Barbra Streisand – Biography of Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand was born in 1942, in Brooklyn, New York.

From the age of 15, Barbra begins to take part in several independent productions of Broadway and begins attending acting classes in Manhattan.

Since she was little, when asked what she would be like when she is an adult Barbra She answered that she would be an actress, but nevertheless she generated overwhelming success as a singer in New York nightclubs.

In 1962, Streisand signs his first contract with Columbia Records and presents his first album, “The Barbra Streisand Album”, which wins two awards Grammy the next year.
And also this year, he makes his Broadway debut in the musical “I Cant Get For You Wholesale”, playing the secretary Miss malmerstein.

This first work generated a revolution among his new incredible fans, and his next two albums, would repeat the same sales success, at one point having three albums in the lists of the ten best sellers of Billboard.

In 1963, he married Elliot gould, with whom he remained in marriage until 1973 and had his only son, Jason gould.

It is in 1968, that Barbra takes its first steps on the big screen, again generating only hits.

His first film was a “Revival”, for which he won the Oscar to “Best actress”, followed by the films “Hello Dolly” in 1969, and “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever” in 1970.

After two years, he founded his production company called Barwood Films, which produces several of his films including “Up The Sandbox”, “A Star Is Born”, “The Main Event” Y “Nuts”, among other.

In 1983, it came to the screen “And in you”, film produced, directed, written and starring herself.
This film was praised by many people and evaluated by Spielberg, who called it a “masterpiece”.

Years later, a great controversy ensued when “The prince of the tides”, another of her famous films, also directed by her, was nominated for several Oscar, including that of “Best film”.

In its years of experience, Barbra has achieved two Oscar, five Emmys and ten Golden Globes as well as so many other various awards.

In 1996, Streisand earned a second nomination for the Oscar, this time with Bryan adams, as a songwriter for the song “I Finally Found Someone” from his movie “The Mirror Has Two Faces”.

With regard to her recording life, leaving aside that of director and actress, Barbra has recorded more than sixty albums, the vast majority of Columbia Records.

Apart from his early work, he has made discs belonging to movie soundtracks.

Barbra Streisand She has become a collector of her own records, she is the owner of more than fifty gold, thirty platinum and thirteen multi-platinum records, becoming an icon representing a powerful voice, with a wide range and a very personal timbre.

In 2001, Barbra received the award of American Film Institute for her work as a director, actress, screenwriter, producer and composer, accompanied by the National Medal of Arts conferred by the government of the United States, and the government of France has decorated her with the Order of the Arts and the letters.

In 2004, Streisand reappeared in the comedy “Meet the Fockers”, with Dustin Hoffman, Ben stiller Y Robert De Niro among others, which has had great commercial success and has given the actress positive reviews.

Despite her relative inactivity, she continues to hold the title of the best-selling female artist in history, with a No. 1 album in the past four decades.