80+Amazing Pompadour Haircuts

Beautiful Modern Pompadour

Talking about fashion and design, click here. It is an arctic blonde pompadour layered and feathery over a natural dark brunette taper fade. The design involves a tailor-made white suit with black silk lapels and a leopard print shirt in black and white. Have you noticed that makeup?

Blue Skin Fade Pompadour

Blue has always been a big hit for non-standard hair color enthusiasts. It’s easy and simple to wear. Before you get it, though, you’ll still have to bleach, and we advise you not to attempt to do it at home.

Casual Skin Fade Pompadour

For a female, the pompadour was created, and for a hundred years it continued to be a feminine haircut.

Cool Skin Fade Pompadour

Here’s a blue color called forget-me-not bound to speak about you long after you’re gone. If you decide to donate this shade, nobody will miss you in a hurry. The wonderful thing is it operates both in winter and in summer.

Copper Skin Fade Pompadour

Copper is a brand new color that has become trendy late and has become the ultimate fashion replacement for rose gold. So, whether your hair is copper naturally, or you’ve got to color it, make sure you attempt copper at least once.

Eggplant Fade Pompadour

Eggplant is a violet color. Mimicking the vegetable itself, it’s very dark and rich. It also has a metallic tinge in this version, so it can maintain up with present trends. Use a glossing agent on your hair to replicate the look.

Elegant skin Fade Pompadour

After that, it dropped a little out of grace and it seemed to be forgotten. Until, somehow, people picked it up in the s in a weird turn of events and made it their own, even though it had been a haircut for two decades for women.

Faux Hawk Pompadour

It’s crazy how much hair wax or spray you’ll need for this fake hawk skin, but it sure looks awesome!

Golden Skin Fade Pompadour

What could be better than your dark hair’s lengthy, golden stripe? Nothing, and you know, beats gold. The best way to get it is to choose the golden blonde color you can use for a set of highlights from peekaboo.

Green Skin Fade Pompadour

Green is the ideal summer hair color. It looks extremely new and matches the atmosphere. Moreover, it will make you look amazing in all the images you take at Coachella and Burning Man.

Handsome Modern Pump

Depending on the version you choose, pompadours can be very simple to keep. We recommend that you invest in products of high quality hair care that can hydrate your locks and make it simpler to smooth back.

Indian style Pompadour

This one is a little more classic, it reminds me of India, but it still looks cool and you can make it work easily, especially if you have wavy hair and don’t mind shaving it all day.

Long Fringe Modern Pompadour

Simply placed, and as a fundamental thumb rule, the pompadour haircut consists of medium-length hair, particularly on the front, which has to be smoothly balanced over the forehead and the head crown.

It is now regarded to be a masculine haircut with females borrowing it from time to time.

Would you like something even more? Try our list of pompadour’s most flashy hair.

Medium-length Modern Pompadour with Bald Fade

This is a slight twist to the classic pompadour, but generally with a bald fade and longer hair. That element makes the little goatee and moustache just add to the charm for a wilder look!


Minimal Design Modern Pompadour

We are now witnessing one of the many revivals that pompadour has witnessed in his lengthy life. It exploded back in the mid-s into celebrity, and since then it hasn’t left us. Scores of celebrities wear it now, so keep scrolling as we also have some on our list.

Boys ‘ Modern Pompadour

Pompadour is also an appropriate hair. Besides that, because it makes them look cool and popular with their schoolmates and other kids, it is their preferred option.

Modern Pompadour with a beard

The pompadour was created and named after Madame de Pompadour, who resided in France at the start of the 19th century and was a maid of King Louis the 14th. Her use on a big, white, and powdered wig.


Modern Pompadour First stuff. Did you understand that the pompadour was initially a hair years after its founding, mostly worn by males and regarded a manhood staple.

Modern Pompadour with Hair Tattoos

This is an exceptional pompadour which also acts as a false hawk. It’s colored bottle blonde, has a rasped fade plus a hair tattoo. The hairstyle is complicated and has a lot of visual information to sum up the end of the s perfectly.

Modern Skin Fade Pompadour

Although when Elvis and James Dean began wearing it, the pompadour got traction back in the s, you need to update it a little if you want to wear it today. Here’s a contemporary haircut version.

