bangs for Round Faces

Candy Colored Asymmetrical Bangs

This impressive look was developed by a color theory scholar. The wispy bangs and gentle curls give an extra dimension of imagination to the colors of the fairytale. This bang style is a perfect addition to ponytails, and it also looks half-up half-down. It would definitely be high maintenance to change the colors, but regular styling would be a lot of fun!

Cute Flowy Side Bangs

Natural texture is a major consideration of round facial bangs. Were you battling or playing with your natural texture? It all depends on the level of composure in the morning. For convenience, this look doesn’t compromise cuteness. A great addition to flowing wavy hair is the side bangs.

Flirty Tousled Side Bangs

This hairstyle wasn’t accomplished by sleeping, but it definitely has that appeal to the bedhead. The hair pieces that fall over one eye are mischievous and sexy while the big barrel curls offer a cool girl effect overall. If you want to try a new look, playing with texture while retaining color naturally can be a great compromise.

Best straight hair bangs

This lovely hair style is perfect for straight hair girls. It takes only a few minutes to produce a few curls around the head. When the hair is pulled forward and slightly towards the small fringe of bangs, the delicate caramel stands out.

Punky Blunt Bangs

Channel a new look of straight pink hair in choppy layers on a classic layered look. Straight across round face bangs are a risky choice, but the cut’s sharpness provides just the right amount of edge a round face needs. When cut straight and smooth, these bangs look amazing. The structured cut balances the sweetness of the color. Nourishing and moisturizing hair care is a must if you are going to have this light!

Wavy and Thick Bangs

For a look that is totally Brooklyn cool girl put forward all that thick wavy hair and tame it with a decent dose of cream. Usually thick-haired girls shy away from going this short, but the crop can clearly be rocked. Messy bangs mix in the hairstyle right.

Easy Side Bangs

Are you looking for a thin straight hair quick update? It can give you an instant boost in fashion by adding an easy side boom. Platinum hair adds the trendy quotient to any outfit in thin soft layers. It is a must to get regular trims to keep the cut shape.

Short and Sweet Rounded Bangs

Using pastel dip dye and crimpy waves enhances shorter hairs. It’s a double dose of funny character. Short bangs for round heads are great to make the standout feature of your ears. Part of your bangs, even if they are short, sweeping them to the side. Combining the bangs helps to blend them with crimps and waves.

Smoky Long Bangs

Go for lots of visual interest in a gray-blue tone? Through adding long layers and cheek-skimming bangs, you can choose full-on drama. The multiple color shades play with the textures beautifully while the long side bangs add glamor and intrigue.

Curled side bangs

Thick wavy hair is gaining a new life with a short asymmetric style. On the longer side, the texture can be shaped and perfected while on the other side, keeping it straight and smooth. The alternate color such as maroon definitely increases the haircut’s boldness.

Sleek and Straight Bangs

The hairstyle is about 100% gloss. Bangs can be absolutely straight elegant and full of shine for round face shapes. Because the haircut itself is simple, the luscious healthy hair is actually displayed. A classic look for dark-locked vixens is a short hair with straight-across bangs.

Perfect straight bangs

Another example of straight bangs that can work on a round face when paired with edgy waves that are hard rather than soft or size. The curling of the top layers lifts and reveals highlights as usual. Keep straight under the layers to enjoy the super straight bangs.

Thick hair bangs

Several layers are necessary for goddess-like, super-thick hair. There’s no exception to bangs. For thick hair, layered and swoopy bangs work great. And they ignore the demands of regular grooming that would put shorter bangs on long hair. This style of bombshell becomes weightless, thick hair.

Sweet side bangs for a full face

Short bangs can be light on the drama and heavy on the sweet. Piecey side bangs are fun to style, and they’re so much easier to grow when you get sick of them. Call this if you want to look at the Noncommittal Bang.

Copper Bombshell Bangs

This beautiful hair style is stellar one-part color and impressive one-part cut. There’s certainly Old Hollywood glamor going on with the styling, but because of all the layering, a plain pony will be just as stunning. The bangs blend with the rest of the cut right in.

Swept Back Layered Bangs

This hair style has lots of flexibility and is perfect for a girl who always runs her fingers through her hair and flips it back and forth. This is the look I-don’t-need-a-part. The bangs contribute to this style’s fun-free nature.

Short Bangs Pixie Style

The cutest pixie ever cut! Typically going super short makes the show’s star bangs so why not go for some piecey asymmetry? Texturizing pomade is your best friend when it comes to styling round heads with super short bangs.

Sexy Long Bangs

This long-hair look is always beautiful. The soft waves and delicate textures make it possible to shine expert highlights. A secret to this ultra-feminine hairstyle is the middle-part fringe which tapers backwards. Keeping the modern (and perhaps a little tomboyish) styling balances the super girly hair.

Girl Heavy Bangs scene

Bangs need not be boring for round face shapes. There are actually a lot more possibilities and one of the most fun is heavy bangs. Even if you don’t want to go out as a girl on the scene and add a multicolored dye job (but why wouldn’t you really?) this cut alone could really update your look.

