Alfonso de Borbn and Battenberg

Alfonso de Borbón y Battenberg baptized as Alfonso, Pío Cristino Eduardo Francisco Guillermo Carlos Enrique Eugenio Fernando Antonio Venancio, was born in the Madrid’s royal palace on May 10, 1907.
Son of Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia de Battenberg was the heir to the Spanish crown from the moment of his birth, named Prince of Asturias and Distinguished Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece on the day of his christening. He was also awarded the Necklace of the Royal Order of Isabel la Católica.

The day of the proclamation of the Second republic, Alfonso de Borbón’s family had to go into exile to France, a very complicated trip due to the lack of health of this, who suffered hemophilia. This disease affected many descendants of Queen Victoria I of the United Kingdom. Alfonso de Borbón could hardly carry out his functions as Monarch due to this insufficiency.

Years later, in the hospital he falls in love with Edelmira Sampedro y Robato, a civilian woman who was repudiated by the Royal family, withdrawing all help, support and means from which he was used to receiving. This law has now changed, but the Pragmatic Sanction imposed by King Carlos III, was excessively strict in the regulation of marriages in the Royal family. Alfonso de Borbón renounced his rights as successor to the Crown and married Edelmira, the daughter of a sugar plantation owner of Asturian origin.

Alfonso de Borbón and Edelmira Sampedro they divorce four years later in the Havana.

Four months later, Alfonso remarried Marta Esther Rocafort y Altuzarra, of Cuban origin, without having children this first, both in the first marriage and in the second. But he was never quite well and spent half his life in bed, in severe pain. In court they called him the “Untouchable” due to the delicate nature of his constitution.

In less than a year he divorces again Marta Esther Rocafor.

Rumor has it about the existence of a illegitimate child with María de las Mercedes Flores de Apodaca in 1932, Alphonse de Bourbon, of French nationality.

At the age of 31, he died on September 6, 1938, in a car accident, traveling with Mildred Gaynor, a cigar maker who accompanied Alfonso during the last days of his life. He died alone with no title in his pocket and no one in his family to say one last goodbye.