Alcàsser Case | The judge orders the study of hairs and other tests to find more evidence

The case known as crime from Alcàsser progresses little by little, and the judge who studies the case has ordered guidelines that can be keys. Thus, the researchers will conduct various analyzes of hairs and other evidences of the case.

As judicial sources have confirmed to Efe, the remission of the evidence cited above to the National Institute of Toxicology to try to search for remains of DNA. On the other hand, the Civil Guard has also been ordered to carry out another visual inspection of the vehicles of the Miguel Ricart.

Current forensic science could show new evidence

We recall that Ricart is convicted of the facts, while the vehicle of Antonio Angles, a person also involved and who has since disappeared. All this investigation will be carried out by the Central Ocular Inspection Team (ECIO) of the Civil Guard.

‘To date there are no forensic evidence that link Angles with crime and forensic sciences today could save this choice ‘, has assured the judicial expert and president of Laxshmi, Felix Rios, in a letter made to the judge.

What happened in the Alcàsser case?

The events date back to 1992, when the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Miriam, Toñi and Desirée, three neighbors of Alcàsser between 14 and 15 years old. We remember that the three girls were raped and tortured by Antonio Angles and his partner Miguel Ricart, which has been released since 2013.

Later on, several investigations were carried out, following the track to be able to find Angles, who is unknown if he is still alive or not. A hypothesis that is being considered is that it could throw into the sea from a ship that was destined for the Irish city of Dublin.

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