Neon Blue Pompadour

Clubbing colors are in love with us! They strongly remind us of the s, and we can’t wait until we attempt for ourselves one of these shades. This is light neon blue, which if they happen to be blue or green, will highlight your eyes.


Orange Fade Pompadour

Orange, yellow banana and white platinum? Yes, please, please! Where are we going to register? Of course, at the hair stylist. Do not try to take this one off at home, please. You’re going to end up with a failed YouTube video.

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Fake Part Pompadour

This side part may qualify as either a difficult portion or a fake portion. Hard parts typically don’t stretch so far back that you can call it what you want. The significant thing is it looks very nice and it’s on the trend.

Messy Waves pompadour

Not every pompadour has to be a sliced back comb over. True, that was the case in the s and s for the pompadours. Times have altered, however, and the contemporary hairstyle version can take some creative mess.

Platinum Highlights Pompadour

Platinum goose is the largest color of the year. Therefore, if you consider yourself a style star in your own right, it is a must that you try it. If you don’t want your hair to bleach, just go for a couple of highlights.

Pretty Skin Fade Pompadour

Did you understand that in France the pompadour was invented in s? It was created by a hair stylist particularly to create her stand out for Madame de Pompadour, who was a mistress of King Louis the XIVth.

Red Hair Skin Fade Pompadour

We enjoy this brunette red tip pompadour. The red color is somewhat matt and turns to orange sunset, which makes it stand out even more against the natural brunette. This is a book haircut.

Red Modern Pump

Whether you are a natural redhead or choose to dye your hair in this colour, we support you entirely. This is one of this year’s major trends. As a replacement for older matt colors and rose gold, copper and brass have blazed their way in.

Blonde Bangs Skin Fade Pompadour

The same applies to this variant of the blonde bangs pompadour. You will notice that the traditional pompadour is much more architectural and angular. Part of it is the illusion created by the blonde’s highlights.

Skin Fade Pompadour with

If you look carefully at this haircut you will notice that on the side it has a tiny hair pattern shaped like a fading straight line. It’s a touch of elegance and class that offsets the pompadour’s rebelliousness.

Skin Fade Pompadour with Peekaboo Highlights

Peekaboo highlights are a great way to update your look without creating a major shift with which you may be awkward. They consist of tiny hair strands in striking colors that you need to color.

Skin Fade Pompadour with Purple Highlights

This centuries-old haircut can easily be brought into modern age. All you have to do is add some peekaboo highlights like this beautiful purple in non-natural colors. Choose the most enjoyable color.

Skin Fade Pompadour with Spikes

Another concept is how to handle your contemporary pompadour. Create some spikes at the top to give the s’s familiar feeling when we were all wearing gelled spikes. Do you remember?

Teal Modern Pompadour

This is the trend we mentioned above. It asks you to choose a non-traditional color and then dye the same shade of your beard. We recommend you do a little test first as your skin may have a bad reaction to the coloring.

Adam Lambert

Having a successful stylist is what it implies. The dark brown and ultra-glossy chocolate hair of Adam Lambert highlights his incredibly blue eyes in a manner that we have never seen before. He also has the correct quantity of beard and moustache to keep his beautiful characteristics from hiding.

Autumn Skin Fade Pompadour

This is a pompadour variant that is ideal for falling. The hair was colored in a beautiful copper brown color in a delightful dark caramel brown with some slightly lighter strands at the top.

Bald Skin Fade Pompadour

This is a pompadour variant which does not require much maintenance. All you need to do is apply the product and run your fingers from time to time through your hair as the day passes.

Black and White Skin Fade Pompadour

This one can also be called Pepe le Pew. All jokes aside, this year’s color block or two-tone trend was big. So you might want to try it out. It feels cool, new, edgy, just what you need.

Blonde Modern Pompadour

Thanks to Elvis, the pompadour has remained extremely common over the next two centuries, both s and s. Also, the King is liable for never letting go of this hairstyle. Even today people love the pompadour’s beauty as worn by the young Elvis.

Blowout Modern Pompadour

You might even attempt a good blowout if you’re feeling courageous. Get your hair blower and a round brush out and get prepared to spend some time in front of the mirror because this child is not going to be simple.

Pompadour Blowout

The blowout is another form of contemporary pompadour. This look can be achieved by using your hair dryer as well as a copious quantity of hairspray to ensure that everything remains high and powerful all day long.

