Best 32-Inch Smart TV 2021

I understand your excitement!

You can’t help but think you can have those beautiful 32-inch TVs in your hands.

In any case, choosing the best one always seems like a difficult task, right? Of course, not all models are of the same quality.

So, how can you choose the model that best suits you?

No further worries!

To help you find out, our team has selected and reviewed the 10 best 32-inch TVs from all of 20210 in this article.

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The best 32-inch Smart TVs

Other popular models in the last year:

 JVC LT-32VF43I – The best JVC at the best price


Technology: TV LED
Resolution: 1920×1080 p (Full-HD)

Are you looking for a smart TV designed for you and your family? And from the opinions you read online do you find only headaches? Our opinion is to choose a house and try to take the best of all of them, with an eye to cheap prices. And here the JVC LT-32VF43I TV, the best in its series, will materialize at your fingertips.

The JVC LT TV comes with a 32′ LED screen that will give life to your environment with the reproduction of the highest quality multimedia content and a high level of audio fidelity.

The DVBT2/c/S2 mpeg 4 tuner is also the best and most easy-to-use support that, no matter where you are, will be able to pick up the signal and transmit it inside your salons.

Designed precisely for your environments, you will discover how even the design alone is captivating and unique at the same time. The stand below the screen will help you find the most suitable position and no longer have problems with space and excessive dimensions.

For those of you who love being loyal to the TV houses that have always accompanied you in your life, this review is for you. Better in its brand for the year 2018, also for its proximity to the 4k, it enjoys interesting reviews that will give you little doubt about the next choice of a new 32-inch TV.


  • Smart TVs with built-in Wi-Fi connection
  • Crisp images with Full-HD technology
  • It also features 3 hdmi, ethernet, 2 USB outputs (0) and optical output.
  • Robust and stylish design at the same time
  • Built-in DVB-T2/C/S2 digital terrestrial
  • Great Dolby Sorround audio output


  • Price not very low
  • Manuals do not exist even if the first configuration is very simple to perform

 LG 32LJ500U – The lightest design

LG 32LJ500U

Technology: TV LED
Resolution: 1366×768 p (HD)

Try to take home an LG 32LJ500U TV, and we highly recommend it. You will instantly discover that you have in your hands an ultra light support, the best in the weight category, which will make you forget the difficulties in every move.

This 32-inch TV integrates the 1366×768p definition and ensures an absolute multimedia experience. The technology behind it is not at the last cry but its sophistication will upset you pleasantly knowing how little you have spent on a TV near the 4k. The best sharp images, with excellent color accuracy, will immediately appear to make you feel at the center of the multimedia scene. This TV then brings with it the LED backlight function that will allow you to adjust the brightness of the screen, without compromising the playback quality, to save energy.

And sharing will be very easy! You will be able to watch videos, see photos and listen to music also via stick or external hard-disk, given the presence of USB ports (0) on the back. In addition, and it is the feature that your children or even you directly will appreciate, you can connect to the LG website and from there download a lot of games for free.

While you look at your content you will be primarily facilitated by the presence of a digital terrestrial DVB-T2, the best for reception. Next you will be accompanied by a mono and stero audio system with DTS decoding that will envelop your environment in a single and incredible scene. There are also two speakers with 10 Watt audio power designed for you who are tired of TVs that consume critical levels of electricity.

The design, with rather thin frames, can allow you even the only furniture of your environment, combining performance characteristics and elegance in a single support. To be the best in its category in the year 2018, there will not be too many difficulties for you to find out how many quality reviews it enjoys.


  • High value for money
  • Excellent video resolution and image rendering even with HD Ready signal
  • High ease of use with one-stop home button
  • Design attentive to every room in the house
  • High-quality Dolby Surround audio
  • First-class energy efficiency (Class A++)
  • Removable and already supplied table pedestal
  • Easy installation and quick setup
  • Ideal for those looking for solutions for their rooms


  • It has no smart TV functions and is not equipped with an internet connection
  • Not properly suitable for Full-HD lovers

 LG 32LJ610V – The best ever

LG 32LJ610V

Technology: TV LED
Resolution: 1920×1080 p (Full-HD)

The LG 32LJ61OV TV is definitely the best 32′ TV you could do. We rated it as the absolute best for its incredible features.