Adorable Blunt Bangs

This look should be tried at least once by anyone with straight hair. A layered A-line bob is made by straight-across bangs even more adorable. What would be a lot of care for a curly girl makes someone with naturally sleek hair easy to get-up-and-go style.

Weightless Eye-Brow Skimming Bangs

Women with round faces should always prefer wispy bangs to blunt ones because the latter will cut off the face and bring the focus to the widest part. The bangs show more of the face in this photo to elongate and slim the face.

Short and Serious

Most women believe that side bangs must be long with round heads in particular. But you can create an instantly cool and innovative look by cropping them that is ideal for young ladies who want to look like a hipster teen. When you sweep your clipped bangs to one side with a round face and pair them along the neck with long strands.

Futuristic Fringe

It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your look just because you have a wide face. The trick to imaginative round face bangs is to use angles to lengthen and height even. Through curving the ends up slightly and contrasting them with the elongated and twisted front parts, you come up with all the right lines to flatter your head.

Wispy Fringe and Bouffant

It is possible to wear straight bangs even if you have curly hair. Keeping your curls loose at the top and spiraling towards the ends is important to make sure that the textures blend well. With natural makeup and a bubbly smile, match your sweet style. Note 4/t4.515.jpg” />

Arched Bangs

This is a risky selection of round face bangs because they are quite thick. However, ladies with thick hair need to match equally full bangs, otherwise your hair style will appear unbalanced. This is ideal for a young college who needs to wear on campus a short yet trendy look. Creating effortless waves by overnight making a topknot bun just undo in the morning and head to that class.

Striped Swoopy Bangs

Add chocolate and caramel bangs to your sweet tooth for round eyes. With golden undertones, the colors instantly warm and brighten the tan complexions. For instant results, a swoop bang slides easily. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Side Layered Bangs Adding Height ‘

‘ Older women are more likely to have thinning strands issues, which is why a layered style works well. This provides long-luster locks with body and form. Big volume alone would make an impact, but with a rich enviable color this takes it a step further.

U-shaped bangs

If you like the shape of your round face and do not think it is necessary to change it, you may even rock blunt bangs. Complement them with angled front pieces for extra interest points that can be asymmetrical. Using arched eyebrows and subtle winged eyeliner to enhance the fashion pair.

Color defined

You don’t always have to use angled cuts to make round face bands in your design. Strategic color placement works just as well at times. You create vertical lines for the eye to slide up and down which is a famous trick that works for elongation by lightening only the bangs and the ends of the hair.

Minimalist Side Bangs

One of the most fun ways to create contrast in dark hair is with an illuminated effect that almost looks like it’s sunlight (or moonlight) hitting the strands in all the right places. This technique is perfect for adding dimension to thin bangs and brightening the look of your black hair with cool tones rather than the usual warm shades.

Side Layered Bangs Grazed with Color

Young ladies preparing for formal events such as prom or formal winter would love these long loose curls with side-swept bangs. The style succeeds in looking elegant and polished, yet youthful and enjoyable. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Not Heavy Horizontal Bangs’

‘ Generally speaking, horizontal bangs are not the best choice for round heads, but if you offset them with longer strands on the sides and do not make them heavy, you the pull off the look. Jet black hair is always chic and full of luster, but if you’ve been rocking it for a while, it can get boring at times. Blue is a great color to mix with black when you’re looking for something else because it’s going to pop up against the dark color but it’s not going to clash.

Long Side Bangs

Round faces always take advantage of long side bangs. If you want to try bangs and don’t know what kind this is a safe solution to choose from. A long bob will provide a more chiseled face with side bangs.

Elongated straight bangs

Most shadow hairdos fade from dark and silenced at the roots to bold and bright at the end. But to build something new, this style flips the script. You can create weightlessness at the bottom of your hair by lightening the ends and drawing your eyes to the colorful bangs and crown.

Funky Side-Swept Bangs

You can’t go wrong with a bit of temporary color if you need to add some pizazz to the bangs for round heads. Definitely stretching a bright pop of electric blue and teal across the front of your hairstyle will give you an edge. Plus turning heads is sure!

Long Side Feathered Bangs

The same technique you use to build a great outfit can also work to create a beautiful hairstyle; sometimes it’s the little details that make the biggest impact. This look is a winner from the long bang and the gray highlights to the cool sunglasses and red lips.

Two-tone layers

Many different types of bangs work with different hair lengths. Try a super swoop instead of the typical side bangs to upgrade a pixie cut with round face bangs. Throughout the cut it imitates the layers and creates an interesting petal-like effect.

Well hope you’ve now cleared the round face issue of bangs. If you’re still unsure about which hair>medium hair>short haircuts for chubby faces or inspiring looks for round face with pixie cut. 40Next Prev1 —> —> Stylish and Sassy Bobs for Round Faces Super Cute Looks with Short Hair> Stunning Medium Hair> Jaw-Dropping Long Hair> Stunning Looks with Pixie Cut for Round Face Top Flattering Hairstyles for Round Faces Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get hair style inspiration.

Deep Brown Locks

These messy curls reminiscent of dark bitter chocolate display an elegant brunette color mix where the shades start and where they blend so easily. Look no further if you are looking for something simple and sweet! We have protected you. We know our hair when it comes to brunets.