Blue Modern Pompadour

Building on the above, it may be a responsibility to attempt to be as creative as possible when wearing a pompadour, just to honor its history. So don’t hold back.

Bruno Mars

Singer-songwriter Bruno Mars is just the first to join our list of contemporary pompadour concepts. He used to adopt a classic pompadour for a long time in his career, inspired by Elvis, adding a contemporary touch with hipster sunglasses and chunky golden rings.

Chris Evans

In true life, Captain America himself, Chris Evans, has brown chestnut hair that highlights his baby’s blue eyes. He wears it with some pomade or comparable hair products in a carefree pompadour. A bushy yet trimmed beard accompanies his hairstyle.

Clean Skin Fade Pompadour

We enjoy the finishing touches on this faded pompadour. The edges of the haircut are lined and trimmed to perfection, as well as the beard’s lines themselves, making it look almost geometrical.

Combed Skin Fade Pompadour

Using a big comb, this look can be achieved very readily. First, add some hair gel and then comb your hair to create it look like this to your pompadour. Occasionally, don’t forget to trim your fade, so it doesn’t grow out.


Cool Skin Fade Pompadour was also about enabling people to begin grooming more. The preceding decades were very classic and austere, meaning the s and s. The greaser kid, however, was renowned for spending hours before the mirror.

The Dan Stevens

The actor Dan Stevens was photographed in a tailor-made suit and wearing a contemporary pompadour for the Giorgio Armani campaign a few years ago. We like to believe this was all the audition he needed for a prince to play in Beauty and the Beast.

Daniel Radcliffe

The actor Daniel Radcliffe always sports an initial quiff. It’s chaotic and courageous, helping to stretch his face. If you have the same kind of face, you might want to think about attempting this as well.

David Beckham

For many years he was not only a king on the soccer field, but he was also the hair king who attempted every haircut in the globe, so it was only natural to attempt a pompadour as well.

Deep Blue Modern Pompadour

Looking for unique hair colors? How about this aquamarine profound blue? We love the fact that in this situation, even the taper fade was carefully colored.

Flat Top

The contemporary pompadour can also be combined with a flat top. If you have shorter hair, this can be accomplished by combing not only the hair in the front but also the hair on the sides, bringing everything to the middle.

Fuchsia Modern Pomp

You need to realize that when you wear a pompadour there is no holding back. You’re sporting, as its history demonstrates, a women’s haircut invented years ago that was worn on high-powered wigs in the sky with back coils. That’s never going to top anything you can do!

Gelled Modern Pompadour

This is a pompadour variant which you can carry on your prom. It’s a gelled style that can be created for you by your stylist if you can’t handle it alone. It has a number of well-oiled layers and a difficult portion.

Gray Modern Pomp

If you’re searching for something more demure but non-conventional, why not attempt some metallic gray? Use mousse and hairspray to raise the pompadour as high as you can and add parallel lines.

The Gray Pompadour

Here’s a wonderful color you can attempt and pass on to your natural color. It’s a gray hair that merges on the sides and back into the skin where you can see the taper. Fantastic!

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Hard Part Modern Pump

In essence, a difficult part is an upgraded typical hair portion. The distinction is that you are liable for it because your stylist or barber has to deliver it to you with a razor. It’s best not to attempt to do it on your own at home.

Harry Styles

Unable to speak of One Direction without mentioning Harry. He has curly wavy hair that he once wore in a chaotic, shiny pompadour that sweetened his profoundly angular face.

High Fade with Loose Pompadour

With the assistance of a nice dollop of gel or hair wax, this skin fade pompadour is completely layered. From the side, due to the sectioning of the hair strands and the manner they were highlighted, it almost feels like a fauxhawk.

‘s trending content!

High Fashion Modern Pump

Fashion is very essential when wearing a cool haircut like pompadour. Depending on the hairstyle you wear, styling is essential, and this is just one instance you can use as inspiration.

High Skin Fade with Beard

Let’s begin with a little pompadour sliced back over the head with gel. A heavy skin fade has been handled on the sides and back. For peak impact, you can combine it with a lengthy beard.

James Franco

The evidence that James Franco looks great with a pompadour is not necessary. He was selected to play James Dean in a biopic primarily because the iconic actor looks so much like him. Therefore, his thing is certainly upturned collars and a pompadour.