First, did you know that its Full-HD resolution (1080p) is 5 times that of a standard TV and 2 times that of an HD Ready? Of course, it will not be a 4k resolution, but the screen function with its capabilities will allow you to view richer details with unavable quality and an even more enjoyable experience.

Not only that. This smart-TV has a Wi-Fi connection system through a webOS  Imagine how convenient it will be for you to browse through all the content you prefer, designed for you and your family, just sitting on the couch with your new remote control. With the pointer and launcher you will be the masters of a new interactive experience on your TV, including some games for your children.

Do you then own USB sticks or external disks with personal media content? No problem! The LG 32LJ61OV TV meets your every need and is therefore equipped, on one side, with USB ports where you can easily insert your device and let Full-HD technology complete the game.

The LG 32LJ610V SMART TV’s sound system, with an FTS decoding with a two-speaker system of 10W audio power, will leave you completely immersed in the vision of better content. In addition, for listening to your music you can also enjoy HDMI connection and an optical digital audio output. In short, this TV will revolutionize your idea of screen interactivity and even improve your home environment. It will even make you embrace the idea of 4k even if it is not. If you can’t choose which 32-inch TV and can’t figure it out, we’re sure the LG has already found the best solution for you with this unique product. And your opinions will only be positive after you have seen its economic price compared to the quality it offers.


  • Great value for money
  • Great video resolution and image rendering
  • Tons of Smart TV features
  • How fast to connect webOS 5
  • The attentive and intelligent design integrates perfectly with any environment
  • Reliable stability despite lightness and small weight
  • Maximum energy efficiency (Class A++)
  • Screen mirroring function for sharing content even from smartphones


  • Some smart features require excessive battery use
  • The frames are slightly thick


every TV is designed for you who will want to enjoy watching multimedia content to the best, so, in light of recent technologies, you are always looking for HD.

 SAMSUNG UE32M4002AK – The old man who still advances


Technology: TV LED
Resolution: 1366 x 768p (HD)

For those of you who can’t be too careful about the latest technological needs and still love the magic of HD, our opinion comes to your aid. Discover then this SAMSUNG TV that you will surely have heard of, especially for its cheap price and which you already know you can trust.

This 32′ screen is in fact a fairly recent model, almost sister to the next MODEL UE32M5002AK and that is why it can easily adapt to your needs. The change in resolution must not create headaches: the SAMSUNG UE32M4002AK combines the HD experience with incredible image clarity and very high detail reproduction.

The presence of Auto Channel Search, Automatic Shutdown, the Electronic Programme Guide and the already integrated Parental Control are all functions designed for you and your children, without necessarily having to stay in the same environment to control movies and videos.

If you then like to listen to music and share multimedia directly from your computer, the SAMSUNG UE32M400A2K has on the back, in addition to the USB port (0) also two HDMI ports to be able to connect all your devices, including, once again, the PlayStation console.

In short, we are talking about a model already renewed and before 2018, but we are sure that at a very good price, you will be able to get a deal even with something that seems outdated but that in reality still has so much to give you. It is in fact among the best 32-inch TVs for reviews among all those who still do not feel the need to try the latest technological innovations.


  • LED display with high image clarity
  • One-of-a-kind design with black stand and flat screen
  • Motion interpolation technology
  • Dolby Digital Plus audio output with built-in speakers
  • First level energy efficiency class (Class A)
  • One of the lowest energy consumption in the ranking
  • Digital terrestrial DBB-C, DVB-S2, DVB-T2


  • It does not have a SCART socket, so it is necessary to purchase an adaptor
  • There are no settings for US channels

 Samsung UE32M5002AK – Aesthetics at the heart

Samsung UE32M5002AK

Technology: TV LED
Resolution: 1920×1080 p (Full-HD)

Can’t choose a 32-inch TV that you can enjoy on the first impact and that combines high performance qualities? Do you want to try the 4k experience but still think it costs too much such a TV? Discover the magic of Full-HD and the possibility to have at home one of the best TVs in aesthetics and best-selling online throughout 2021 And we’re not the only ones who say that! Try reading the reviews it enjoys.

