Amazon Teaches P To iOs users, the standalone Google Newsstand is now being dropped, making it part of the new and updated Google News update. For their latest Ai ventures Google seems to take the media by storm. The new Ai-powered Google News software, announced at the Google I / O conference last week, is now available for iOs. The new app focuses on machine learning and news curation algorithms for consumers. Google is focusing heavily on machine learning and artificial intelligence, and the findings of work by the tech giant are finally showing up. The new Google News app has a ton of new functionality and the app’s revamped algorithm makes it easier for users to access information that is more important. The Android version of the app has already been live for more than a week. .808.808 Figure 1 Google Image Courtesy The new app includes four parts that include chronologically breaking news material and local news and articles. The tailored “About You” segment gets better over time as the app learns what individual users ‘ tastes are when it comes to viewing news content. The now outdated Google Newsstand software has already been taken down by Google on both Android and iOs. There are also paid subscription options available for the app that allow users to directly access paid content from popular news outlets via Google’s app. The company has worked with media organizations around the globe to acquire exclusive content. Finally, it’s interesting to note that Google’s move comes right after Apple turned its attention on the Apple News app forming alliances for Buzzfeed’s exclusive material.