Dark Aubergine

Deep playful lively Can we say more? These are all words that come to mind while walking through a crowd this gorgeous head of hair. To embrace the true meaning of mahogany, this look really surpasses itself with a bit of purple shading.

Dark Wine Red Hair

This style moves somewhere between explicit and subtle in popularity and quick! Where does the red begin to blend in with the purple? Who says that? Who’s really looking for? All that matters is that in your own skin, this fresh look is all about being soft and comfortable.

Vibrant Merlot Curls

The red hair color of this mahogany is really for DYE. Because of the brown foundation, the soft red color is not as in-your-face as other reds. The two-color mixture brings this look to its height enhanced by soft light locks that still satisfy the need for boldness.

Dark Chocolate to Chestnut

This beautiful scanning is a perfect transition from dark to light in one color without going too crazy in modern style. The best way to find your favorite reddish brown look is to start with a deep mahogany brown hair color and flow into a sweet chestnut.

Dark Violet on Black

This look is for an edgy girl who doesn’t fear the unjustified judgment of anyone. With a fresh bob toned with a perfect blend of purple and red with a touch of blue, you’re going to leave the salon radiant and ready to break down every barrier that stands in your path.

Violet winter curls

Ready to cool down the shades of the scarlet and head for a softer violet tone? The color is wintry enough to leave us frozen in reverence and respect, even hinting at a touch of silver. Just make sure you let them heat up to share all the secrets of your hair color!

Bright Chocolate

This mahogany hair color is truly unique with the glow of a fresh visit to the beauty salon. While it may look like a classic chocolate tone at first glance, the icy blue undertones may surprise you, making the exquisite color even more intriguing. Note 4/t4.536.jpg” />

Dark Mahogany

This color is so dark and matches with black beautifully. The curls emphasize the shiny mahogany hue that takes on a glow and gives very dark hair the desired dimension.

Burgundy and Mahogany Blend

Things really get kicked up with this mahogany hair color as we leave the brown behind to embrace our crimson roots fully. Starting literally with the roots, the red violet hues gently cascade into a real mahogany shade worth all the world’s admiration.

Classic and Soft

This shade of mahogany is soft and sweet, perfect for all those who want a classic brunette look that many street chicks are rocking today! This innocent look is guaranteed to turn a few heads with a gentle blonde highlight!

Aubergine Waves

Have a look at this beauty! This is the new look you need for girls that are more interested in making a bold statement with their ùdo! This specific hue is rich and vivid in bringing out the violet elements of the shade we are talking about here.

Balayage Dark Crimson

Balyage shadow is! This look is certainly categorized into the classification of shadows starting with a rather dark mahogany and tipped with a bright reddish purple. The udo got a devil-can-play mentality to be taken out by a sassy girl a bit messily. But this look’s true beauty is that it’s not over – the-top, it’s easy.

Mahogany Balayage

This stunning look may seem very toned-down but it still falls into the brown hair color classification of mahogany! Another sassy look at the balayage will make you feel happy and beautiful!

Light Mahogany Brunette

This style is particularly suitable for those in search of a kind, classic hairstyle and never out of style. A girl can’t go wrong with this relaxed hue, which coils flawlessly, going with a light shade of mahogany.

Vibrant Crimson Curls

Mahogany hair color usually refers to reddish-brown shade, but with this crazy look you can throw the brown out almost completely! In your life, embrace the passionate crimson and go for this bold look that will inspire your inner diva to let your red flag fly. The

Mahogany with Raspberry Accent

A classic all-over mahogany paint job this look is spiced up with some bold streaks of raspberry red framing the face so perfectly and setting off the main color. Burgundy notes take on the very ends. So perfect!

Sassy Medium Mahogany Color

A long bob paired with a reddish-brown color has just improved the ultimate sassy hairstyle? Perfection of the ultimate! This look is guaranteed to make you feel free to be yourself with a touch of trendy elegance, leaning more towards the auburn side of the red spectrum.

Medium Violet

And this hair color of mahogany takes the cake. The answer is at the top of our hair color map with a dark mahogany foundation that fades to light reddish brown to highlight only on one side the ends of the layers. This style is going to look great for anyone looking for a beautiful shift! ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Lighter Mahogany Layer’

‘ This look reveals that today’s patterns are all about intense ‘ unnatural pastel colors or subtlety and natural-looking shades. Again this color blends between chocolate and scarlet with a small splash of purple just thrown in for grins!

Mahogany’s elegance is here! Are you already itching with your luscious locks to try a certain variety of mahogany hair color and blind the masses? Never again downplay your brown hair. It’s time to be positive about it because it’s worth your skin! Prev1 of 20Next —> —> Related Post Plum Hair Color Ideas for Your Next Makeover Unique Ways to Make Your Chestnut Brown Hair Pop Shades of Burgundy Hair Color 2019 Best Styling Tools for Damaged Hair Tried and Tested How to Make a Waterfall Braid in Easy Steps Gray Hair Communities To Support and Inspire Silver Sisters Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Regardless of what your hair type is, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair CutsBob