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3 months ago Corey Schiller is CEO of the Power Home Remodeling Group. Early in his life, he has done some stunning things and has an interesting story about life. He began working when he was still young and he built up an incredible career in the business world for himself. He’s an inspiration for young people who are looking for career direction for their lives so here are twenty things you didn’t know about Corey Schiller that might just give you some pointers about how it’s done.

Remarkably Corey Schiller became the chief executive of a multi-million-dollar home remodeling company when he was only 30 years old. The company was worth $130 million at the time Corey was taking the helm of the operation. This was a great responsibility but he was facing the challenge. 2.

He has worked his way up the

3 ladder. Because of the high quality of his work and his obvious dedication to the job Corey Schiller was promoted within only two years of joining the company, he was promoted in two years

He was made marketing department leader by the age of 23. Many of them his senior were in charge of a department of 40 marketers.

As a leader over such a large group, he had to remain open about managing people who had been there for a long time. This was further compounded by the fact that most of them were never really held accountable for achieving goals and targets. Having someone younger to tell you what to do was something not going well. This prompted resistance. It was not an easy task when he started to hold them up to professional standards and he had to do so himself without much experience or professional background. 5.

Corey must have earned respect from an older and more experienced group

Schiller is a fun guy but his philosophy is quite serious when it comes to business. He has high professional standards on the job both for himself and for those working on his staff. Maintaining professional standards in the home remodeling industry has been a challenge he has addressed since he first took over the company. It was a laid back atmosphere previously but he did his best to raise the standards to a more professional level. He insists that there must be a very nice office space for all office workers and that everybody reports to work well-dressed in professional attire. His big emphasis is on keeping the job friendly and helpful. 8.

He maintains the

9 corporate attire. Corey Schiller and his Best friend are the primary owners in the company

When Corey first came to work for Power Home Remodeling he had no interest in the company he had bought. At the time Asher Raphael was joined by his best friend and the two worked as co-CEOs for a short time. The two buddies both grew with the company as things progressed and between the two they owned the majority interest in Power Home Remodeling. While Corey now serves as the chief strategic officer as the CEO Asher is now solo.

In building their company, the two best friends were thick and thin with each other. Schiller shared that the two in their respective roles within the organization complement each other equally well. Both of them realize they can do more together than they could ever do separately and that is why their arrangement works so well. The evidence is to the company’s success. 11.

Occasionally Corey and Asher disagree and fight back

12. Corey Schiller is athletic

He was an avid soccer player while Corey was at the college. He played the positions of defender in both high school and college. He’s always passionate about playing the game. He plays Window Juice Company Group on Tuesdays.

Corey Schiller shared that many of his weekends are tied to his friends social engagements. Part of that is the age he’s in now. He marries many of his friends and acquaintances. He has a long line of wedding invitations, and is happy to attend and show his support for the new couples. 14.

He treats his employees at

We found that Corey’s inclusion in the 2019 Top CEO list was the result of input from the people who gave anonymous online reviews of his performance. What this shows us is he has an extremely high level of approval from the people who work under his leadership at Power Home Remodeling. The company has 1350 employees and this is a remarkable feat for any CEO and especially for two who have not been in the business for a very long time. We have found that Schiller and Raphael had an approval rate of 96 per cent that is nothing short of phenomenal. 17.

Schiller holds a university degree

18. Corey Schiller is endorsed by colleagues for a variety of talents and abilities

Those who professionally endorse Corey Schiller have commented on the reasons why they are so respectful of him. At the top of the list is both for strategic planning and account management. He also boasts brilliant skills in social media and sales management and marketing strategy. He also uses tools and technologies from Microsoft Office, and Excel.

Those who support the technical skills and abilities of Corey Schiller have also rated his leadership skills as top notch. He is also skilful in handling and developing teams. He is skilled in lead generation which is the company’s lifeblood, as well as public speaking and new business development. 20.

Corey Schiller is a great role model



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