Apple Pencil Alternatives: 5

Apple Pencil Alternatives: 5 Best iPad and iPhone Styluses in 2019Racing to become more productive and organized around the world. In order to match the pace the tech world continues to introduce new products which can help the hustlers of the 21 st-century. Nonetheless. There are hardly any instruments that make a significant difference to our productivity. Another such device is the Apple Pencil. It has revolutionized the way people have communicated with their phones in terms of creating art and taking notes in the last few years. Today there are countless students and digital artists taking advantage of its expansive toolset. Apple Pencil is not compatible with many iPad models, it has said. It is a bummer! These iPad owners want an alternative to an Apple Pencil stylus to add a new layer of utility to their devices. In this article we will explore our top options in terms of functionality and comfort which could replace Apple Pencil. There are many available styluses that lived up to our expectations and showed universal compatibility with iPhones and iPads. We found that when you have the right stylus, note-taking and sketching become easier. Let us find out for you an apt alternative to Apple Pencil. So here’s the list.

1. Adonit Pixel

Summary Cost $72 – $80 for one unit Pros 2048 level of pressure sensitivity Palm rejection Hard on older devices Visit Adonit pixel Once we started picking different styluses to test for this article we were primarily looking for the same set of tools that Apple Pencil offers. But Adonit Pixel has met all our hopes and has shown that Apple Pencil is not the stylus benchmark. One thing you will notice right out of the box is that the pixel tip is superior to 1.9 mm. This helps to achieve a higher level of precision and a perfect paper-like drag for natural writing and detailed forms of art. The Stylus also promises its enormous pressure sensitivity of 2048 levels and improved palm discharge. That takes the Stylus to an entirely different level. Adonit Pixel has a set of shortcut buttons to enable you to quickly access the tools you frequently use with the ability to undo and delete. Users are required to install its iOS app and pair the stylus through it for the full functional benefits. This Stylus is as comfortable as a digital pencil gets according to our tests. It is swift. It is comfortable. And it is reasonably affordable. This alternative to the Apple Pencil merits the first spot on our list.Pros Flat Design Wide compatibility Cons Little buggy to connect at times Visit the number one hardship over using smart pencils is that you can’t place it casually wherever you want. There’s always this fear that even with the light flick, the pencil will roll off your desk or the screen Apparently FiftyThree solves it with its flat, real wood design. The pencil’s entire exterior body is made of real wood, and tapering as you move down to the device’s tip. This gives it real writing device look and feel. We found that the design was inspired by the iconic carpenter pencil, which as usual is the FiftyThree Pencil’s highlight. The pencil is formed at one end to give a right drag on the screen whilst the other is built as an eraser. No matter what you do on the computer you can use its backside to delete it conveniently. This will of course only work when the pencil supports your device. Anyhow after pairing it over a Bluetooth connection all its great features can be unlocked on the device. The pencil also supports palm rejection and allows users to smooth the edges directly on the screen with their bare fingers (like Picasso), and mix colors. It definitely gives a real pencil experience, and transforms the screen into a digital canvas. FiftyThree Pencil supports most of the latest iPads and iPad Pro’s. The service is also applied to iPhones starting with the iPhone 4s. The other thing that surprised us was its battery life, and how it promises to remain operational with normal use for a whole month. You will completely recharge it during the drain outs within the first 90 minutes. This cozy Apple Pencil alternative deserves our second spot. 3.

Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3 “2/2.328.jpg” Overview Price $54 Pros Cons Doesn’t do well with the cursive handwriting Visit Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3 If we remember it correct Wacom started launching useful input devices way before Apple. At present the brand’s top model is the Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3. This stylus is an advanced input device that is compatible with a wide range of iOS devices, and features a dedicated app in the app store of Apple. For its fine-tuned precision this stylus is popular among artists. This gives you the experience of using a real pen on a notebook which makes use of its design effectively. To this the pencil features a fine tip sensitive to pressure. This tip happens to be an ergonomic triangular design — consisting of the soft-touch surface that makes it easy and fun to use on digital devices. This alternative to Apple Pencil is highly customisable. We found it easy to set time-saving shortercut buttons on it while checking. To take full advantage of this Bluetooth-enabled device, it is recommended that you combine it with your device, and use it with your own note-taking application. The app is packed with features and helps organize your life in the smoothest possible way. Every single dime is worth it. 4.

