Best easy hairstyles for busy writers

Best easy hairstyles for busy writers

When we hear about writers, we usually imagine them as messy looking like Mort Rainey from The Secret Window by Stephen King. Of course, writers are creative people who, however, are involved in writing most of their time but it does not mean that all of them look like beggars. Let’s remember at least Joanne Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series. She does look nice. She is a woman, you might think. Well, all right then. How about William Shakespeare or Jack London. Englishmen? Always neat looking? Oh, you are a real piece of work. One way or another, there are many easy hairstyles for writers and if you are a writer, you may feel free to try them on.

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Hairstyles for busy writers for every day

We do not have enough time to make ourselves a healthy breakfast, especially since we do not have enough time to have a haircut, which we would not be ashamed to show off somewhere.

There are only 24 hours in a day, which we must correctly divide. Why waste precious minutes on complex styling when you can brew coffee, bake eggs in an avocado in the oven, make a moisturizing mask, do yoga? We also decided that you have more important things to do, so we have collected the simplest hairstyles for every day that are easy to repeat.

1. At one time, semi bundles were insanely popular. It was difficult to walk five meters down the street without meeting a girl with this edgy hairstyle. Now interest in them has cooled slightly, but this does not mean that they should be deleted from the list. To keep your half bun up as trendy as possible, simply complement it with a stylish hair accessory.

2. For those who absolutely do not have enough time for their hair, we recommend such a simple and stylish solution. Gather your hair on one side and secure it with a hairpin. The only condition is that your accessory must be in line with the trends, otherwise the hairstyle will not produce a wow effect. How about this option with a scattering of faux pearls?

3. Nothing will displace a messy bun from the post of the fastest and easiest hairstyles. It was, is and will be the most favorite styling of girls who are always in a hurry. Indeed, all you need to do is collect your hair in a ponytail, twist it into a plait and wrap it around the base. And last but not least, it is to secure the knock-out strands with invisibility. Your hairstyle is ready! But it seems to us that one single touch will give it completeness – this is a laconic hair clip in metallic color.

4. Another version of a sloppy beam, but this time without unnecessary elements. By the way, the difference is not only that. Such a bundle requires preparatory work. We advise you to wash your hair in the evening, dry your hair slightly, and then build a bun. In the morning you will wake up already with curls, which we advise you to put in a bun. You will get a spectacular and voluminous hairstyle for every day.

5. The ponytail is the most energy-efficient hairstyle in the world. What could be easier than gathering your hair and securing it with a rubber band? No, we don’t think so. (This is probably why our mothers so often made us a tail for school). To keep this hairstyle as light as possible, but at the same time more original, we recommend complementing it with a metal cone-shaped elastic band. Fan your hair lightly with your fingers for maximum effect.

6. If you think that with a bob haircut there are no problems – get it dry and feel free to go, then you are mistaken. So that the strands do not stick out in different directions, they need to be laid correctly. The quickest option is to align. But even here it is not so simple. If you straighten your hair as usual, just pulling the strands down, then the ends will stick out forward, but will not become straight. For smooth strands with a glassy look, grab each strand between the bars, keeping them parallel to the hair growth, then sweep them down and back. In general, if you want the strands to be like in the picture above, that is, forward, you need to align the strand in the opposite direction. When you let go of the strand, it will fit exactly the way you want it.

7. If you have a short haircut like an elongated pixie, preppy hairstyles will definitely suit you. It is enough just to lay the bangs on its side and fix it with a hair clip at the ear. To add some volume at the crown, spray dry shampoo over the roots of your hair, then style your hair with a fine comb.

8. And the last version of the bundle for today, which we rightly call “lazy”. It is perfect for those with long hair. All you need to do is make the tight braid starting in the middle of your hair and pull it back into a relaxed knot. To disguise the securing elastic, wrap a strand around it. By the way, don’t forget the texture spray if you want to add volume to the roots.

This article and the hairstyle options outlined above are a prime example of this. The modern world of a woman is so complex that it is sometimes very difficult for us to have time for everything and at the same time look our best. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we spend a lot of time on makeup and hair styling. Although in fact there are many options that you can do yourself. They will allow you to look great and at the same time, they will not take much time to complete.

These hairstyles look amazing. Moreover, they can be made quickly and easily. What more could you want? People around you will think that you have spent several hours styling in the salon when in fact you have just recently woken up. Try these easy hairstyles. You can quickly master any of them step by step. It is also amazing that the hair after these simple styling looks even better on the second day, so do not worry if you did not have time to wash your hair – this is only in your favor.