The Samsung UE32M5002AK TV is a 32” with a maximum resolution of 1080p that combines playback quality with motion interpolation technology that easily suits all of you users for its extreme versatility.

You can then connect your PC and console via USB port (0) which will take your multimedia experience to a high level of sharing. And its Clean View feature will reduce noise and interference, improve colors and contrast, and discover the transparency of a crystal in every single image.

As you watch your content you will be facilitated first by the presence of a DVB-T2 digital terrestrial and then accompanied by a mono and stereo audio system with DTS decoding that will envelop your environment in a single and sharp scene. There are also two speakers with 10 Watt audio power designed for you who are tired of TVs that consume critical levels of electricity.

The design, with rather thin frames, can allow you even the only furniture of your environment, combining performance characteristics and elegance in a single support.


  • High value for money
  • HD-Ready technology makes the most of images and videos
  • High ease of use with one-stop home button
  • Object designed to cover and adjust each space
  • High-quality Dolby Surround audio
  • Top-level energy class (Class A++)
  • Removable and already supplied table pedestal
  • Easy installation and quick setup
  • Ideal for those looking for solutions for their rooms


  • It’s not a smart-TV and doesn’t have a browser for web connection
  • The instruction manual is not in US
  • Lack of channel tuning for US (solvable by setting on Greece)

Sound quality

always try to match the perfection of the scene to the audio outputs in such a way as to create a perfect multimedia environment.

 LG 32LJ500V – The best value for money

LG 32LJ500V

Technology: TV LED
Resolution: 1920×1080 p (Full-HD)

Are you an unstable savers and want to take the right opportunity at the right price? Can’t you pick a few TVs for your case? Are the reviews too discordant? The LG 32LJ500V TV is the one for you. It is at the top of the ranking on the value for money among all televisions of 2021, so in this case it is the best 32′ TV in its category.

This 32-inch TV enters your homes with the most absolute simplicity. Among the most purchased TVs online, it is a new version of the previous LG 32LJ500U whose resolution improves, approaching the ultra 4k technology and you will enjoy a unique multimedia experience.

Also available in the 43′ format, the Full-HD screen of 1920x1080p will immerse you totally in the vision and take for you even the smallest details that you did not even know before exist! The colors will jump to your eyes more vivid and natural and watching a blu-ray movie will no longer be a discovery but a real habit for you who will live it every day.

Its handling also lies in the equipped with USB ports (0) that, for you lovers of multimedia collections on your devices, will allow you to stay comfortable on the sofa and not damn you in the search for a movie.

You will then discover pleasantly the additional digital terrestrial DVB-T2 (H265-HEVC) and DVB-c cable TV reception and the HDMI port that will allow you the simple and coveted connection of your personal computer to the TV.

The LG 32LJ500V 32-inch TV will easily enter your homes and lounges. You will finally be able to enjoy a full view of every color and pixel and set up menu programs through the remote control with extreme simplicity. If you are looking for the deal of the year, we are convinced that this 32″‘ TV is the best in the year 2018 in its category given the number of positive reviews it enjoys. And an object will appear in your homes that will compete so much even with a 4k solver TV.


  • Best value for money
  • High pixel resolution for images and videos
  • Easy Smart TV mode
  • Design attentive to all space needs
  • Lightness and compactness in one object
  • Low energy consumption (Class A++)
  • Best automatic channel update, both in quality and speed


  • Traditional model, it is not a Smart TV and does not have WiFi connection
  • Carimento info panel less responsive
  • Crisp and good sound quality but not excellent

 Strong SRT32HZ400E3NC – STRONG and economical

Strong SRT32HZ400E3NC

Technology: TV LED
Resolution: 1366×768 p (HD)

With the STRONG TV Z400N series it will finally be easy for you to enjoy the maximum comfort and luxury of watching TV from your sofa and you will find out how hugely pleasant it is. This TV series boasts an elegant and clean design, with built-in support pedestal, which adapts to all environments in your home.

