Amy Madigan – Biography of Amy Madigan

His family is made up of his mother Pains, a union worker, and her father John madigan, a well-known political analyst and journalist in his city.
Under this social framework, she grew up with strong liberal and political beliefs.

Her childhood was really quiet and from a very young age she showed a great aptitude for all kinds of arts, be it painting, music or drama.
For this same reason, her parents always encouraged her to take classes in whatever she wanted.

So it was that he entered the Chicago Conservatory to study piano, to which he later added all kinds of percussion, keyboard and vocalization.
Also since she was little she attended the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute.

Once he had finished his secondary education, he decided to go to the city of Wisconsin to study at the Marquette University.
There he was received in the career of Philosophy and shortly after, in 1970 he moved to the city of Los Angeles.

There he lived for a time, acting in a few minor plays, but began to make some money by touring with Steve Goodman, playing keyboards and choirs for him.

Once he returned to Los Angeles, he decided to pursue a career in acting, which was almost immediately started in 1982 with the feature film “Love child”.

He then appeared in “The Day After”, An apocalyptic film that spoke of a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union.
In 1983, she married the actor Ed harris

Immediately afterwards, his career continued to march forward with “Streets on Fire”Each time getting better roles, this time with Willem dafoe.
Also in 1984 was that he acted in “Places in the Heart“With her husband Ed harris.

The following year she was awarded a Golden globe for his performance within “Twice in a Lifetime“, where Gene Hackman He played a man who goes through a mid-life crisis when he finds himself in love with another woman who is not his wife.

Some time after this, in 1988, He returned to the screens to star in the dramatic comedy, and since that day they have never separated.
In his next film, “The Prince of Pennsylvania”, appeared next to a young man Keanu reeves and the already famous Fred ward.

Already in 1989 he had his greatest role when acting in “Field of dreams“, An adaptation of the novel”Shoeless joe”.
It was starred by Amy Y Kevin Costner and received nominations for Academy Awards for Best Music, Best Screenplay Y Best film.

After some low-budget productions that went unnoticed by the box office, Amy returned to star in a movie with Ed harris in 1996.
The classic “Riders of the Purple Sage”Was the last filmed version of the four already in existence.

Again the time was extended for her in some television productions, to reappear on the big screen with her husband in his first direction “Pollock”.
The film was very successful and featured the appearance of Val kilmer, Jennifer connelly Y Marcia Gay Harden.

Already in the new millennium he participated in some minor feature films such as “A Time for Dancing”From the year 2000; “The Laramie Project” Y “Just a dream” of 2002; “In the Land of Milk and Money” Y “The Discontents”From 2004.

In the 2005 was among the cast of “Winter passing“, A comedy that featured her husband, Ed harris, in the title role and a supporting role of the flamboyant comedian Will ferrell.

That same year he also began to have a stable role in the series Criminal minds that still remains on the air today.

His most recent feature film was “Gone Baby Gone”, The directorial debut of Ben affleck, where they also appeared Casey affleck, Morgan freeman and her husband Ed harris.