50+ Kinky Twist ideas

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70+ Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

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15+ Natural Black Hairstyles

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70+ Light Brown With Highlights

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Black Women Hairstyles

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70+ Easy Updos

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30+ Short bob for round faces

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80+ Male Ponytail Styles

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Undercut Hair 2019

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Crew Cuts

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Buzz cuts

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Caesar Haircuts

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80+ Types of Men Hair

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29+ Blonde Balayage Hair Ideas

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21 + Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

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56 Short Sides Long Top Haircuts ( Updated 2019 )

Short sides long top hairstyles are flexible hairstyles that can be customized in several ways. You can have a hair stylist style the hair on top to different textures, cut it in layers or dye it into different colours to match your face shape. 

1. Thick Sleek Back Hairstyle

Image result for Slicked Back Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles men pinterest

This type of hairstyle is considered short and suitable for people who work in a
professional career. You can go through the list below for the latest short
sides long top hairstyles. Check out the 56 best haircuts with short sides for
men below.

Using the hair jelly, you can style your hair in a professional
manner as you like it. You can use the gel to lay it as flat or as puffy as you
want. In the hairstyle above, the long hair in front is combed to the back with
some jelly.

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25 Mens High tight Haircuts

High and tight men haircut is unsophisticated, trendy and does not take much time to maintain. Many men who work in the military have a high and tight haircut as it complies with the haircut code.

High and Tight Fade with Crew Cut

The haircut which features top not more than 2 inches and undercut sides have already existed centuries
ago. Because it is a short haircut, it may not give you many rooms for
customizing and styling it. However, its minimalist design makes it practical
for men from all kinds of career backgrounds. A high and tight haircut is a good
alternative for those who don’t want to shave their head bald.

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Top 35+ Men’s Hairstyles For 2019

Fresh Disconnected Undercut Hairstyle

The disconnected undercut is the best choice if you want to have a
stylish top that grabs people’s attention. The sides are shaved close to
baldness; while the top is not cut but styled with gel to a stylish look. You
can also pair this type of haircut with a beard.


Disconnected Undercut



Mid Drop Fade Haircut for Men

Choose a mid fade cut if you want to look cool and casual at the
same time. This haircut can be easily cut if you have slightly longer hair. The
barber will snip the long hair shorter so that it only reach halfway to the
temples. The arc shape in the drop fade hairstyle can add a high school
appearance to a young man.


Mid Fade

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30+ Bald Fade Haircuts

Skin Fade Men Haircut Are you on the web looking for the latest men hairstyle –
you are on the page that gives you the answer!! I give you this list of the
latest skin fade hairstyle in 2019. By going through this list, you will get
the idea of what is a skin fade hairstyle.

Scroll down and take a look at the model photos to learn all about skin fade

Magnificent Mohawk

Overview of Skin Fade/ Bald Fade Haircut

Skin fade is a type of haircut where the hair gets cut shorter and shorter towards
the nape line with an electric clipper. The majority of the hairstyles require
all the hair on the head to have the same length  but skin fade requires the hair
length to be shorter from layer to layer.

What are the Different Skin Fade/ Bald Fade Haircuts

Below is a list of 20 types of men skin fade haircuts.

1. Braided Top Knot Bun with Disconnected Skin Fade

Disconnected Ponytail Bald Fade

Skin fade has been incorporated in many creative contemporary haircuts that are
ranking on top of the most trendy hairstyle list. You’ll look neater with
your side hair taper faded progressively compared to simply leaving your hair
uncut. This type of haircut looks modern, easy to cut and does not require much

2. Short Fade Slicked Back Haircut with Balanced Beard

Balanced Cut with Beard

Short fade haircut works for hair that has been layered on top. You can get a smooth
contour for the top with the help of a styling gel. As seen in the photo, the
slick back top is cut to match with the style of the beard. The hairstyle can
provide a neater and cleaner appearance.

3. Curly Mohawk with Undercut and Beard

Mohawk Fade

This curly mohawk hairstyle which features a middle row of hair and completely
shaved sides is definitely an eye-catcher.

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29 Undercut Hairstyles for men

This year, the undercut hairstyle is trending as one of the most popular men haircuts. In undercut hairstyle, the
sides will be tapered short.

