Women have always been searching for a beauty fountain (including myself). Beautiful and healthy hair is not only a sure sign of youth, but also a sign of vitality. We’re going to face it. Whether you’re a celebrity or a mom stay-at-home, the hair wear is our ultimate crown, it doesn’t matter. For my favorite tips on how to master the youth fountain for your body, read on.


type=Split ends are a sign of damage and neglect. If your goal is to have regular mermaid hair trims, you will make sure that your hair stays healthy and keeps growing. Regular chops (trims) mean you don’t have to cut off as much length when you (finally) get around it. I don’t believe in rules when it comes to length and age. Whether you’re a brunette ginger or a blonde with several tones gives LIFE to your body. Ask for bond treatments (L’Oréal Professionnel’s Smartbond is my go-to) with color services to protect and strengthen hair. Ask for an acid-based glossing service (L’Oréal Professionnel’s Dialight; I call it a Photo Finish because it literally makes hair camera-ready). Not only does it resurface the hair, it also gives an incredible (youthful) shine. Placement is key when it comes to having highlights. Imagine what your hair looked like after a summer break and begin to pay attention to where kids are brighter. Pieces are lighter around the eyes and towards the mid-length and ends for a normal and childlike effect. 289.jpg” />

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type= An unhealthy scalp is not only a sign that something is off-balanced about our bodies but can also make you feel uncomfortable about flakes and/or obvious discomfort. Wash your hair frequently if you have flakes (for those of you who clean less than twice a week). If you let it fester, it will only continue to worsen. If you begin to notice more scalp than hair in your part line area, try switching your part. When you think your hair is thinning, don’t be afraid to start using Rogaine as a topical treatment. This is successful if you start to incorporate it before it’s too late in your hair routine. Hair supplements help in the internal fight against the hair loss battle. Nutrafol is my current obsession; when I was going through a traumatic divorce, it rescued my thinning hairline absolutely. If everything mentioned above doesn’t cut it try PRP hair restoration treatments (can be expensive and painful) or microblading to add natural hair strokes to the scalp. If everything else fails, yes, women get hair transplants. This is the most expensive option, but there are new methods of transplanting hair follicles individually and in clusters depending on the destination (location).


type= Use a thermal protector especially if you’re using any type of hot tool (flat-iron curling iron blow dryer). Some of my favours are Kerastase Serum Therapiste (cream) and L’Or © al Professionnel -in- (spray). Try to limit the use of hot tools. Remember, it’s direct heat that can leave hair brittle and dry, leading to split nodules and breakaggles. It’s like hair’s fingerprint. To promote natural texture, a haircut will work. Whether it’s kinky curly wavy or straight embracing this texture and cutting will make a haircut look your own. In addition, when a haircut is cut to enhance the natural texture styling, it becomes much easier (think wash and wear).

<h2 Change Comes in Many Forms

I try to make it as simple as possible for my customers to understand a haircut. In layman’s terms, there are two major variables to a haircut. I like finding ways to draw attention to my clients ‘ eyes or cheekbones. Sometimes I use short layers around the head (not right at it at all times above or below the chin). Bangs are a favorite choice for almost anyone who can wear them and there are many options (micro square round curtain etc.) Though, sometimes a clean one-length shape can have the most dramatic impact on attracting attention to the face, particularly when the length is off the shoulders.

<h2 Enjoy the process

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Updated October 2019 Are you still washing your hair every day? If so, here’s the ultimate guide on how and why you should stop shampooing every day! Nevertheless, there are many benefits that come with the dirty doin. Keep reading with the help of a professional stylist to break the vicious cycle! <h2 Why shampooing daily Isn't an option

Contrary to what you might think this post is about not actually washing your hair. How often do you shampoo your hair? This is a question I always ask when consulting my customers. There are many who are shocked when they respond daily and see my disapproval reaction! I try to be nice but often cringe at the thought. There are two ways in which you can do this. The gradual ease-yourself-in way or the wild balls-to-wall way that requires one-week shampooing. You’re going to be greasy and the people who see you might be more scared. I highly recommend a lot of hats. This is going to be the best way to train your hair to avoid overproduction of oil. But I suggest the gradual approach in fact. Every other day, just start shampooing. Add another day after a week not to clean so it’s every two days. You’re getting the gist. I’m shampooing my hair twice a week. Of course, everyone is special. You may only be able to shampoo once a week if you have more coarse hair. Three times a week may need finer hair. Try to see what works for your hair type.

<h2 Tips for Extending Time Between Hair Washes

Here are some tips and tricks to help you with this process. type= Do not rinse your hair thinking it will help you feel cleaner. Through getting your hair wet and then rinsing, you can only scatter the oils around producing a greasy result. Instead, try to put your blow-dryer on the cool setting and give a quick quiosh to your hair to remove any dust and debris. Use some dry shampoo if graase is your struggle. So many are on the market now; I love Design. Me Quickie. Me at the moment. To absorb any excess oil, you literally just spray it on your roots. Aim to use dry shampoo to get ahead of the oil on clean hair. With a clarifying shampoo, wash your hair once in a while to eliminate grease from cosmetics (including your new best friend’s dry shampoo) and extend the time between washes. When you’re not shampooing in the shower, always wear a shower cap. This simple hack will help you to avoid being frizzy. Consider conditioning for moisture only the ends of your hair without the area of the scalp. Learn how to make updos easy and fast to pull back your hair as frequently as possible. Remove oils in the routine of your hair care. Switch to cream or serum coloring that does not leave greasy hair. To distribute natural oils from the scalp to the ends, try using a natural boar-bristle brush. And finally, don’t touch too much of your hair. Our bodies have natural oils everywhere, together with our scalp. When you brush your skin, the oils on your hand will be passed to your hair all the time.

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