Jelled Skin Fade Pompadour

All pompadours will obviously involve some hair product type. Otherwise, you’re not going to keep your hair in place. But if you’re trying hard, this masterpiece can be produced on your head.

The Jimmy Q

Continuing on the above, here’s Jimmy Q, a contemporary greaser who took the rebel with his many wonderful tattoos and theatrical jewelry to make a step further. That was all about the greaser spirit. Opposition to formality.

Jon Kortajarena

Jon Kortajarena, rightly named one of the most beautiful male models in history, certainly argues for the contemporary pompadour. His hair is brown chocolate milk complimenting his olive skin.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has never been able to completely dig blonde hair so here he sports a teenage version of a gelled pompadour with a taper fade and his iconic smoldering look to the camera in all his glory.

The Justin Timberlake

While we are enormous fans of his blonde meets brown pompadour, we can honestly say that whatever hair is nice after the blonde ramen.

Lavender Modern Pompadour

We’re not meant to have favourites, but we’re just human, and frankly we can say that this pastel lavender pompadour is our main option. A thing of perfection is the color and design here with the white summer suit plus the paisley silk scarf.

Layered Modern Pompadour

It was the first time that the pompadour came back in fashion for females in s. They noticed it and began to wear it. But when a young guy began wearing it strongly, the haircut really caught on. Elvis Presley, of course.

Liam Payne

Here’s another former One Direction member and his excellent hairstyle. Liam Payne loves the pompadour just as much as his former bandmate Zayn. Even though we must say Liam was always striving with his hair for newer heights.

Loose Long Pompadour

This is another sort of pompadour, much longer and blonde this time. The elevated skin fade was left in its natural brown color while blonde was only the bottom. The length is medium with a very smooth and silky appearance.


Nothing beats Mads Mikkelsen Pompadour

Mature Pompadour

Who said that pompadour is a youth-only hairstyle? In your adult years, you can definitely wear it well, particularly if you understand how to correctly style it. Match it with a sophisticated beard and lots of jewelry.

Metallic Pompadour

As we all understand, the matt trend has gone out of the gate, making way for metallics quietly but surely. This involves everything from make-up and hair colors to clothes. They might be a s and s scream, but we enjoy them.

Milkshake Pompadour

Milkshake is another trend that has recently stormed Instagram. You need to mix a few pastel colors until your hair looks like a delicious, fruity milkshake. Isn’t that incredible sound?

This year’s Modern Pompadour with Design

Hair tattoos or patterns were really large. Naturally, this is just a fundamental instance of what you can get. In fact, the only restriction to what you can have developed in your undercut is your own creativity.

Modern Pompadour with Highlights

One way to show off your beautiful complexion, your bronze or the unique color of your eyes is by wearing evil highlights. For maximum impact, combine them with your pompadour.

Natural Gray Modern Pump

Sometimes you don’t even have to ask your stylist for an exciting look to dye your hair. If your hair is naturally gray or becoming so, we will support you in trying to keep it all natural.

Orchid Modern Pompadour

Orchid is a color of a very large violet family. As you can see, it operates extremely well with denim, giving you a very George Michael look, but certainly with a more contemporary atmosphere.

Perfect Modern Pompadour

Although that’s what the ideal pompadour looks like according to the fundamental concept we’ve provided above, there are many differences to it, particularly in contemporary era, as you’re about to see on this list.

Piecey Modern Pompadour

The Gibson Girl paved the way for the s flappers because the pompadour stopped being a trend. However, in the s, it went back to the fashion of women. And this is thought to have been people coming in and from where they received their inspiration.

Pink Modern

You have two choices when you dye your hair. You can also develop or dye your beard in its natural color–to match your fresh hair. If you’re going to the latter, you should understand it’s called the trend of unicorn hair.

Pink Skin Fade Pompadour

You can always go for this incredible flamingo purple hairdo if you feel edgy and flamboyant. It’s not for the weak of heart, but it’s going to create you look like a million dollars. Keep your origins for this one as dark as possible.

Pointed pompadour

This is where a pompadour meets a quiff. You get a pompadour with a pointed tip and the layers that we’re all used to seeing now. It looks badass and like something Elvis is going to wear.

