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ByNitish Singh-February 11, 2019.631 The Motion Picture Association has released ISP blocking statistics covering recent years. Blocking has proved effective, with thousands of websites blocked in the Emea area, according to the Mpa Isp. Africa and parts of Europe remain immune to blocking of Isp. Over 4000 websites have been blocked in 31 countries according to Mpa’s head of legal department (Emea) Okke Delfos Visser. The proxies of statistic variables and the backup domains are separately banned with 8150 ‘ real ‘ domain names. One of the most notable locations in Africa where anti-piracy efforts were unsuccessful. That may change in the future though. Portugal and Italy were the most involved in blocking pirate websites. Portugal blocked 944 pirate sites while Italy blocked 855. With only one row, Lithuania is the least active in Europe. Nearly 42 percent of all global blocking procedures were conducted by government administration, while 53 percent were done by civil and criminal courts. For 3000 of the 1000 blocks introduced in the last three years, site blocking has become more common than ever. While most governments and online search engines comply with copyright holders, some companies such as Google have been reluctant about the Mpa’s proposed site blocking activities that would provide full control of site blocking to copyright holders. Mpa replied to Google’s view by saying: “If Google was unhappy with this, the company was even more unhappy with the extension of site blocking provisions (which allow Australian-based service providers to disable access to offshore pirate websites) to search engines in another piece of legislation targeting a specific issue of copyright infringement. “When dealing with pirate website owners one of the most difficult issues is anonymity. Tracking pirate website operators and the damage done by them is very difficult until investigations and criminal proceedings are complete.