As Bane cCloud TV

As Bane cCloud TV founder said, “Project cCloud TV is known as ‘ Popcorn Time for Live TV. ‘ The project began with 50 channels and has grown over time and now has more than 4000 channels from all over the world. [ … ] Popcorn Time and its simplicity to stream torrents were the inspiration for the project. The service works on the basis of media links that can be found anywhere on the web and the cCloud project makes streaming easier for users.” “2/2.1711.png “Figure 1 Image Courtesy of Roku In addition to the huge content library, it also features unrivaled cross-platform support that includes modern web browsers Kodi Xbox One Apple TV smartphones and tablet support for VLC support, as well as where Not to mention the service worked on Roku TV right up to this recent ban. In addition to cCloud TV Roku also banned USTVnow channel from their platform by the end of March. In this regard, it is to be considered that last year the City of Mexico’s Superior Court of Justice prohibited the import and distribution of Roku devices into the country. This decision was taken after a local cable TV provider filed a copyright complaint with Cablevision and demanded that Roku make “adjustments” to their platform to prevent copyright infringements.