Antonio Aguilar – Biography of Antonio Aguilar

Pascual Antonio Aguilar Barraza or simply known as, Antonio Aguilar, was one of the most complete Mexican artists, since he stood out as an actor, singer and producer, in all these facets he reaped many successes, but without a doubt his passion was music and it was with what he became known throughout the world, since that thanks to his splendorous voice, his interpretation and his melody he earned the nickname of “The Charro of Mexico”. Its over 160 albums They have been a resounding success in their releases, as they managed to sell more than 25 million copies.

Being considered a legend in Mexican popular music, he is compared with other great figures from that country such as: Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante or José Alfredo Jiménez.
Antonio Aguilar, was born on May 17, 1919 in Villanueva, Zacatecas -MexicoHe lived all his childhood on a farm that belonged to his family for several generations, known as, The big house. Together with his parents, Jesús Aguilar and María de los Ángeles BarrazaThey were a large family because he had six brothers with whom he shared many experiences, his inclination to music is due to his mother who sang in the church of his town and instilled in him a love of art. In his youth, one of his uncles wanted to pay for his aviation studies in the United States, but Antonio had already decided what he wanted to be in life, so he got a scholarship to study singing and thus had to reject the support of your family member.
In 1940 traveled to hollywood to study singing and make his dream come true. Returning to his country, he continued studying and began to perform some presentations where he gained experience in music, in one of those shows they suggested that he sing purely Mexican music, so he dressed as a charro and began the successes in his artistic career. Thanks to an opportunity given to him in 1950, he was able to sing in the XEW, where he was seen by many producers who filled him with proposals for his career.
Among the proposals they made him was that he ventured into the world of acting, so they began to hire him for important projects such as films, A corner near the sky, Now I am rich, Land of men, The glass eye, The winners , Sad memory, etc. .. movies where he played very popular characters that the public liked.

At the same time, Antonio Aguilar, continued with his musical career, as he continued recording his discs, such as: With a northern soul, Successes with mariachi, Three Days, Face to face, Let’s go to the palenque, La crema de la crema, I live in Mexico, among others that were a resounding success in Mexico and other countries around the world.

This great artist died in his country at dawn on June 19, 2007