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How to stay legal when cutting cords – A Simple Easy GuideDo you know how to stay legal when cutting cords? More people have had access to the secure broadband internet over the past few years. That has made the entire experience of watching videos online even easier. From the comfort of your own home or Tv screen you can now easily watch a new movie or your favorite show without thinking about renting a Dvd. What else? Such new entertainment systems are outstandingly powerful. It means you can enjoy a stream music full-screen experience and even play games-all from a single system. Nevertheless you must be vigilant not to touch the ‘ wrong ‘ side of the law. So let’s see how to stay legal when you cord-cut.

About Cord-Cutting!

Tv set manufacturers are stepping up. Now you can easily connect your TV to all sorts of hardware and watch whatever you want. Some apps have also sprung up to feed the need for more affordable and sometimes free entertainment. But that doesn’t mean that cord-cutting is all rosy; at least not on the legal front. Here’s all you need to know about the gray areas and what to do to stay legal while cord cutting.

The Illegal Side of Cord-Cutting

Getting online now and watching famous movies and shows for free is pretty simple. But when it comes to watching the full-length versions without charging for them, it’s a whole different ball game. For example downloading a film from iTunes costs up to $14.99. A lot of cord-cutters are unwilling to pay that amount. Spending less on these material is after all the whole point of cord-cutting. And even if all the money you spend is the media ever really yours? The high prices attributed to these entertainment content are undoubtedly the reason why so many people have come to associate cord cutting with a whole host of illegal practices. Many genuinely smart people have come up with creative yet inaccurate ways of beating the system. But this is the right thing to do? Whatever the odds, when cord-cutting it will be better to remain legal for ever. This is possible, and not very hard. Illegal cord cutting activities can of course never be supported (at least not with TechNadu). They are a way to get the shows and movies you want faster and more convenient, but they remain illegal. This article merely points them out so you know what to keep away from. So, what are some of the most common ways in which people illegally cut the cord?


Mass demand for illegal streaming services and sports streams is on the rise. As a result torrenting and illegal download links have become even more common on message boards (such as Reddit). In all these one thing stands out clearly; piracy is only a short-term solution to a truly cord-free lifestyle. Being legally on the safe side when cutting; stop pirating online TV content.

Is piracy an choice that is sustainable?

The rising number of legal streaming services and apps bears witness to the rapid growth of the TV entertainment industry. It also makes those programs get more accessible by the day. This form of assurance gives that the piracy epidemic is diminishing slowly. Piracy may seem a step ahead of legal services right now – but it won’t stay that way forever. .459.459 Cord cutting could be the same thing. A lot of Tv shows and movies are now available at an affordable price on many streaming services. You can even watch some of these for free on YouTube. Legal options are still lagging behind for new releases, and this is one of the only things that keeps the piracy business alive in the video room. Biding digital rentals for the latest flicks is still popular for streaming services. Which means you can (illegally) make permanent copies while renting new releases. And since rent prices appear to be really high for those, this just promotes piracy. That is morally wrong, of course; it’s always best to stay legal while cord-cutting. The newest episodes of popular Tv shows are also major piracy targets. Individual show episodes like Game of Thrones cost roughly $2. To the average American, that’s still a bit expensive. There’s no legal way cord-cutters can watch this show in places like Canada. This explains why such shows have such a high piracy rate. And sports broadcasts are another popular destination of piracy for sports fans. Streaming games are always full of blackouts from the major American sports leagues. This could explain why fans turn to streaming illegally to keep up with their favorite teams.

Bypassing Geo-Blocking Geo-Blocking applies to restricting online content to a country or region in particular. As a result, people outside the region will be blocked from accessing the information. Nowadays more and more websites use geo-blocking and it sucks. The problem with that approach lies in the internet’s fundamental nature. The World Wide Web has made old frontier theories obsolete in some way. In the technical sense they still exist but the internet has allowed people across borders to live in a massive global community. But some media corporations and streaming services do not seem to have received the memo. That has led some cord-cutters to come up with creative ways of bypassing limits on geo-blocking. It includes primarily the use of techniques such as free proxy servers Vpns and Dns servers. And the more gutsy people go as far as using apps for the illegal streaming and file sharing.

How to remain legal Cord-cutting Compared to piracy and illegal cord-cutting tends to be as costly and difficult as traditional cable TV. But if you want to remain legal when you cord-cut here are a few options that you can consider.

Find the Right Streaming Service

If you use your TV to watch movies and shows you need some extra equipment. You will pick the best streaming service (or two) for you once that is completed. The option here depends on your needs and on your budget. That said, many people see Netflix Hulu and Amazon Video as the best options. Another popular streaming service is the.460.460 Hulu. However during a movie or episode you may have to sit through several advertisements. Its only saving grace is that Hulu lets you watch your favorite shows ‘ newest episodes 24 to 48 hours after they’re aired. Amazon Video is a relatively new streaming service, but very quickly it has become popular. You will have access to newer shows and original content from old classics. It may not have a wide selection of other choices but many think it is worth it. If your main focus is on catching the new films and television shows then DirecTv may be the best streaming service. You get access to 60 channels for a small fee. You can even add prime networks such as Cinemax or Hbo for just $5 each. Besides that you will be able to stream live on up to two computers. .461.461 That isWhat are you thinking about sports?

Most sports fans have avoided cord-cutting for a long time, because they could only watch their favorite teams via cable TV. Nevertheless, most major sport franchises have started collaborations with online platforms to stream their content. You can now watch the weekly Mlb matches on Twitter and Amazon Prime on FacebookThursday Night Football. But if you want more sources of sports, then you can find them on Sling Tv. This has quickly become the most accessible way to legally find up-to-date sports content online.

For most downloaders, the cord-cutting approach has become favoured because downloading can be a little bit hit or skipped. Often, in seconds, you can access the show or movie that you want. But you have to contend with unnecessary buffering at other times, and always pop up advertisements. Can quickly turn a two-hour movie into a five-hour case. Moving to the dark side is not the solution though. If you want to remain legal when it comes to cord cutting, you will have to pay. That is the simple truth about no-filtering. Infringement of copyrights is easy and very convenient free of charge. But Cheating is also the digital equivalent. And you can be opening up to malware attacks. Isn’t that such a great trade-off? Settling in on an inexpensive plan is the best way forward. Choose a streaming service or bundle that lets you watch all of the shows you want. To help you fulfill all your entertainment needs, find the right equipment and most importantly get a broadband connection that is good enough for your streaming needs! Negotiate haggle and negotiate until much of your Isp is wrangled out. At the beginning this may be daunting but it will certainly pay off in the long run. Clearly it’s the best way to stay legal while cording.