Anna Faris – Biography of Anna Faris

Anna Faris was born in 1976, in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

This actress has risen to fame mainly for her roles in the movies of “Scary Movie”, where he has stood out and shown his impeccable work.

Faris She has grown up in Edmonds, Washington, where she has studied and upon completion, encouraged by her parents, begins her acting studies in order to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.
His first professional performance was at the age of 9 in the Seattle Repertory Rheater.

Subsequently his first major film role has arrived, which has taken place in independent production “Lovers Lane” in 1999, followed by her breakthrough with the horror movie parody film Scary movie the next year.

This blonde woman of 1.65 m. truly irresistible, she has risked losing her fame as a fatal blonde by dyeing her hair black for the filming of “Scary Movie”, which confused the audience, believing that she is chestnut.

With regards to her love life, she is married to the actor Ben indra, whom he met while working on “Lovers Lane”, and with which he dated since 1999.