Low Skin Fade Pompadour

The other option you have is low skin fade if you don’t want to go all out on your haircut or if you have a dress code in your office. Pair this with your pompadour as well as a shadow of five o’clock to look like a killer.

Pompadour with mid-skin fade

Try to fade mid-skin if high-skin fade isn’t for you. That’s how it appears. However, fair warning. As this haircut needs a lot of maintenance, you will have to visit your stylist quite often.

Mullet Pompadour

Did you ever wonder what would occur if you blended a mullet with a pompadour? We got the response. You’d get a look in front of you saying greaser, party in the back. A skin fade is a good option, albeit somewhat strange.

One way to embellish your pompadour and make it stand out is by adding a few blonde highlights. Use the blonde color that matches your skin tone to try to do just your bangs for maximum impact.

Purple Modern Pompadour

Referring to the year’s trends, you likely already understand that non-conventional colors were a hit. People are so much in them that cosmetic companies have even developed fresh products to accommodate more customers.

Rainbow Skin Fade Pompadour

You can always go for a rainbow if you can’t make up your mind between all these incredible colors. So jump on it while it’s still warm, this trend is not yet forgotten. For summer and music festivals, it’s ideal.

Shaggy Modern Pompadour

Welcome to Play Video The pompadour has a funny hairstyle history. Thanks to Madame de Pompadour, it was common in the s but then faded away, as all styles do.

However, as part of the look called the Gibson Girl, in the s, an independent woman relying on her skills and intelligence as well as her looks, it became popular once again. But there’s still no indication of males.

Hard part Skin Fade Pompadour

This is a medium-sized pompadour with a brushed back fringe. You can see obviously the marks left by the comb. On both sides as well as in the back, it also has a tough side portion and a heavy skin fade.

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The Straight Modern Pompadour

Before you can master it, this version of the pompadour needs a lot of exercise and skill. Once you do, though, you’re going to look crazy cool. So, get prepared for that comb and pomade, because it’s time to be the coolest man!

Swaggy Skin Fade Pompadour

Did you understand that the pompadour was also worn by females in s? It was sported by major movie stars. Bette Davis wore one in her film > Now, in her World War II pin-up posters, Voyagerin Betty Grable was seen with the hairstyle.

Textured Skin Fade Pompadour

A textured pompadour can be an excellent solution for both thin and dense hair. It enables people to get rid of some of the excess weight with dense hair. It enables them to add more volume to their locks when it comes to males with thin hair.

Tropical Skin Fade Pompadour

In this variant, tropical implies a mixture of green and red neon colors that look like a mango or papaya on your head. This is a ideal option for this year’s beach vacation.

Two Tone Skin Fade Pompadour

You couldn’t be more mistaken if you believed the two tone trend was just for the women. Just look at Instagram or Pinterest quickly, and you’ll see how many people wear it while we’re talking.

Two-tone Modern Pompadour

Going for two colors instead of one is a fantastic way to show off your pompadour. The sliced hair wall will stand out even more in this manner. To all this add a taper fade, which is also one of the year’s largest trends.

Vincent Cassel Receding Hairline Pompadour

Vincent Cassel is a staple of masculinity and for that moment his pomp was fairly bold in that males with retreating hairlines typically avoided the look. With it, he came forward and made it his own, and it looks amazing.

Volumizing Modern Pompadour

This iceberg blonde pompadour is all about adding quantity. Using a hair blower, the top was blown out and secured with a liberal amount of hair wax. This can readily be your hairstyle for the next summer.

White Modern Pomp

We just enjoy it when we encounter a wonderful hair color that can transform incredibly well from season to season. And that’s exactly what this additional white blonde does. Pair it with a pompadour of demure and you have a winner for yourself.

Zac Efron

Another Disney college item that now looks smashing like a pompadour in a grown-up haircut is Zac Efron. He has good looks classic chiseled and a layered pompadour complete with sideburns of medium size.

Singer Zayn Malik has been arguing for the contemporary and chaotic pompadour since the early days of his One Direction. His style hasn’t altered a bit now, many years ago. He certainly has more tattoos, but his style is almost the same.

Unicorn Skin Fade Pompadour

Let’s look at some more developments. This is the hair of the unicorn. You can choose your favorite colors. The only catch is mixing soft pastel colors to create your hair look like a unicorn’s mane.