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Is Apple Serious About a Mobile Payment Business?I just remember Nicole fell and injured herself when things got heated. And [ Goldman ] kind of got into a karate thing somehow I think I grabbed the knife I remember that part of Charlie taking the knife and to be honest after that I don’t recall except I’m standing there and it’s all kind of stuff around. Blood and stuff Simpson explained as he continued to talk about things like the bloody glove which came up during the trial. He noted that he may have removed it saying “I have no conscious memory of doing that but clearly I must have it because they found the glove there.”

Was it a guilty confession? 3/3.061 Has this been a confession? Vince Bucci / AFP / Getty Image A jury including Regan was gathered to watch the show and everyone decided that the words of Simpson were his confession. In the “Trial of the Century” Christopher Darden, who was a lawyer, gave his views on what Simpson said. “I find Charlie to be O.J. That’s not hypothetical, “said Darden. “I think he’s admitted to murder.” Next: Simpson can only be tried in the public opinion court again. Dual danger laws prohibit Simpson from ever again being prosecuted

3/3.062 3/3.062 He will not be charged again. | Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images Even though Simpson were one day to state that his account was not fake and confess to the assassination of Brown Simpson and Goldman, it would not matter to the law. Next: If Simpson were guilty and innocent, social media sounds off.

The nation is still divided on Simpson’s view

3/3.063 Just as we were in 1994, the nation is still divided over whether Simpson committed the killings or not. The hashtag “# DidOJConfess” trended as the show unfolded in the current day and age of social media. There was no problem with Twitter users taking to the internet to speak on which side of the aisle they stood and there were many people on both sides. @Philamichael. The Cheat Facebook Cover!