Disconnected Undercut with Slicked Back Hair

The top is also cut shorter but it has long hair
that can be styled to different looks. It works for men that are born with
straight, curly or wavy hair and it can be styled into traditional and
contemporary hairstyles.

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2019 Men Hairstyles Trends

Medium Skin Fade + Slick Comb Over Top + Beard High Fade + Textured Comb Over Top + Full Beard Faux Hawk Fade High Skin Fade with French Crop and Bushy Beard Men Ponytail Bun with Thick Beard Brushed Up Men Haircut with Taper Fade Side Thick Slick Back Haircut with Bang and Beard Comb … Read more

30+ Cool Boys Haircuts ideas

It can be hard to make up your mind on which hairstyles to choose given there are many styles of boy haircuts. Timeless French Crop with Fade for Boys Boys, even in their young age, have already started to show interest in grooming themselves which is why they like these cute boy hairstyles. As a … Read more

65+ Boys haircuts

Many parents have problems figuring out a suitable haircut for their toddlers. Boys Wavy Comb Over Fade Haircut Source: Edandguysbarbershop If your kid has a cool attitude, you can tell the barber to cut this wavy fade comb-over haircut. It will transform his dull look into a cool boy.  Go ahead and let your kid try … Read more

Havana Twist Hairstyles

Havana twist hairstyle gives you a sophisticated look by tying your hair into braids. To attain Havana twist hairstyle, you must use hair extensions. The extensions are made from synthetic fibre that resembles real hair. You can give your hair a complete change by using Havana twist extension. Carefree Havana Twist Hairstyles for Women You … Read more

Best Mutton Chops

Overview of a Mutton Chop Beard There are a few mutton chop beard styles that become popular in the 19th century. Back then, politicians like to have this type of beard style. They are also popular with bike gangs. List of the Top 20 Mutton Chop Beards 1. Elvis Presley King Mutton Chop The photo … Read more

Silver Blue Hairstyles for 2019

List of Attractive Silver Blue Hairstyles that You Will Love

Have you ever find silver blue colour hair cool? When you are younger, you probably
did not think of dying your hair to silver blue colour. But, now that you are
grown up, you want to go after fashion.


Tips on Silver Blue Hair Maintenance

You can play the video at the bottom to learn how to obtain silver-blue hair.

Look Bold with Silver Blue Color

beautiful silver blue hair color

It is easy to dye your hair to silver-blue but harder to maintain it in long term. The colour
will fade and not appear silver anymore over time. This is the reason why it is
recommended that you only dye your hair partially or just highlight a few
strands of hair. You can dye your hair to silver blue on special occasions. If you only want your hair to be
silver blue temporarily, you can use semi-permanent dye instead. If you like
the colour, you can choose the permanent option.

Top Silver Blue Hairstyles


You can carry out the hair dyeing process for silver blue hair yourself. But, if you want to
add wild colours to hair, it is recommended that you visit the hair salon. The
hairstylist at the saloon will use the right tools and products to apply the
dye on your hair so that they will stay longer. You can go through another
procedure to lighten the hair colour if you dye it too dark.

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55 Haircuts for Men

This year, you’ll want to consider cutting your hair to a tape fade hairstyle as it is a quite fashionable haircut. Taper fade hairstyle is suitable for people with various types of hair including straight, and curls. The following is a list of 55 different tape fades hairstyles.

1. Short Taper Fade for African American Males

Image result for Short Taper Fade Black Male Hairstyle pinterest men


We will start the list with the short taper fade hairstyle particularly for
African American men.

It features a clean 90 degree cut on the forehead.
Overall, the hair is cut short with thin wavy hair on top. To maintain the same
look, you must go to the barber to get your hair trimmed every time you notice
it has grown longer a bit.

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Bryce Harper Hair Ideas For 2019

The following is a list of the top 20 most fashionable Bryce Harper hairstyles that are liked by fans around the world. 1. Bryce Harper Slicked Back Top with Trimmed Beard The top is slicked back to a tall height, the beard is trimmed short and the beard is allowed to grow until it covers almost … Read more