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Snapchat Launches SnapKit Application Framework To Third Party Developers.223 Figure 2 Photo Courtesy of Snapchat Snapchat has told customers that user information will not be passed on to third parties and protection is one of the priorities of the messaging app when introducing SnapKit. Any device with login integration not used for 90 days would automatically log Snapchat users out of the app and all third-party applications that use the SnapKit will have to adhere to the strict privacy policies of the messaging platform. Data such as friends lists and messages will not be made available to third parties, and will only continue to be stored on encrypted servers from Snapchat. Snapchat was losing out on users because of decisions which adversely affected the engagement of the app. With a divisive redesign that angered millions of users and raised user awareness of privacy after multiple social media controversies and data leaks, Snapchat will have to boost its level of user satisfaction to restore its level of engagement to its glorious days.