FENTAC Active Stylus

“2/2.329.png” Visit FENTAC Active Stylus FENTAC Active Stylus is compatible with most iOS and Android devices. While pairing it with the latest iPad Pro we found some connectivity issues though. Besides that, FENTAC Active Stylus offers a smooth experience on digital screens when making notes and sketching. Its tip is 2.4 mm in diameter and is made of sensitive fibre. This precision in the design gives users a very similar experience to writing on a page. The Stylus features a powerful built-in 160mAh battery that promises to last to a single charge for up to 15 hours. Nonetheless, this Bluetooth-enabled stylus has no dedicated note-taking feature like the Fineline 3. It limits the tool a bit in terms of functionality but then balances its broad compatibility — making it a little more flexible. When testing the tool worked smoothly on both Android and iOS devices and its fiber tip ensured that none of the screens would end up scratching. It also does not provide the users with a pressure sensitivity which also turned us off a bit. Yet overall it’s a nice alternative to Apple Pencil. 5. Moko Active Stylus Pen

“2/2.330.png” Overview Price Pros 2-in-1 high sensitivity Multicolors Cons Sluggish at times Visit Not everyone has a budget to spend $100 on a stylus. That’s the main reason we’ve tested tens of stylus to get you the best material at the cheapest price. One such product is the Moko Active Stylus Pen that comes at around $30. While testing we found the device to be a great supplement for sketching and natural writing to enjoy. This pencil is particularly suitable for all the new iPads and iPad Pro’s. In addition, it also supports a number of other iOS devices which makes it an acceptable companion for all touchscreens. Moko Active Stylus Pen features a 2-in-1 style that makes it perfect for regular use. It comes with a 1.5 mm fine metal tip which guarantees a high level of precision. Besides that the stylus doesn’t need to be attached to the computer and still works pretty well on most notetaking and drawing applications. The device comes with a strong rechargeable battery, and it takes about 60-70 minutes to recharge from zero fully. The unit lasts with a single charge for about 20-25 days, which is a relative decent score as per us. Another interesting thing is how it turns itself off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. It retains a lot of power and helps you to concentrate on your art other than turning on and off your device — because artists are advised to take a bit of carelessness. It also has a built-in clip, so it can hold on to items like your purse. Generally for consumers in a budget it is a fantastic alternative to Apple pencil. Worthy of recommendation! In this article we discussed the top 5 Styluses available on the internet which could replace Apple Pencil for a variety of reasons. We found that people can come up with a much better deal than Apple Pencil and all the devices featured in this article support iPads and most iPhones. These styluses promise to unlock a new level of productivity whether you’re sketching, taking notes or pursuing any other creative side of the art this would be of great help. Grip. How to Watch ABC Outside the US – Use Live-Stream Watch On-Demand Content with a VPN!

ByNovak Bozovic-March 23, 2019 “2/2.331.jpg” If you’re trying to see ABC and the ‘ Error Code: 403-1-1028 ‘ appear on your screen, you’re definitely beyond the territorial limits of this streaming. Even though you can stream ABC for free, it’s limited only to the US – and the website blocks access from any other country. However, since we have a fully working solution in the form of VPN applications, there’s no need to worry. So let’s take a look at watching ABC outside of the USA.

Doesn’t it?ByNovak Bozovic-March 23, 2019 “2/2.331.jpg” If you’re trying to see ABC and the ‘ Error Code: 403-1-1028 ‘ appear on your screen, you’re definitely beyond the territorial limits of this streaming. Even though you can stream ABC for free, it’s limited only to the US – and the website blocks access from any other country. However, since we have a fully working solution in the form of VPN applications, there’s no need to worry. So let’s take a look at watching ABC outside of the USA.

Doesn’t it?Servers3000 + Countries94 AppsWindowsMaciOSAndroidLinux Router Visit Site Parallel Connections5 Rating9.6/10 It is our firm belief that ExpressVPN is currently the most capable VPN provider. Wherever you are, it can quickly unblock ABC – and also brings a multitude of security-related features. Since ABC has numerous apps across all popular platforms (apart from its Web-only version) ExpressVPN magnificently cover that area. There are apps for all currently popular platforms, and you’ll be able to choose from over 2000 servers. Many of those are in the United States which is what you need to watch ABC. There is also 256-bit encryption with virtually no logs and efficient customer support. If you want to find out more here’s our ExpressVPN review.

