Anna Paquin – Biography of Anna Paquin

The actress Anna Helene Paquin was born in 1982, in Winnipeg, Canada

She’s daughter of Mary, an English teacher and a native of New Zealand, and from Brian paquin, a physical education teacher. Anna He moved to New Zealand when he was four years old.

Attended school Raphael Housse Rudolf Steiner, until he was 8 or 9 years old. Then he went to Hutt Intermediate School, but he completed his education outside of New Zealand, in Windward shcool in 2000, in Los Angeles California, where she moved with her mother following her parents’ divorce.

I study in the Columbia university for a year, but dropped out to pursue an acting career ever since.

His artistic debut took place in the 1993 film “The piano”, in which she was praised by critics, and incidentally has earned her a nomination for Golden Globe and a Oscar to Best Supporting Actress with only eleven years.

Because“The piano“It was an independent cinema movie, it wasn’t supposed to be so successful, that’s why Anna and his family had not considered continuing in the film circle. But with her performance in this film she was invited to be part of the prestigious William Morris agency, and continued to receive job offers.

In 1996, she was seen in two movies. The first was in the role of the little girl Jane eyre, in the movie “Jane eyre“. The 0tra was the protagonist of”Flying free“, next to Jeff daniels.

He again attracted worldwide attention, with his role as Rogue, in the successful and blockbuster “X Men” (2000), and in its sequels “X-Men 2“(2003) and “X-men: the final decision“(2006). In them he shared the screen with Patrick Stewart, Halle berry, Ian McKellen Y Hugh jackman.

Then, already a lover of acting, she made her theatrical debut in 2001 in the production of “The Glory of Living”, in which she was nominated for an award Drama Desk, and won an award Theater World by his action.

The following year, he appeared in the theater West End from London, in the production of “This is Our Youth”.

During those years, he also participated in other less renowned films such as “The temptation“(1999) with Viggo Mortensen Y Diane lane, “Discovering Forrester“(2000) with Sean Connery, Y “A history of Brooklyn“(2005) with Laura linney.

In the summer of 2006 he agreed to start filming “Blue State”, of which she was also an executive producer.

In the course of 2008, he has participated in 5 episodes of the series “True Blood”, In the role of Sookie Stackhouse, and likewise, it will be seen in the rumored “Metamorphosis“with Stephen Rea.

In 2009, they are expected “Trick` r Treat “ Y “Margaret” next to Matt Damon Y Mark RUffalo.

In her personal life, she has been linked to the actor Logan marshall green, with whom he was for a year. It is rumored that she is currently in a relationship with the actor Kieran culkin, with whom he has maintained a close friendship for several years, having worked several times with him in theater and cinema.

Anna lives in Los Angeles. During 2001, he obtained New Zealand citizenship, then having dual citizenship, along with Canadian.