The STRONG TV Z400N is a 32” with a maximum resolution of 1366 p that combines, with HD definition and Image Quality Radio 100, an extraordinary visual experience allowing you to enjoy pleasant and detailed images for you and your family. With the Multimedia function you will also have the opportunity to view your videos, photos and listen to your music all with a simple click from your new remote control and a USB stick.

The multimedia experience will therefore be extended to you and also to the whole family: the STRONG TV Z400N series, in fact, with parental control for the channels set, will not let your children watch unsuitable programs if you are far from you. And it’s all extremely simple.

And if you are a fan of pay TV, the STRONG line meets you so much the TV of Cl +slot for access to paid content, all always under parental control. With the EPG electronic guide to programs you will always be the first to know what multimedia content to watch and you will have information about all subsequent programs or videos.

All you have to do is choose this 32-inch TV, the best in the space recycling category for the year 201 Don’t you believe it? Online you will find its reviews. You will be pleasantly surprised when you read its cheap price.


  • One of the lowest prices and great value for quality
  • Good video resolution and image rendering even with HD Ready signal
  • High ease of use with one-stop home button
  • Elegance and robustness that adapts to every room of the house
  • Overt-The-Air Software Updates
  • Built-in DVB-T2/C/S2 digital terrestrial
  • Low power consumption


  • The goodness of the TV cable depends on the local condition of the signal
  • strong cannot guarantee file playback because it depends on codecs bit rate and resolution

Refresh rate

is one of the most important factors to consider. Times are running out and you must necessarily enjoy a TV that can update itself in its features. Keep an eye on her all the time

 Philips PHS4012 – The most elegant

Philips PHS4012

Technology: TV LED
Resolution: 1366×768 (HD)

Do you have any doubts about which is the best 32-inch TV that modernizes your living room or bedroom and you can’t choose it from reviews? The elegant design of the Philips 4000 series with Digital Crystal Clear will immediately value them. Discover the best hd image quality and audio experience now if you’re looking for unreserved fun at no cost. And it’s not just our opinion.

This 32-inch TV is an LED backlight screen designed for you and your energy consumption that will be drastically reduced. Its beautiful lines combined with high brightness, incredible contrast and bright colors will make the multimedia experience something completely different that you were used to.

The Digital Crystal Clear function will allow you to admire the best natural images from all sources. The Philips house has thought of you watching your favorite series, your movies or news. It automatically makes you unique with this function that observes what you see with contrast, colors and sharpness always made optimal.

You can then share your fun with everyone: simply insert your USB stick, digital camera, mp3 player or any other multimedia device inside the door located on the back of the TV.

And there will be no more problems of cable clutter or missing spaces. The Philips PHS4012 TV is designed for your salons, creating space under the TV itself, where traditional pedestals normally fit. In addition, there will be no cable confusion problems thanks to the single HDMI cable that will carry audio signals from your devices for you. Along with Philips EasyLink, you only need one remote control to control most TV, DVD, blu-ray, decoder or Home Theater system functions. Imagine that you can do this by just sitting on your couch. You will have at home the best 32-inch TV of its kind in the year 2018 and the comfort you have always wanted.


  • Cheap price
  • Full-HD technology that makes the most of images and videos
  • High ease of use with one-stop home button
  • Design that integrates with all space needs
  • Amazing Surround and Smart Sound
  • Low energy costs (Class A)
  • Removable and already supplied table pedestal
  • Easy installation and quick setup


  • Video quality does not allow the full enjoyment of scenes in very dark environments
  • Audio quality does not have crystal clear highs
  • It’s not a smart TV and doesn’t have Wi-Fi

What factors to consider when buying a 32-inch TV?

Do you want there to be a guide for you always ready on how to buy the best 32-inch TVs? Don’t know which TV to choose from those not 4k because they are too expensive? All you have to do is consider some factors as a basis and then compare them to each other.

In order to help you, we thought of drawing up a list of these guiding points. They are:


given the timing and connection speed that exists, we are sure that this is an important data for your device, making it smart and interactive

Final opinions

In conclusion, given the interest we have for you, we are sure that your research will no longer be something that you will be almost afraid of. Just take a look at the reviews, find the one that suits you best and let your needs be repaid. Have fun!