Apple CarPlay To Include Support For Google Maps

Apple CarPlay To Include Support For Google MapsFigure 1 YouTube Image Courtesy: TechCrunch Apple will allow the use of Google Maps and other third-party applications in CarPlay mode. CarPlay previously allowed numerous third-party apps to be used in other scenarios but locked their users in the maps department. The new feature will come with iOs 12 coming later this year. The latest iOs 12 is scheduled to be released later this year and we’ve got news on some new features it will bring to help drivers. There is cause for delight as the tech giant withdraws the limitations with CarPlay that compelled users to use Apple Maps when looking for directions. With the latest Os update Google Maps Waze support and many more third-party maps will be available. Figure 2 Image Courtesy of It should be noted that in other circumstances, CarPlay has already authorized users to use third party applications. However, they previously opted to lock their users into using their own service on the maps department. But with time when Apple discovered that their Map app isn’t exactly a favorite deal they’ve chosen to let consumers use their like with a third-party map application. That small step will certainly improve CarPlay’s adoption rate and make it a more enjoyable and useful feature. Despite the fact that Apple Maps has grown over time, there is no doubt that the competition has offered much better alternatives. In addition, when driving on unfamiliar roads, it helps if you like and find the map service you use helpful.