Servers700 + Countries70 + AppsWindowsMaciOSAndroid Router at VyprVPN Parallel Connections5 Rating6.9/10 As mentioned in our article about fastest VPN providers VyprVPN brings incredible speeds. So we wanted to recommend this choice to those who want to get the most out of their HD quality Web connection and stream. What’s interesting about VyprVPN is that it comes from Switzerland and owns the entire server network. Their more advanced plans allow you to use the proprietary ‘ stealth ‘ technology of the company (known as Chameleon) that allows you to be completely anonymous online. The only downside is that this provider doesn’t support the torrents. Here’s our VyprVPN review to learn everything else you need to know. 3.

Servers3335 + Countries33 AppsWindowsMaciOSAndroidLinux

4. NordVPN

Servers5700 + Countries60 Router Visit Site at NordVPN Parallel Connections6 Rating9.2/10 It is nice to have so many servers but NordVPN doesn’t disappoint in other areas either. It comes with a pretty simple user interface that works across all devices and platforms. It also brings advanced security tools to eliminate trackers and attempts to hack ads. And besides all this it allows you to use it simultaneously on 6 devices. Switch to our NordVPN analysis for more info. 5.

CyberGhost VPN

Servers5944 AppsWindowsMaciOSAndroidLinux Router Visit Page at CyberGhost VPN Parallel Connections7 Last but not least we have CyberGhost-a very famous Romanian VPN. It’s relatively new on the market but both in terms of features and its user base it grows incredibly quickly. CyberGhost is able to easily unblock ABC and almost any other streaming service out there. It also offers torrenting supports, and is often named among the best gaming VPNs. As we noted in our CyberGhost review it brings fast speeds and allows you to choose between a vast set of specialized servers. Definitely a really interesting pick.



Why can you not reach ABC Outside the USA?

We live in a modern age where time is the most precious commodity and so we like to do ‘ on – the-go ‘ everything. Keeping pace with modern age ABC allows its viewers to watch live streaming of their shows and other content. But that involved a vicious circle. It is compulsory for you to be located in the US to access their content. Or else it will block your connection and you won’t be able to watch any of your favorite shows. Following Netflix and Hulu’s footsteps ABC also kept its content geo-restricted. ABC TV productions are covered by US TV license fees and third party rights agreements. So, there is no broadcast if there is no agreement. Just as simple as that! How to Watch ABC From Anywhere using a VPN?

How easy to use, is the best thing about VPNs. You need to log in to your account once you sign up for a service and download the correct version for your platform / device. Once again we would like to recommend ExpressVPN as your # 1 option, as we believe this VPN is the best value for your money. “2/2.333.jpg” You just need to pick a server in the US once you have the VPN up and running. From there, all of your Web traffic will be encrypted and you’ll get a US-related IP address. Feel free to visit ABC online and there are no blocks you will encounter. This means you won’t see the ‘ Error 403-1-1028 ‘ often associated with trying to watch ABC abroad any more. What Can Apps do for VPN?

Let’s not forget that VPNs are not used only for accessing previously blocked content. They bring a whole range of advantages to make your personal information as safe as possible. VPNs hide your Web browsing from your ISP or any type of online tracker by routing your Web traffic via secure tunnels. They may also be used to avoid hacking ISP attemptsbattle throttling benefits of using VPNs.

Some VPN applications may be blocked in theory by ABC. It all depends on how well those applications are capable. This is why articles such as this help greatly. Our 5 suggestions on best VPNs are all valid responses on watching ABC from outside the USA. All of those we’ve tested and we’re sure they work without any problem. This means the powerful technology that can fight at least for now against the mechanisms of geo-detection at ABC.

What About ABC Go Access? ABC Go is another way of looking at the original content of this broadcaster. It’s present on a wide range of platforms and brings a substantial library of media. It’s however limited to the U.S. If you want access to this service we’ve got a useful article for you. You can read about the best ABC Go VPNs-and you’ll see that this article overlaps with some recommendations. This means you can subscribe to a single VPN for all your entertainment needs. This is where we conclude our article, dear readers. We sincerely hope we have succeeded in providing an answer on how to watch ABC from outside the US. If there is something else you would like to read, please do not hesitate to post a comment below. Thank you, Mr President.