and are among today’s most popular hoodies. They are convenient in that you can wear just about any kind of shirt with pants and jeans of many different colors under them. But with black hoodies, darker shades of pants like blue black and navy blue look best.

What’s the difference? Hoodies vs. sweatshirts vs. jackets

Reviews of hoodies called sweatshirts can get a bit confusing. Wait is like a hoodie with the sweatshirt? Is that a jacket? The answer to both questions is not even if it can come down to semantics.

The hoodie vs. the sweatshirt

True we’ve already spent a lot of time thinking about hoodies, but there’s no point in getting a bit more scientific, even if there’s nothing too complex about it. The biggest difference is that there is a hoodie (we remember the moment of Captain Obvious). Like a sweatshirt, it is neckless and acts as both sporting and casual clothing. Booth hoodies and sweatshirts are, for the most part, a bit larger and heavier than a T-shirt or even a lightweight jacket. And they are often made from similar materials like cotton polyester wool, etc. But the signature feature of a hoodie is back to the hood. It is inspired by clothes worn by medieval monks and priests who were wearing hooded clothing. Although the hooded sweatshirt dates back many decades, today it is riding a wave of popularity. The hood is practical but can also create an image of mystery anonymity and yes suspicion. Another important distinction between a hoodie and a sweatshirt is that a hoodie can be a pullover or have a zippered front. There may be pockets for both hoodies and sweatshirts. Even hoodies may feature short sleeves or no sleeves at all (like a skater hoodie).Both hoodies and sweatshirts allow wearers to have a free range of body movement even during exercise (although flexibility may vary from clothing to clothing due to fitness).The basic sweatshirt has gained popularity as a clothing item frequently worn by athletes because they absorb sweat and provide the aforementioned fr. It also provides warmth and protection from colder weather. Today the sweatshirt is part of popular culture and worn by both athletes and non-athletes alike. Both hoodies and sweatshirts can be used as an outer garment such as a T-shirt or as a shirt with nothing below. In addition, each may include a logo or other unique design while many wearers prefer a simple no-logo design.

The hoodie vs. the jacket

A judge once famously ruled that he couldn’t identify pornography but that he knew it when he saw it. That’s not a bad way to describe a jacket without becoming too technical: when you see one, you’ll know one. Real hoodies jackets and sweatshirts act as outer clothes that help protect against the weather, but stylistic variations make them stand out. A jacket, for example, usually does not stretch much beyond the waist at least not as much as sweatshirts and hoodies do, and most often features a zippered front. A jacket can have a hood, but you can tuck it in or otherwise detract attention from it (although it is functional) while the hood of a hood is well not to be overlooked. Jackets most often have a zippered front while a hoodie may have a zipper or come as a pullover. Jackets typically consist of woven fabrics such as wool cotton nylon or fleece, similar to hoodies and sweatshirts, which helps to differentiate it from a sweater made of knitted material. Finally, the weight of a jacket depends on the style and season.

Why we choose these items for our list of best men’s hoodies

The success of hoodies means that many players (including men’s apparel manufacturers) entered the match. That’s not a bad thing because customers have more choices than ever, but it’s often difficult to sort out the good from the bad. What makes a high-quality hoodie includes a lot of aspects, like comfort, but also durable versatility that suits the fabric and so on. We looked for hoodies that fall into all these and other categories while paying close attention to others ‘ opinions, not least of which were product reviews like you.


We welcome your feedback and suggestions as usual. Did you wear any of our list’s hoodies? If so, how did they satisfy you? What’s the perfect hoodie for you? We’d love to hear from you.

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