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Kristen Stewart Addresses The Rumor That Her Marriage with Robert Pattinson Was FalseBrenda Alexander January 04 2020 Damon Dash has recently been in the headlines for ongoing issues related to his divorcechild sponsorship of disgraced singer R’s battlemarriage. Kelly: Kelly. 3/3.022 3/3.022 Figure 1 Jay-Z and Damon Dash Johnny Nunez / WireImage Kelly married the singer at the age of only 15 and he was 27. Aaliyah’s parents eventually annulled the marriage after they removed her from Kelly’s camp. Aaliyah and her family have ever accepted that marriage was genuine. She was a good girl he started out with a good soul. She wasn’t even so resentful, like letting that man live, just holding him away from me with the f**k – that’s what she wanted. She’d just been happy to be away. 3/3.023 3/3.023 Figure 3 Aliyah and Damon Dash Roger Wong / Ovoworks / Ovoworks / LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images / Getty Images Figure 3/3.023 Figure 3 Aliyah and Damon Dash Roger Wong / Ovoworks / Ovoworks / LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images / Getty Images. For all that he said, Aaliyah was like the lamb of sacrifice. I know the whole story I know that this was the cover-up and all that. But how does it cover up making the conversation less insane, oh he married a child? – It was just a story! That was talked about something like it was natural – it wasn’t like omitting you married a 13-year-old – was it like omitting Aaliyah you married? Figure 4 AALIYAH and Damon DASH George De Sota His segment producer corrected Dash during the marriage on Aaliyah’s age and told him that Aaliyah was 15 and not 13 at the time of their marriage m. Dash fired back and told him all ages were inappropriate.

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3/3.025 3/3.025 Figure 5 Damon Dash and Jay-Z | Johnny Nunez/WireImage Dash verified that at one point Aaliyah and Jay-Z were connected. During an interview with Page Six Dash in December 2018 it was said that Jay-Z has attempted Aaliyah to date. He told Dash that he tried really hard. “All were trying to get to Aaliyah” it wasn’t just Jay. I didn’t know why Jay wanted to holler her, but that’s just how it happened. He was trying to make me try. But despite the fact that Dash got the girl that his friend wanted, it wasn’t what kept them apart. Instead Dash said that it was Jay-Z who collaborated with Kelly who drove a wedge between them. Kelly and Jay-Z did the Best Of Both Worlds joint album and tour while Jay-Z was still signed on to Roc-a-Fella. Photo 6 Jay-Z and R. Kelly 2004 | Debra L Rothenberg/FilmMagic “I’m not on the best of both worlds, really. I weren’t going to a series. I hadn’t had my name on all of that. I was in ‘ Fiesta, ‘ but only because Aaliyah said she wanted me to do it that way, “Dash told motivators for hip hop. I know I don’t know f**king. I spiritually understood that we [Jay-Z and Dash] were not the same… Roc-a-Fella was dead to me. It had stopped. I just couldn’t fuck it. To me it was something “I don’t want to say ‘ unforgivable ‘ but I couldn’t grasp it. In the show the tour was chronicled as well. Unfortunately, as the popular journalist Jim DeRogatis Aaliyah’s family noted in the series, they are still reluctant to talk about marriage because of a commitment to preserving the legacy of the late singer. The sacrifice seems to have done more harm than good as Dash’s example. Regardless Kelly is currently on trial for his suspected crimes over the past 3 decades.