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Britain Soon to introduce £ 10 Porn Passes for ult websitesUnder the Digital Economy Act (2017), it will become more difficult to view pornographic content in Britain than ever before. To check their age and gain access to pornographic content, users will be required to purchase ‘ porn passes ‘ from local newsstands. Failure to comply with the new law could result in fines of up to £ 2,50000. According to the 2017 Digital Economy Act that goes live this year in Britain, new rules are being introduced to govern porn use. To get access to pornographic content, all British users will be required to acquire a ‘ porn pass ‘ from local newsstands as a means of age verification. Last year, the Digital Economy Act 2017 was established to limit porn exposure in Britain. The Act is set to come into full effect later this year with the aid of British Isps and local newsstands selling ‘ porn passes ‘ to any resident who has access to documents for age verification. Failure to comply with the new regulations will result in fines up to £ 250000. It is up to the porn industry to implement the changes to the websites. Porn websites are expected to take responsibility for creating age verification software that only allows users who have access to a porn pass with a specific 16-digit number to access it. Figure 1 Photo Courtesy of The Verge Implementation of the rules has been delayedAs the Verge notes a porn pass would cost about £ 10 and include a 16-digit code for accessing access to pornographic websites. Newsstand operators are required to perform age checks before they give any customer a porn pass. Those wishing to obtain the pass at the time of purchase need to carry a driver’s license or passport. It is up to the Ministry of Culture Media and Sport to implement the new regulations. A department spokesperson claimed that once the porn regulations are in place, the government is set to implement the world’s strictest data privacy laws.